1. Is there nothing he won’t fuck?

  2. dookieshoo

    “I wanna put me balls on it I do”

  3. It had to be said

    I hope that thing bites his junk off.

  4. if only turtles were deadly predators. Or if instead of a turtle, that was a great white shark. Or, if someone just shot him in the face. It’s all good.

  5. Katy looks like SHIT without makeup….

  6. MisterSuccint

    What an ugly beast!

    The turtle is cute, though.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Seems about par for him.

  8. Hugh Jass

    Milk duds for nipples

  9. Whoever photoshopped that Grey Goose bottle to look like an Aquafina instead is a goddamn artistic genius.

  10. PETA

    That poor poor turtle

  11. I’m going to live 130 years, and yet this is the most demeaning moment of my life.

  12. Zombie Kitty

    It’s a tortoise you fucking morons

  13. missloopy

    why is he out in public in katy’s pajamas?

  14. cee cee

    subtly giving us his thoughts on a monogamous marriage?

  15. Cock Dr

    Where’s the PETA crowd when you really need some yelling & fake blood tossed on a douchebag?

  16. cc

    Gee, Russell Brand looking and acting like a fool? The paparazzi must have the patience of a saint to capture a moment like this.

  17. Siloporcen7

    Poor tortoise. I feel depressed now

  18. Jenny with a Y

    The look on that tortoise’s face says it all, and it clearly says, “No means no.”

  19. You know what I like about this shot? The tortoise and the hair.

  20. Choochoo

    The beads, the see-through shirt & lavender clown pants, the tortoise humping… it’s a Mardi Gras float gone horribly wrong.

  21. Must…make…it…to…alligator…pond…

  22. Sin

    L O S E R. That is all Russell Brand is. A lucky loser. Not funny. Can barely understand what he says, looks like a nerd in gym class but some how tricked Katy ” The Breast” Perry into marrying him.

  23. fooey

    what a cute turtle

  24. Where’s PETA when you need them?

  25. Ismoss

    Can we please go a day without having to look at this guy?

  26. We get it, Russell- you like to ride slow things.

  27. Roxy

    Awww, that tortoise is so freaking adorable!

  28. uncle paul

    Oh, look at him. He’s just crazy! He’s out of control, this guy! Him and Jack Black, they’re NUTS!


  29. LAu

    Pero que idiota!

  30. cc

    Honestly? If I saw him doing this there’s a pretty good chance I’d punch in the fuckin’ face. Really.

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