1. Cock Dr

    Starting to show the affects of too many facial plastic surgeries. Creepy.

  2. bbiowa

    Every time a closet opens, a thetan gets its wings….

  3. Laluni

    He’s only there cause an ’8′ looks like balls

  4. vitobonespur

    In answer to a query as to when he and Katie last had sex, Tom Cruise invites the paparazzi to smell his fingers.

  5. Jenny with a Y

    He looks like he just spotted a hunky man-crush across the room.

  6. RHawk

    Tom Cruise walked out during Super 8 when he learned that it was not gay porn despite the title. He managed a half wave and smile for the press before leaving.

  7. Brennan Haley

    Turns out it was all of us who couldn’t handle the truth.

  8. Three in the stink, men got no pink.

  9. For extra brownie points, always keep two fingers up Hubbard’s ghost’s ass.

  10. stamos

    You are not looking for these thetans.

  11. Fletch

    I thought Super 8 was a by-the-hour roadside motel?

  12. kimmykimkim

    Don’t you dare look at me. I’m not going to give you my soul, Mr. Snuise.

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