1. Raoul

    I see London, I see France.

  2. Richard McBeef

    Remember back when it took musical talent rather than kaleidoscopic fireman simulated intercourse to sell albums?

  3. PoorMaryKelly

    She must have just mated with the one dude that has most of his head eaten off.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I don’t think anyone has hair like that but great job staying between the lines.

  5. ohmyword

    Coming soon to a Vortex near RIhanne…Could it be, Britney Spears?…:

  6. GuyLeDouche

    My money’s on Mister Slave winning this one too.

  7. Well if anyone deserves to gang bang Rhianna, it’s the men that built the particle accelerator.

  8. Why is she about to give Ronald McDonald a Hot Carl?

  9. Squishy

    Is that a plastic twat hanging off of that dudes costume?

  10. Sin

    She is so jealous of Lady Gaga Rhianna is copying her acts.

  11. Star Droppings

    Neicy Nash is the ONLY person they’ve ever let compete two seasons in a row!

  12. Who's roughing who?

    I hope the guy in the yellow didn’t attend Julliard for this.

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