1. Dookieshoo

    Whey ya at…Whey ya at…Whey ya go…Whey ya go…It’s peanut butter jelly time!

  2. A dingo ate my bay-bee!

  3. mentok

    …well, I guess we’ve discovered how she feeds that ass.

  4. Cock Dr

    She squats well.

  5. They had better do a follow up series detailing the birth defects suffered as a result of being drawn into Coco’s ass-gravity.

  6. this is just disturbing, weird and frankly defies logical explanation.

    coco has a tv show?

  7. BeckyS

    I guess they’ll give anyone with a big ass a show these days…

  8. baron of all media

    i’d f all three of em.

  9. SIGOE

    Someone tell Lindsay Lohan you have to wait for people to be born before you can blow them for coke.

  10. cc

    “When I saw that she was pregnant I shit myself.”

  11. Honestly how bad of an actress to you have to be when you can’t even play yourself?

  12. The Critical Crassness

    Stop that woman! She is about to eat that pregnant ladies baby!

  13. I recall seeing a German movie that started like this and ended in fisting…

  14. Qua?

    “It’s never too early – let Auntie Coco show you how to get that money.”

  15. dotmatrix

    Who the hell would want to watch her show? I mean, other than Fish.

  16. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    are those pants Italian leather? Lycra? Some other space-age material? Cause they sure as shit ain’t cotton, those sumbitches are holding up well under some major-league STRESS. They should send some of that shit to Japan

  17. “I just know you’re hiding a mulatto in there!”

  18. moneyhoney

    Poor woman keeps trying to talk to someone who matches her intelligence level, but even the fetus wasn’t interested.

  19. sick

    I do believe she’s showing that pregnant woman the proper way to shat out a baby.

  20. Everything you heard about rough is true

    I pick this photo to help define our generation. The 40′s had V-day of the soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square. When are we going to have ours?

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