1. Deacon Jones

    “Ms? Ms! You forgot your face in my store, Ms!!”

  2. Colin

    This is your life on drugs.

  3. Note that all the pedestrians are standing WAY back.

    (too obscure? Vehicular Manslaughter joke)

  4. eric

    They let her drive?

  5. The Critical Crassness

    I thought Phylis Diller was dead!

  6. Jon Hex

    Finally ran out of that free Clearasil.

  7. Andriiya

    “Bagginsssss….. Shhhiiirrre”

  8. Marco

    I always thought she was fishlike. How the hell could she have been a model?

  9. reformed_druid

    Did she have a stroke? Her face looks lopsided.

  10. cc

    ‘You make me put your head in a vice and pop your eye out of your skull for Charlie M?!!!’

  11. Let’s all close our eyes and remember her in the Noxema ads…now I just need to find the next button.

  12. Anna

    Is her face melting in the rain?

  13. Sangriatic

    Spare some change, mister?

  14. The guy in the background looks like he has one of those pink insane asylum employee shirts on. Is there an asylum in West Hollywood?

  15. remember folks. never leave home without your botox.

  16. dontlooknow

    Looks like a hobo. Isn’t is great that celebs are just as ugly as we mortals?

  17. MondayNightSteve


  18. cujo

    you can’t make a dime as a squeegee man when it’s raining

  19. cujo

    this guy in a pink shirt caught rebecca gayheart stealing his purse through the broken window of his car.yesterday

  20. H6E6X6

    Wow that must be Death’s hoodie she’s wearing.

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