1. stratacat

    Are you sure those aren’t just random strip–nevermind.

  2. marie

    she changed her hooker shoes. wow.

  3. Deacon Jones

    mmmm…blond skanks….

  4. Looks like Elliot Mintz is having trouble figuring out the parking meter.

  5. I think the goldfish fell out of her shoes.

  6. Any Guy

    why don’t they just nail bricks to their feet with the words ‘I’m a white trash whore’ written on them? same effect.

  7. skeetskeet

    Can’t blame the brown haired girl at the table for hiding her face. I completely understand.

  8. RHawk

    Until I read the caption, I thought it was a Tara Reid post. I feel I owe someone an apology, but I am not sure who would be more offended by my mistake.

  9. If I were the girl taking the picture of the Tara Reid look-alike’s crotch, I’d hide my face too.

  10. TomFrank

    Who’s the one on the left? Is Gwyneth Paltrow going into stripping now?

  11. Even with a strong method acting performance, Margaret couldn’t hide the fact that she was the secret queefer.

  12. UnholyKrep

    Whew, for a second thought that was Tara Reid sitting across from Sand. That much density in one place- you’re messing with the whole space/time continuum at that point.

  13. lemon

    I’m beginning to think that porn stars reproduce through “budding,” like a plant.

  14. “Oh, I LOVE these restaurants that don’t serve food!!!”

  15. cc

    That table is the only support her breasts have had in months.

  16. Wednesday lunch with the girls is not complete without the straw-yellow extensions, orange glow tan and stripper heels.

  17. cc

    Awesome, her shoes and breasts are made of recycled dune buggies.

  18. ChonchArcola

    tagged as:whores doing whore stuff.

  19. SIN

    It is a Hooker training seminar.

  20. shan danger

    this picture looks off…like a pole is missing or something.

  21. cc

    So, my friend told me that if we eat on a patio, first we just go and sit down. Ummm, step 2? I am not suuuuuuuure.

  22. It had to be said

    That poor restaurant. That chair on the left absolutely MUST be destroyed.

  23. Charmless Man

    There is literally nothing I care about less than this picture and the people in it.

  24. Steelerchick

    Trannies unite !!

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