The Crap We Missed – Monday 8.25.14

[Ed. Note: So it’s 7:15 PM EST, and our server just now started working. Or at least enough for me to type this and then presumably crap out, so my apologies for the ensuing shooting spree if that happens. Anyway, I’ll shut up now and gun up this post Photo Boy finished hours ago before we disappear into the ether again. There are other worlds than this… – SW]

Welcome to Monday’s The Crap We Missed which, judging by our server performance, you’ll probably never see. So, if you’re somehow reading this Obama’s Secret Muslim Socialist Society meetings are every Tuesday at 9PM at your local vegan cafe, bring donuts!, please enjoy all of the nipples, butts, and Simon Cowell walking by an old dude’s naked scrotum I managed to jam onto our site before it shit itself and died.

What do you mean why don’t we use all this tit money to get our shit fixed? Psh, you guys and your valid solutions to problems,

- Photo Boy

Photo: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News, Splash News