1. Subtle…I can almost see her sarlacc pit.

  2. Did they say no signs of rough play?

    SAYYYY? Has George Lucas approved this move?

  3. Norm


  4. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Lord Vader, the more you tighten your bathroom regulations, the more pee that will slip into your fountains.

  5. Lemmiwinks

    Paula: “I wanted a bidet in my hotel room but this is nice too…”

  6. that was an unfortunate choice of pose…

  7. Jack

    Are those Fruit Roll Ups unfolding from her vagina?

  8. MrsWrong

    It’s funny to put those shoes on her, cause even if she ran over ALL of Vegas, I’m sure there would be less chance of contamination on her feet than the boiling cauldron that is her cooch from shtooping Lucas for THAT part

  9. Lolli-Pop

    Porn actress Leia

  10. bethy

    It’s clear that Adrianne Curry just has a lot of enemies at Comic Con.

  11. Sin

    Funny thing is, hookers dress up and go to the Comic-con because of all the rich, desperate nerds that are there. They can charge 5 times as much and get in double the usual amount of sex because most of the nerds go full bore from the beginning and don’t last long at all.

  12. Sin

    Just think of a 30 year old computer tech that still lives at home. Lots of money and still a virgin. A woman like that offers to fuck you for $500 to $1000, you do it in a heartbeat. And it was probably over in a heartbeat.

  13. HITLER

    “Here…smell this.”

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  14. Kenny

    Air it out.

  15. cc

    She’s giving us ‘the seperator’.

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