1. Daaaamn. She looks like a miniature Kirstie Alley now.

  2. Deacon Jones

    She looks like she’s ready to fart her ass off.

  3. Satan's bitch

    She’s at the ‘fuck it, I don’t give a shit anymore, get this thing outta me’ stage.

  4. Is her chin pregnant too?

  5. The Critical Crassness

    “I should have let him cum in my mouth. It would have been so much easier than this!”

  6. eric

    must … fight … craving … for … quarter-pounder

  7. chels

    it’s understomach. like underboob, but not hot.

  8. ‘I finally found a place to rest my glass.”

  9. youcandieNOW

    They use the farts of pregnant vegans to turn cow hides into leather. Suck on that PETA!

  10. Josh

    at least her belly dont have gross strecth marks, i hate stretch marks on women, esp when they are preg!!!

  11. hmna

    Nice jowls.

  12. noooooooo


    “Alicia Silverstone heading to yoga class in Hollywood.”

    That’s the best line ever, because by the picture it’s not working for her at all.

  13. Undercover

    At least her regular clothes will be stretched out real good for when she doesn’t lose that baby weight.

  14. Eli

    “Like hell – more food.”

  15. It’s a lot sunnier under the equator than usual.

  16. You could put a little cartoon poof behind her butt and it would be believable.

  17. Crankybitch

    Too bad she can’t afford maternity clothes. She looks ridiculous.

  18. cupcake

    She isn’t fat, she’s pregnant. She looks fine. She looks healthy… she is not fat… She’s puffy. Shit happens. I don’t understand her current state of denial, however- as these clothes simply do not fit. And bitch needs a bra. No one wants to see mama’s nips. No one.

  19. I thought sippy cups were for the baby.

  20. cc

    Can you imagine the farts?

    I remember a female friend when she was pregnant. We were at something gathering and she got tired and went to sit down in a cushy chair. She kind of slumped down into it and let out an abslutely immense fart. It was like someone tearing a bedsheet in two. Poor thing, she was mortified.

  21. Charmless Man

    “Come on Alicia, it’s not that bad! You were in Batman and Robin, you can do this! This is nothing! Ahhh, who am I kidding? Someone kill me.”

  22. Manowl

    So, this is how a female Hutt looks like…

  23. LadyJade

    She makes motherhood so… apppealing… *gag* … *gag* … I admire her poise… *bloog* and dignity… (All astericks are casual vomiting..) … ( I am unnecessarily critical.)

  24. She makes the chicks from Teen Mom look good.

  25. Ed

    At least her vagina won’t get wet in a thunderstorm.

  26. realy?

    Mr. Fish: First I had an issue with your asinine invitation to bash Reese’s parents out with their granddaughters, and now I have an issue with your inane invitation to bash the quintessential pregnant woman. (And yes, I went to the thesaurus to find a synonym for asinine but chose not to use your name.)

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