The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 11.6.13

Welcome to Wednesday’s The Crap We Missed featuring a special appearance by Jessica Biel’s ass, which is dedicated to every guy who stops changing channels after noticing I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is just about at the part where she takes her pants off and lies with a straight face to any woman in the room that “this movie is actually pretty funny.” There’s a lot more good shit in here too, but Fish just made me change the lead pic to that whore up there from this amazing picture of Ian McKellen banishing a balrog from his anus, so I’m off to protest about stifling of my creativity.

*makes sign, puts on pants, touches doorknob, remembers general public and their dumb fucking faces* You win this round, The Man,

- Photo Boy

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN