1. Will

    When did Janeane Garofalo start waiting tables?

  2. Danielle Staub expresses surprise at finding herself sitting with “one of the help”

  3. Deacon Jones

    “I’m not here for cigarettes or bubble gum, my boy. Can you tell me the name of the person who broke the record on that game over there, and where I might find him?”

  4. Montag: *just don’t make eye contact..just don’t make eye contact.*

    Staub: “WHO LET A NI**ER IN HERE?”

  5. Josephus

    While Danielle is impressed by Deshawn’s girth, Heidi maintains her streak of never having seen an actual penis by looking away at just the right moment.

  6. Bucky Barnes

    I gather they are so paralyzed from plastic surgery and botox that they hired the guy in the foreground to chew their food for them.

  7. Simole

    Staub was overheard to have said “OMG! I want my tan to be that dark.”

  8. Star Wars: The Crone Wars

  9. layhertease

    Now if we could only confirm that that is the back of Sam Jones III’s knobby little head, we’d have a regular hat trick of useless celebutard douche baggery. Or is that an unholy trinity? Meh.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    IT must have been a slow week in Hollywood when Fish has to post 2 Heidi Montag images in the same week. BTW:When did Spencer dye his hair black and shave his beard?It makes him look just like Danielle Staub.

  11. cc

    Danielle “It’s really your full time job to pose Heidi like a mannequin?”

  12. Zelda

    “I’m sorry Ladies, I’m afraid we have a ’60% Actual Living Tissue’ requirement for patio dining…”

  13. mangezmangez

    This is my vision of hell

  14. Lita

    There’s so much plastic in that group that they could make 80 Barbie Dolls no problem.

  15. gaudi

    When I think about how much money they spend to look this garish it reminds me that my crushing student loan debt is chump change.

  16. “Now the night of the fight, you may fell a slight sting; that’s pride fuckin’ wit ya…”

  17. Sin

    She walked right into that fart.

  18. DonDopey

    “Hi, I was just over there eating and I wanted to inform you that my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun. What’s that? Oh, THIS is an anaconda.”

  19. Pete

    So it’s really true that, pound-for-pound, you girls are 80% post-consumer recycled content?

  20. Fey Sphinx

    And then the waitress realised that she had died. And that this was Hell.

  21. So…Bubbles the Chimp is with Heidi now??

  22. Frank

    Release the Kraken!

  23. Ed

    The one on the right isn’t too ugly to justify her being on TV at all. Next PLZ!

  24. I wonder how long it took them to reboot Heidi’s face.

  25. “Ladies! Whoever is able to open their mouth the widest, …er or at all…gets the show”

  26. “Rubber ducky, you’re the one. You make bathtime lots of fun….” all of a sudden I got this song in my head…hmmmm “Rubber ducky, Joy of Joys, when I squeeze you, you make noise”

  27. Foxxyaaisha23

    That waitress must have felt like she was at Madame Tussaud’s

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