1. Deacon Jones

    “One time this MAN actually hit on me, so I put my hands around his throat, like this, and popped his fucking head off.”

  2. If I were a T-rex, this is what my arms would look like…

  3. Josephus

    Mick Jagger has fantastic tits.

  4. Colin

    Alright kids, this is how you grab boobies.

  5. GeorgeWBush

    Nice to see she’s reaching out to the LGBT community

  6. “I am using my invisible crystal ball. And it tells me my tits are spectacular”

  7. Daemon8666

    2 + 1 = CLOP CLOP CLOP

  8. RivernEygpt

    Should rename this segment crap that takes forever to load………

  9. After the sex-change, I had to learn to not grab boobs like this anymore.

  10. friendlyfires

    No, really, I coached the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth – see?

  11. “A good strangling starts with a firmly clenched man chin and neck, flows down through your manly biceps, and ultimately culminates at the man hands.”

  12. JCKW

    Then I told the doctor, “I want my boobs THIS big”

  13. Sign language for “Pleased to meet you Ms Hendricks.. “

  14. H6E6X6

    I’m disturbed at how much this picture is turning me on

  15. Weird, that’s exactly what I do every time I see her.

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