1. SaraDevil

    Oh sweet yes!

  2. Eddie

    This guy looks like a girthy cock! Damn, I’d like to bang RHW’s brains out.

    She’s definitely wild in bed. This lucky bastard!

  3. Jack

    It’s sad when Robert Deniro isn’t even mentioned.

  4. Squishy


  5. col. putz

    It must be hard to act so cool when Taz is about to blow chunks on your back.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’m a lot like Statham. Still wearing the same clothes since Wednesday.

  7. allieb

    love statham. guess they┬┤re both lucky bastards.

  8. g-moonie

    He’s daring anyone to make fun of his jacket liner.

  9. Jovy

    This entire picture is a sausage fest, including Rosie.

  10. vitobonespur

    Rosie: “The eagle has landed…the eagle has landed…we’re approaching customs…er, I mean, the drive-in now…we’re approaching the drive-in now…the dog peed on the chair…the dog peed…”

  11. Michael Stipe on hormone replacement therapy.

  12. Michelle

    THANK YOU JESUS!!!! This man is beautiful

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