1. Ruby

    Megan Fox on Halloween dressed as George Michaels

  2. Looks like someone took a session of Wooly Willy a little too seriously.

  3. Christina

    What is this, like seriously.

  4. KD Lang’s goatee will make her Leonard Cohen tributes all the more touching.

  5. Mandrake’s going to the disco.

  6. He looks stupid.

  7. Jill

    Seriously, what happened to his eyebrows? Did they explode, or is that Peter Dinklage just perched on his face?

  8. Ed

    [dramatic movie trailer voice]

    This summer….coming to a local public restroom near yooou…


  9. Cock Dr

    Meet Omar, your metrosexual driver & stylist for the evening.

  10. bob

    Holy shit that is scary.

  11. “Adam Lambert at the opening of Sister Act on Broadway in New York City. (April 20, 2011)”


  12. Sue

    Sphincter Sphinctoria

  13. gotmytanfromiran

    “Dooey, did you just grab my ass?”

  14. OnTheRealThough

    This girl’s hair is thicker than her penis, I’m sure.

  15. This is what happens when you blow your clothes money on a haircut.

  16. MDIZ

    Looks like a slightly Asian George Michaels. …. Only gayer.

  17. testington

    he is a natural blond, so when you dye your hair, eyebrows and goatee you’re going to look like a freak show.


  19. desabrey

    I think he’s trying to make his mouth look like a vagina.

  20. The Bargoyle

    Jesus, what the hell happened to Seth Green?

  21. …when the “Twilight” vampires aren’t gay enough…

  22. Colin

    He looks so mismatched. His hair looks like a BP rig exploded in it, his eyebrows look like caterpillars, and his beard looks like it was made with one of those toys with the magnet and the metal shavings.

  23. So all we really have to worry about in The Book of Revelations is long lines at Broadway musicals?

  24. The Pope of Cleveland

    To anyone that thinks having a goatee makes them look like a badass: This is how everyone else sees you.

  25. KC

    It’s the next Batman villain, the son of Catwoman and Two-Face, named “Pussy-Face.”

  26. Nice cock cushion.

  27. cc

    Ah yes, another episode in the Twilight series. This time gay vampires battle the werewolves.

  28. baron of all media

    his whole face is a c*ck and balls gasket

  29. The Critical Crassness

    Mephisto Lives!

  30. tito

    he looks like guy fieri in a “just for men” ad.

  31. hmna

    All hail Ming the Merciless!

  32. Double D

    If a pink dick had a butt, and a second magenta-colored dick did that first dick in the butt, that would STILL not be as gay at this guy.

  33. Seriously, how much mascara did it take to cover that Vandyke?

  34. ChonchArcola

    i was wondering what Eddie Munster was up too these days.

  35. eab74

    The studded codpiece was a little ambiguous, but I’m beginning to think he’s gay…

  36. ee

    Its the Evil Michael Knight. I miss Knight Rider.

  37. annie from fremantle

    looks like a cross between George Michael and kd Lang

  38. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I see one of them Kardashian sisters skipped a day at laser hair removal salon

  39. Speedy Dyes

    Holy sh*t, I didn’t know Joe Jonas got earrings!

  40. c-h

    Richard Alpert, Jr.

  41. DonDopey

    Dave Navarro’s looking better.

  42. Ismoss

    The meaning of the word “gay” has just been redefined.

  43. The fact that people are STILL debating his gayness further drowns my hopes for humanity.

  44. Dank

    What the super fuck is this?

  45. Slowly completing his Azizification:
    (Sorry about that)
    (I’m also sorry I even KNEW about that)

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