1. Nooken

    As Kim Jong-Il waits patiently for his turn.

  2. What the hell is Kim Jong Il doing in the background?

  3. IRockSoxOff

    Kim Jong il is apparently also a photobomber.

  4. I’ll be back!

    Because Kim Jong Il is waiting for his turn…

  5. [witty, yet obvious Kim Jong Il reference]

  6. LongTimeListener, FirstTimeCaller

    It looks like he stole the bike from the old white guy in the suit.

  7. Storm

    What you can’t see is that Danny DeVito is on the back of that bike.

  8. I assume the British wanted to see the thumb he kept up his ass as Governor…

  9. He’s been riding that thing since California. He’s like a giant, musclebound Forrest Gump on wheels, if Forrest’s dad had been a Nazi.

  10. That Guy

    The Kim Jong Il comments make me laugh because Arnold is doing a perfect impression sans the thumbs-up.

  11. Daemon8666

    This isn’t a photo, it’s the start of a joke. “Dick Cheney, Kim-Jong Il, and Arnie all go bike riding with Hillary Clinton, and Arnie says…”

  12. KC

    This is why California can’t have nice things.

  13. Minky Wail

    “Pedal with me if you want to live.”

  14. ::Insert incomprehensible Arnold talking noise here:::

  15. Professor Gascan

    Get to the choppa!!!!!

  16. Top fiscal management while as Governor allowed Arnold to leave office in a government “vehicle”. Sadly, the chauffeur had to watch from the sideline.

  17. MisterSuccint

    Aaah’ll be baack!
    … but not very quickly,
    aaand only if this T-1000 doesn’t turn liquid aaagain.

  18. My sincere thanks to all who commented. You all owe me a dry pair of pants.

  19. Chins up guys, at least it’s not a Segway.

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