1. McDouchey

    Is she starring in a live action Peanuts movie?

  2. Colin

    Whoa! Justin Beiber finally hit puberty!

  3. Codot

    Will you just go back to licking Efron’s pussy? You’re not fooling anyone.

  4. ktulu

    Shes a dyke bank it

  5. Silly Cleavage

    Donald Trump wins!

  6. Looks like they finally cast Reggie in the live action Archie movie.

  7. Venom

    I still love her, but I love her more with long hair.
    We need more photos of her hot ass sister too.

  8. Shirley

    Is just me or does Vanessa Hudgens look more like a little boy with short hair and no boobies

  9. Mae

    I can’t be the only one who thinks she’s kind of hot with the pixie cut. Much more interesting than some High School Musical bimbo.

  10. Star Surfer

    Call the police ! someone stole her tits!

  11. Hollywood, Rough+Fame

    People are funny. She dresses down she gets bad reviews. She put on something nice, she gets raves. So predictable.

    I just hope she stop cultivating that three meals, four desert belly. Its getting to be an epidemic. If I wanted to see chicks with beer bellies ill look to my right and left. This site on the other hand….

  12. KC

    How many people haven’t wanted to scalp Justin Bieber and make a hat?

  13. Mary

    She actually looks pretty here. Nice profile.

  14. Who dat

    My fellow ladies,

    Why must you fall prey to this pathetic cliche of chopping your hair off and gaining 10-100 pounds every time you get dumped by a boyfriend. It’s sad and humiliating for those of us who actually give a shit about ourselves. The worst part is that she iis binge-morning the loss of a closet case assbag douche princess who would only have humiliated her when nudes of him and Bieber eatign cotton candy out of each others asses came out. Be grateful he tired of your beard services and find a man who actually wants your ass and wasn’t fantasizing that you were that fuckwhat from Twilight everytime he touched you. What a waste of a pretty girl, a dumb girl if you’ve ever heard her speak, but still a pretty one.

  15. Who would’ve thought that a while back Zac Efron was fucking his twin brother!

  16. chupacabra

    Janet from Threes Company.

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