1. Bucky Barnes

    George Michael: “Fuck! I loaned my favorite dildo to Nicki Minaj and now I’ve got an itch that I can’t scratch!”

  2. friendlyfires

    So it’s come to this – reduced to playing Bond villains – in his own mind.

  3. marie

    You, Pierce B. and I with a bong – what a threesome LOL

  4. vlad

    Either he just smelled his own finger or is trying to quickly swallow what he received in the back alley and it isn’t going down easy….

  5. He tends to get arrested when he’s “out”…at least he’s dressed for a holiday card quality mugshot.

  6. Seat Filler

    Mr. Magoo lives!

  7. dontlooknow

    Trying out for Morpheous in a re-make of “The Matrix”?

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Nope, nothing at all gay about that dude. Nothin’.

  9. “Hmmm…French Moroccan nineteen ninety-one from the western slums of Mont Martre. Full body, a sassy aftertaste but I can’t say I care for the bouquet.”

  10. If he squinted a little bit more, he would look like Gilbert Gottfried!

  11. Captain Slappy

    Damn….and to think he ruled the world briefly…life’s been a LEETLE rough on him.

  12. Dude looks like Curious George. From the classic childrens’ book, “Curious George Has Anal Relations with a Tranny.”

  13. Meat

    It looks like somebody’s getting a little too enthusiastic with his rimming.

  14. Not even Dr. House could decide if that’s terminal goatee metastasis or just a case of negative sideburns.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    It isn’t often that you see a guy dressed to officiate at his own funeral! Nicely done, George!

  16. c-h

    who died? oh, yeah, his career… snap!

  17. Andrew Ridgely

    Going retro with the full grown facial mangina I see.

  18. Biff

    They say this guy is gay, but I don’t see it.

  19. UnholyKrep

    So I get the cool suit and glasses and all, but why’d he glue a squirrel to his face?

  20. Wells

    He looks like a hipster John Locke.

  21. Dave Mustaine

    Surprised he’s not out in the public washroom in a park “Cottaging”.

    Rumour has it that he created his own “foot tap” language to “morse code” for mating in the WC with a strange ugly men.

  22. lkflfklkfffff

    I miss the flouffy frosted hair.

  23. gogogo

    these days george michael looks like billy joel. these days billy joel probably looks like a mummy.

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