1. Satan's bitch

    What, no peace sign?

  2. What’s that ring in his ear for? So when they are done with him they can hang him up?

  3. Why do I want to place him on the shoulder of a gigantic parrot?

  4. he might be the coolest little dude in the world, but you KNOW if you woke up and found him staring at you from the end of your bed you’d be traumatized for life.

    • Fester

      Even worse, hearing your wife screaming in ecstacy as you walk through the front door and then catching her in bed with Verne. Man, I hate when that happens.

  5. It has to suck knowing your biggest accomplishments are the guy who got kicked around like a football by Mike Myers and that nobody will unsee your freaky deeky sex tape.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “What a fine figure of a man” – Amy Winehouse’s dad

  7. dontlooknow

    Who shrunk Mr. Clean?

  8. the_epidemic

    That’s a women’s watch.

  9. Jack

    “Harold Pump? What the hell? I thought you told me this was the Richard Stilt Foundation Gala! Sumbitch!”

  10. Verne Troyer called a press conference so he could publicly challenge Peter Dinklage to the 100-yard dash, to be televised live on Friday and Saturday.

  11. Fandy

    I would have so much fun dressing him up like a yard knome

  12. farting old man's wife

    I still want to know if his bald head can vibrate!!

  13. The Brown Streak

    Why is that guy from Not Suitable for Children coming my way?

  14. ugasean

    So Tom’s already doing promo work for that Mission Impossible Ghost thingy? What a trooper.

  15. where do they find a 2″ zipper for those wee little pants?

  16. cc

    He borrowed Rupert the Bear’s best suit, I hope he looks after it.

  17. Cartman

    Grrr…. midgets and antique furniture.

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