1. Hellisforsissies

    The name says everything…..Playboy toy, hooker, harlot and porn star!

  2. cc

    I hate to rant but…why the hell is some Hugh Hefner cast-off slut on DWTS…or famous for that matter? Can’t we do a little better as a society?

  3. All that is rough in the world

    ♫ Barbieeee Youre not suppose to be into BBCs♫

    Something tells me Paris share Mattel’s vision more than Kendra.

  4. She’s trying to show that she’s so much more than a vaginal cash machine, she’s also able to dance to music…but then if you saw her porno, you already knew that.

  5. Arzach

    Like if you where shocked by the stripper outfit

  6. I like it’s collar.

  7. Senor Trout

    ‘I get to keep the robe, right? It…it has my name on it, and now my stank.’

  8. H6E6X6

    So we might as well call it “Dancing with the Porn Stars”

  9. Uncle Caw-yin

    She’s been raiding Heff’s wardrobe and Taylor Swift’s wig collection

  10. I thought Jonbenet Ramsey was dead.

  11. She looks like Jenna Jameson’s mini-me.

  12. Introducing Redneck Hooker Barbie, comes with own jewelled shock collar and monogrammed robe!

  13. bi chick

    What’s up with that dumb braid across the front?

  14. dave

    Countless Playboy shoots, “leaked” porn videos…and yet she still thinks she should wear a robe for modesty’s sake. Stay classy, Kendra.

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