1. Senor Trout

    WATFO that a male Cruise child wouldn’t even notice that in the background?

  2. CptCreep

    “No son! Do not run to the boobs. We Cruise men run to the penis!”

  3. j/k

    My daddy told me never to look at those things or I’ll turn to stone.

  4. So I guess Tom Cruise runs around adopting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate children?

  5. The kid is clearly gay or he’d be staring at the boobs…and so is the chick on the left, for the opposite reason.

  6. No kidding the best is last… Love that rack… :)

    • Lemmiwinks

      See, it really doesn’t take much to make photos of these undeservedly famous people entertaining. There needs to be a topless woman in every pic.

      • TomFrank

        Yes. I want the new catchphrase here to be, “In every picture like this, there’s always a topless woman saying it all with her tits.”

        (And I just scrolled down before posting to see that someone beat me to it.)

  7. The Critical Crassness

    “Xenu is strong in this one! Not even a sideways glance at the naked boobage! You have done well in your training of him, General Cruise!”

  8. JC

    There’s always a woman in the background saying it all with her areolas.

  9. MrsWrong

    Ma’am your international boundary line is showing

  10. Man, it’s been so long, I almost forgot what pink stars looked like. Thanks, Fish!

  11. Connor Cruise passes the final Sea Oreg test with flying colours.

  12. Sin

    Dude is GAY. What straight man wouldn’t have his eyes locked on naked tits?

  13. cc

    They are real, I give her that.

  14. Steelerchick

    But I’m a homo. I hate titties!!!!!

  15. Squishy

    Who TF cares?!!

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