1. TyroneBiggums

    Looks like a circus clown on stilts.

  2. Do those pants have stilts built into them?

  3. Actually, it’s a picture of Mary Kate Olsen shopping at a rack of Dildo Bunny┬« brand lingerie.

  4. JPC

    They’re give cokeheads stilts now? We should all be very afraid.

  5. I knew I should have patented my idea for cellulite camouflage.

  6. Bad pants and weird angles?

  7. Satan's bitch

    Ack!! Zombie clown! RUN!!

  8. skeetskeet

    Isn’t that Shauna Sand in the background?

  9. Look for Richard Simmons wearing these in 3…2…1…

  10. RHawk

    Stop! Hammer time.

  11. billybigdong

    I still can’t believe she was hot once. WTH happened.

  12. The woman(?) behind her obviously wanted that Ravishing Rabbits deal in the window badly and just slapped the wet lubricant on her (his?) face.

  13. Squishy

    Lordie, that woman really has absolutely no fashion sense that didn’t already die out in the eighties!!

  14. With the reality of her burned-out career finally sinking in, Mischa’s body began to return to the fuzz of bad reception from whence it first came.

  15. Hobo Killer

    She is seriously coked out here. Look at how big her eyes are.

  16. cc

    That’s one scary marionette.

  17. What LA nightclub has a dress code that allows you to smuggle in no less than 18 shotguns? Oh right, the same nightclub that counts Mischa Barton among its clientele.

  18. Cam R

    So did London adopt her after America kicked her out? She’s just always there. And always leaving a fucking club. I don’t understand how she and Lohan can continue to afford to go anywhere!!! Does alley-cock pay that much?!?

  19. Brennan Haley

    Someone should really tell her that the auditions for that screwed up Marylin Manson video ended years ago. But then again, maybe no one has to say anything just yet.

  20. So unfortunate. She needs to get added on Britney’s conservatorship fast.

  21. fartbucket

    Ground Control to Major ‘Ton
    Ground Control to Major ‘Ton
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
    Ground Control to Major ‘Ton
    Commencing countdown engines on
    Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

  22. The Critical Crassness

    She looks like she belongs in an old cartoon from the 40′s. After all she has apparently stolen the pants and stilts of the stilt walker from one of those cartoons with a circus parade in it.

  23. Lita

    Those pants seriously make her look like she’s walking on stilts.

  24. cc

    Speaking in zombie tones ‘Must get lingerie, then eat brains’

  25. Charmless Man

    Well now I know who to call if I need to get a shard back to the Dark Crystal.

  26. spankenstein

    Look out! Up ahead! The Blue Meanies!!!

  27. Steelerchick

    Looking like a clown !!

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