1. Eddie

    Is that Flipper or Willy in Seal’s speedos?

  2. Lemmiwinks

    Kinda small package for a big man…

  3. The Pope

    There’s the bastard that wrecked Heidi Klum’s body. Hey genius, when you get a supermodel, you adopt!

  4. What kind of dickhead would wear something like that, especially around kids. What an ass.

    • …someone was traumatized by daddys penis, huh?

    • Guess you aren’t aware that this is the norm in Europe?

    • Bell

      Its actually very common for men in Europe. European men wear speedos and tight swim bottoms like this all the time over there. Its not considered vulgar. They kinda dont care and arent up tight like that.

      • Helen36

        True :) Im spanish (live in Mallorca to be exact) and thats what men wear to the beach.Women go topless,men wear speedos…no one even blinks.Your kids would be traumatized Im sure (seeing as you obviously are)..none of ours are.Different mentalities.

    • 1)I am not traumatized you twit, you don’t even know me.
      2)This link shows a picture of where you claim you come from, I don’t see much toplessness nor speedos, what’s up with that smartass?
      3)Because Eurotrash does something, that makes it OK/civilized? LoL, when did pigs start flying?

    • rican

      So Fast Eddie, by your moronic logic kids should not go to swim meets.

    • There is a difference between a swim meet and someone gratuitously displaying themselves in public. His wife included the other day when she was showing off her flat tires. You and McFeely might enjoy checking him out, if so, good for you both. As for you McFeely, you appear to be a racist and obviously still pissed because of the stupid error you made concerning my post about Michael Phelps that later after you blew it you pretended sarcasm. An idiot cannot admit his mistakes. A scoundrel seeks what he thinks is revenge by attacking ad hominem. You are a petty little man. Carry on turd.

      • rican

        I get it, it’s ok if a kid glances at a bulging dick in speedos during a swim meet, because it is a swim meet. But it’s disgusting and wrong if the bulging dick in a speedo goes to the beach and is glanced at by a kid. Did your daddy make you watch him in his speedos when you were a kid?

    • No, he died when I was six years old asshole. Why is it you act like it is OK to wear speedos and that kids won’t think anything of them or perhaps get into sex earlier and earlier (like happens in society today) due to shitty adult influences, yet you seem to think I have seen people in speedos when I was young and somehow that fucked me up? You are obviously fucked up in your ‘logic’. Kids see more and think more than you may remember. Adults influence them greatly, especially at early ages. They emulate us and if are shit, they likely, like yourself, become shit. That is part of the reason the world is so fucked up. No morals or absolutes. Everything is now relative. If speedos are cool, why not total nakedness, if total nakedness is cool, why not public sex? If that is also cool, why not sex with anything and everyone regardless of age? Asshole, what seperates us from animals are morals, rules and some order. A line needs to be drawn somewhere. If somehow that makes me fucked up in your mind, then I can live with that. You are no more than a skidmark on society’s underpants.

      • rican

        Look Eddie, Sorry about your dad, that sucks to say the least. But that does not acquit you from being so obtuse. Only a warped mind would think wearing a speedo in public is a shitty adult influence that leads to corruption. Look, fool, morals, absolutes, rules and order are primarily learned at the home, and corruption does not come from looking at someone wearing a speedo. I can tell you that if my children, all aged less than 10, look at someone in their speedos, they’re going to laugh at the guy, as has happened before, and think no more of it. You need to relax, as obviously your outrageous condemnation of said attire suggests you are really suppressing your excitement from looking at a big dick covered by a small cloth. Wipe the drool from your mouth, junior.

    • rican, you do not get it. Nowadays when someone speaks out about what they think is morally correct, there is always some liberal jackass around to attack them ad hominem. Can’t you, in your little world see that I may believe this for other than what you would call homophobic reasons? As for your kids, per your own admission, they have noticed and discussed people dressed this way. You hopefully are correct that they think no more about it. As for you saying that “…morals, absolutes, rules and order are primarily learned at the home…”, you are incorrect again. Your and most other peoples kids are primarily influenced by strangers. Unless you live on a farm away from people, it is likely that you see your kids way less than they are around teachers and their friends, TV, internet and other strangers in total. The time you have with them is critical but is likely futile in this world we live in nowadays. You will influence them hopefully positively, but if they turn out great or crap it will have at least as much to do with the rest of the influences they will be subject to, combined with some luck and hopefully some reasoning on their part. Truly good luck with all of that. Speedos won’t wreck them; my point was that Seal is an ass wearing them. He’s an ass because only a tasteless douche wears them as fashionable. His wife also for going around allowing herself to be photographed topless for the world to see. People will say that tits and cock are natural. True, but the facts are, we are sexual beings, and no matter what some say, when people see (or almost see) tits or cock they think sex. One day her actions may haunt her kids. Kids see and think about it maybe more than you realize. Look at the stats for teen pregnancies, etc. It is hard enough raising kids without any extra crap getting in the way. As for you calling me “junior”, well, the last time one of my children were 10 years old was about 18 years ago. My youngest is 28. I truly wish you luck in raising yours, but be ready for some surprises you may not always like.

  5. cmw

    “Do women know about… shrinkage?”

  6. Look! It’s Incredibly Rich Black Man!! oh wait, never mind…it’s just Incredibly Black Rich Man.

    Seriously, he can give Charlie Murphy a run for his darkness money.

  7. JC

    “No we’re never gonna survive unless…we get a little swimsuit.”

  8. The Brown Streak

    Finally, a black man that knows to wear something bright when he walks out at night…

  9. chikaty

    i like how all the adults in this picture are conveniently bent over at crotch level while the children are looking away from it

  10. TomFrank

    Now, they often call me Speedo but my real name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel. Umm-hm-hm-hm.

  11. TurkusMaximus

    I gotta admit….I think he’s rockin’ that suit.


  12. hbw

    At least he’s pointed in the right direction.

  13. Richard McBeef

    he flipped places with heidi for who is batting out of who’s league. no joke.

  14. What? It is just a mom teaching her kids how to use a spade.

  15. Squishy

    Well, she did say she married him for his…

  16. Is he swimming the English channel for the Guinness book and doesnt want the drag of a board short or something?

    If not leave the under-the-butt-nut-hut suit at home, creepo.

  17. AnnaDraconida

    Serena looks better bald.

  18. rough guys finish first

    That’s not Jesse Owens 5 years after the 1936 Olympics?

  19. Nooken

    I guess we know what seals Heidi’s Klum

  20. keijo

    made me jealous

  21. Coco

    Who wants to make some babies?

  22. Steelerchick

    Wow – that’s one huge banana for the banana hammock.

  23. guestspeaker

    disappointing… i hope it’s a grower

  24. jess

    You know the noise Homer Simpson makes when he thinks about certain foods? He tilts his head back, tongue lolls out…Kinda sounds like: “Grlglglrlgrlgrlglrgl.” Anyhow, that’s the noise and facial expression I’m making while looking at this photo. God damn that is nice.

  25. Hate

    “Heidi, Pass the Coppertone biatch”

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