1. Richard McBeef

    What was he doing at a celebrity fundraiser? Does he have diabetes?


  2. It had to be said

    Hey. I brought headshots and a performance DVD. Can you get me over by Steve O?

  3. adolf hitler

    that hair aint workin

  4. Alex

    Levar Burton looks different.

    • pooty

      Fucking Rofls…

      I’ll try some.

      -Webster looks different.
      - Jada Smith looks different.
      -Wesley Snipes is getting FAT! “Always bet on Black ANGUS!”
      -Kevin Federline needs to get out of the sun!
      -Jon Gosseling has really let himself go… black.
      -Willow Smith’s haircut looks terrible!

  5. Turd Ferguson

    It’s pretty cool that they are raising money for one time celebrities.

  6. Alfonso: “Sure, you can take my picture. But make it quick, I have to get back to work. Go-kart #15 has a flat tire and the porta-john is overflowing with shit.”

  7. mike

    “Hey, have you guys seen that youtube with the soldier on top of the tank or whatever, dancing, with the rockets? Isn’t that awesome?”

  8. Alfonso Ribeiro realizing that he just stepped in Verne Troyer’s number two.

  9. sallysallysally

    “it’s not unusual…”

  10. Carson

    Is this the same benefit that Steve O attended? Sure are throwing around the word “Celebrity” aren’t we?

  11. “Did I ever tell you about the time I had Scientology sex with Will Smith?”

  12. Seat Filler


  13. cc

    ‘Celebrity Go-Kart Tournament’ – obviously a big draw.

  14. ANJ

    Obviously, a tragic sympton of diabetes is forgetting the definition of celebrity…

  15. rough smacked

    “Pardon me, would you point me to where the white women are situated”?

  16. So basically not a single celebrity went is what your saying.

  17. Sassy

    Carlton grew up to be a douchebag? Fresh Prince of Jersey Shore?

  18. The USDA has confirmed that his hair is 88% ground beef, 12% secret recipe.

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