1. KC

    Someone’s been to Cher’s hand-me-down wig store!

  2. PoorMaryKelly

    OMG! Where’s her boobs?

  3. dontlooknow

    The disguise is working…

  4. hbw

    If she wants extra cream, I’ll give it to her.

  5. TJ Maxx strikes again. Only this time it struck my memories and erection.

  6. bbiowa

    Dang, thought it was Demi Moore in mom jeans.

  7. I wonder if Chaz Bono sees this and will need therapy

  8. tlmck

    Lemme guess. They could not get Sandra Bullock for the part.

  9. peepee

    Where did her boobies go?

  10. Deryn

    Wow, the hair net she wore yesterday (?) was sexier.

  11. Arzach

    More cleavage! Hurry! More cleavage!!!

  12. AzzPimples

    Who the hell even is that?

  13. fcslboy

    I always assumed she had two arms. Shame on me.

  14. Kevin Cease

    I bet people would have sex with her.

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