The Crap We Missed – Monday 9.30.13

Welcome to Monday’s The Crap We Missed where I’ll now offer my thoughts the Breaking Bad finale because if this Internet’s for anything, it’s going to be porn, then porn, then cats, memes, porn memes, gifs the place assholes like me go to have an opinion about stuff I in no way participated in the creation of. I just ended that sentence with a preposition, because blogging – it’s anyone’s game! Anyway, that shit was TV perfection, right down to Flynn wearing snow camo cargo pants and Walter suggesting Skyler make him breakfast one last time. Tip of the cap, Gilligan, and thanks for all the *bad* times. Where’s that coffee, Fish? On to today’s TCWM.

We’ve got an Ireland Baldwin Instagram shot because today is a day of the week, Kate Gosselin remembering how cute kids are when they’re still at an age that TV executives are willing to exploit, Johnny Galecki and the jacket that justifies whatever hate crime it incurs, Michael Bay teaching a young fan the Ferrari wash pressure point, and finally, Rihanna in our first ever Final Six.

It’s a new frontier, people. I vote we name it Butt Country,

- Photo Boy

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