1. Kind of attractive, in a bag of rakes with a horse face sort of way.

  2. Amy

    Doesn’t she know horizontal stripes make you look fat!! Although, strangely that optical illusion doesn’t seem to apply to skeletons. Huh . . .

  3. Richard McBeef

    an anorexic horse of course

  4. The massive gap between her fake tits is almost as wide as her waist….matches the unusually-wide gap between her eyebrows.

  5. TheJerk

    Just think of all the neighborhood cats that took a piss and shit in that sand.

  6. Billy Ray Cletus

    So this dumb hillbilly lives in Emerald Bay now or is she just visiting?

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Boney body. Cliche tattoo. Horse Face. And she hasnt a clue to to apply makeup or how much to use.


  8. Grace

    So, explain something to me… why does she keep on posting bikini pictures of herself? Does she honestly think she’s all that? (I’m asking for real.)

  9. Mr. T pities the fool that doesn’t hide the boob-space with more necklaces. But then again, any more than that would probably break her neck.

  10. my my someone is early in putting up halloween decorations

  11. HumpinFrog

    I’d pee in her fat ass butt. Fatty!

  12. TetterkeT

    Who knew LeAnn Rimes was such a narcissist?

  13. The Critical Crassness

    This girl looks more and more like she was built by a committee every time she posts a picture.

  14. AleisterCrowley

    Now I don’t have to just imagine what French Stewart looks like in a bikini.

  15. wtf bruh

    LeAnn Rimes looks fine as Britney and Khloe look fine. These chicks are scrutinized whether they’re too skinny or got a little meat on the bones, just because they are in the public eye. Whats the big deal? How about the authors of this site and other criticizers post pics of themselves in bathing suits and let us prod, pick and make smart comments.

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      She only tweeted that picture because she’s too busy to go and stand in a window in bangkok.

    • fap

      How about someone pays all of us the same megabucks these mediawhores get for poncing around like a douche, THEN we’ll all go post pics of ourselves in bikinis and speedos for your perusal.

      Till then we’ll say what we like about these overpaid, overprivileged dumbarses, ya?

    • kimmykimkim


    • wtf bruh

      Excuse me, as I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of such greatness in you folks. Since you guys are such uber-perfect beings that judge every flaw on your path to world dominance… Why aren’t you famous, raking in mega cheese and flaunting like these media whores? That’s right, you’re all the idiots that post the identical kinds of photos but instead on Facebook, the outlet for inflated egos and a false sense of status . Slide your own dick out of your throat and get over yourself.

      • i like that you are criticizing people who criticize celebrities. way to take a stand and do something meaningful with your time!

      • fap

        wtf duh is prob what’shername above, she seems desperate enough to be reading the responses posting these pics generate in the slander forums. Totally nailed it with face like a chinaman though.

    • susana

      The reason we are “picking” on her is because she voluntarily posts these pictures herself. People are not invading her home (because frankly, no one cares about her). She is the one desperate for attention so if you want to post basically naked pictures of yourself, you should expect scrutiny. If I posted pics of myself in a bikini I’d expect criticism but I am choosing not to. So don’t tell me to because I don’t want those comments.

      was your comment for real? wth brah?

  16. I don’t know if she’s healthy but she’s fug as hell, that’s fo sure!!

  17. celebutard

    I didn’t know LeeAnn Rimes was doing a movie with Michael Bay.

  18. Lita

    God, even her boobs are trying to make a break for it.

  19. Double D

    It’s not a good thing when you can give a tit job to an oil rig.

  20. Double D

    It might be cute if she would tattoo “EAST” and “WEST” on her boobs. And helpful.

  21. InternetToughGuy

    Look at all the limp wristed pole puffers and fat girls posting here. I would hammer that. HAMMER THAT!

  22. That is the palest Ethiopian I’ve ever seen, bar none.

  23. blahblahblah

    “It was the strangest thing. All the property values suddenly crashed. Like, completely dive-bombed. Splat. Bam. Weird, right?”

  24. Ann

    She is one homely girl . . . Poor thing.

  25. Jess

    Is it just me, or are her boobs following the law of universal acceleration – you know, where objects of mass just move farther and farther apart from each other.

  26. holymoly

    eventually, her face will eat itself

  27. Buttercup

    What is up with her? She gets “the guy” complete with a wedding. She has the world by the ‘tassels” – now go away. What kind of mentally ill person sits and tweets photos of themselves in bikini shots after the honeymoon? L, answer honestly if you dare, of whom are you seeking attention and to what end?

    If you were newly married, wouldn’t it be disturbing to see your spouse doing this? It makes me wonder about Eddie.

  28. tlmck

    A picture of Roy Rodgers right before he died at 86.

  29. Kaitlin

    Those muscles of hers are truly amazing. I didn’t know you could have a six pack outside of where the six pack was supposed to be.

  30. Gerbil in my Butt

    Girl needs to have a sammich!!!

  31. stratacat

    If that refund gap caves in on itself it will create a caldera the likes of which even Tori Spelling’s chest has never seen.

  32. Carl

    She looks great! I’d hit it with all your penises.

  33. she isnt anorexic she has muscle. its not her fault she is naturally fairly slim.

  34. cc

    Breaking news! Shortly after this picture was taken Ms. Rimes tumbled into an ant lion trap and was devoured…well, to the extent that 90 pounds of bone and sinew can be ‘devoured’.

  35. slappy magoo

    This sorts looks like a picture of a typical insecure emaciated homewrecker. Oh…wait…

  36. the newest addition to the collection: Butterface Barbie

  37. dontlooknow

    Ya know, if she was at least a nice person, I’d give her some mercy…

  38. Steelerchick

    For some reason I have a craving for a tootsie pop!!

  39. yeah....ok

    I am Skeletor, Overlord of EVIL!

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