1. Laluni

    The woman behind her says it all..

  2. Satan McDevilhell

    She looks to weigh about 90 lbs, 45 of which is forehead.

  3. lola

    She have lost weight

  4. yoyoblack

    she looks like… eddie haskell

  5. Keep in mind the camera adds 10 lbs.

  6. Disapproving ass-gazer disapproves.

  7. ChickenHawk

    She looks like… a Pez dispenser.

  8. KC

    Christina Ricci got taller.

    • Daniella

      No, and Minka Kelly’s chin scares me. She’s gorgeous, but just like Reese Witherspoon, that chin is the star of the show.

  9. kimmykimkim

    Give me five(head)!

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