1. cc

    He’s dressed for a part right? RIGHT?!

  2. When did Depp start getting low quality tattoos, mixed with ye olde timey daguerreotypes?

  3. Nice ink, assclown.

  4. Cock Dr

    Can I blame the French for this? He moved there a while ago: is this their corrupting decadent influence? Or was he already well down this path before then?
    This is a gorgeous man who’s turned himself into a douchebag hobo.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Reminds me of a book I had. Someone scribbled all over it.

  6. BSting

    Congratulations to Johnny Depp who narrowly usurped Elijah Wood for the role of Frodo Baggins in Jonathan Larson’s production of The Hobbit.

  7. g-moonie

    All these Pro-Gay PSA’s obviously have this guy breathing easier.

  8. kate

    mmmm johnny depp….the things i would do to you ;)

  9. MAX

    So what is it with these celeb folks? The more money they make the trashier they try to look. How come? Are they that embarrassed by their obscene salaries? This ain’t a good look for you Johnny boy. You need to fire your “fashion advisor”.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Glad the pretentious, non-bathing asshat lives in France with some 70 yr old.

  11. I have but one word for you, my son… “mirrors”. Look into one.

  12. AnnaDraconida


  13. Ponkur

    The fuck am I looking at here?

  14. Michael

    Is this really it? Has Johnny Depp finally reached the point where all girlfriends will stop being needlessly attracted to him?

  15. Dr.Rock

    Johnny Depp idolizes Hunter S. Thompson. Although he is dead now, he didn’t give a fuck what you thought of him and therefore neither does JD.

  16. Skeezik

    The only word that came to mind is….Inkshit.

    I don’t really know what it means, but there it is.

  17. Urbanspaceman

    It’s Halloween every day of the year at Johnny’s house!

  18. Jovy

    Nail polish, Johnny? REALLY? Douche.

  19. is there a single hipster accessory he forgot?

  20. Dave

    This guy was always pretty cool, is he starting to be a typical idiot trying so desperately to individualize him self to the point it looks fake, like so many Hollywood type douchebags. I used to like him, but come on nail polish?

  21. Mandi

    He cannot be serious. This picture offends me on levels I didn’t know I had.

  22. CharmlessMan

    Someone just did a trick on a fixie bike.

  23. Steelerchick

    Who the hell ever said this guy was hot?? Must have been high.

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