The Crap We Missed – Thursday 8.2.12

Welcome to Thursday’s The Crap We Missed which I’m just going to say right off the bat is a completely giant-cockless shell of a post compared to yesterday’s masterpiece. For the two of you that managed to resist the magnetic pull of the fasspenis, from where do you draw your power, TELL ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! today we’ve got Holly Madison remembering what she had to do or else dinner wouldn’t be served at the mansion, as well as in light of what we now know about Bryan Cranston, this pic from last nights Total Recall premiere seems way more messed up. Is it me or did Pamela Anderson also just realize they tricked her into getting in that coffin?

That’s right, Kelly Brook, that less attractive woman next to you gets all the attention. I hope you learned a valuable lesson here,

- Photo Boy

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN