1. paris hilton is a huge loser

    thought it was a guy holy shit

  2. Cock Dr

    That look the wookie has…..she’s either ready to forage for food or is scoping out more places to shop.

  3. Uncle Jemima

    Head and shoulders above the humans.

  4. doogleberg

    Here’s John Candy and his date Kourtney Kardashian steppin’ out on the red carpet at the premiere of “Uncle Buck: Witness Protection”.

  5. shonzie

    Looks like John Popper in drag. Where’s his harmonica?

  6. It had to be said

    Rosie O’Donnell and the cute Kardashian hang out?

  7. Um

    Kim’s in this picture too. Notice the sack on Khloe’s chin?

  8. Colin

    Kourtney: And so then he was like– Khloe, are you even listening?

  9. “Hold on, I got some cud coming up.”

  10. Matty

    This is like a before and after pic, we’re just missing the part where bugs bunny sticks a pressurized air hose into Kourtney.

  11. AT

    courtney is the only one that looks like an effin human
    the others are freaks of nature

  12. Chip Whitley

    It’s like someone spliced the genes of Chewbacca, Miss Piggy and Boy George.

  13. adolf hitler

    whats up with the chyna pics today?

  14. Loulou

    These two CANNOT come from the same vagina. Impossible.

  15. Large Pun

    Obama in the background?

  16. WilmaMankiller

    Thank god she’s clothed. That nasty ass bathing suit pic made me vomit.

  17. tlmck

    I think I’ve got it. The Kardashians are really Hoss, Adam, and little Joe.

    This would be Hoss and little Joe of course.

  18. Mike Walker

    Looks like Mimi FariƱa and Mama Cass at the Monterey Pop festival.

  19. Abby Normal

    Bertha and Betty of the Butt Sisters.

  20. malberry

    nice jowls

  21. Biggie Biggie Biggie, can’t you see, somehow your words just hypnotize me…

  22. Khloe reminds me of Matilda the Hun, a GLOW wrestler from the 1980s. Watch this and let me know what you think. The resemblance is incredible.

  23. CharmlessMan

    Ham Beast with her ham bag.

  24. hbw

    If this pic doesn’t get Carmen Sandiego out of hiding, I don’t know what will…

  25. Turd Ferguson

    The smaller one could actually fit into the Wookie’s purse.

  26. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    What the fuck is that?!?!
    What the fuck IS that?

  27. Jenny with a Y

    Not pictured: The villagers and their torches.

  28. adolf hitler

    lol compare their bags. lololol

  29. Khloe packed a small snack for the walk from the restaurant to the car.

  30. effie

    And still, there he is, in the background, saying it all with his eye.

  31. M3Essential

    Arwwwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrr. AWR!

  32. Ranger Smith never did see through their disguises when they escaped from Jellystone to West Hollywood.

  33. Lita

    Wow, Khloe smooshed her face! Maybe next time she’ll wait for somebody to open the door.

  34. Colin Farrell in character for the airport scene in the Total Recall remake.

  35. I guess they don’t have treadmills on Kashyyyk.

  36. cutthecrap

    this is just all kinds of wrong!

  37. Username

    When did Stephen Fry grow his hair long?

  38. Chelsey

    Remember when E! made Khloe dye her hair so all three sisters would look alike? Because the hair color was the problem…

  39. kimmykimkim

    Khloe should always stay 20 feet behind her sister – actually 30 feet – no, 40 feet, at least. You know, to help her look more normal, more “to scale.”

  40. DeucePickle

    When cloning goes wrong

    This is why cloning is illegal, they never come out just right

  41. fuckoff

    Yikes. Must suck hard to be Chloe Kardashian! Her sisters are so obsessed with their looks, they are probably the reason she continually, sadly, attemps to be equally sexy. Maybe she could be the Kardashian with a personality, how about. She should take some LSD, open her mind, express her individuality, and stop trying to conform to her vain sisters, to a mold that OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT WORK. … And by the way I am pretty sure this pic is extra hilarious cause of the unfortunate angle- obv her sis isn’t actually that short. They’re probably on stairs. Still, I feel pity for the big lass.

  42. MILF

    So that’s where Kirstie Alley’s fat went…

  43. holymoly

    she’s going for the “i’ll hold my bag in front of my belly so they think I’m preggers trick’. Unfortunately for her, she looks pregnant in the chin.

  44. Nik

    Ok WTF she looks ten times worse than normal. Is her face swollen from some plastic surgery or did she put on like 40 pounds in two weeks?

  45. boort

    looks like chewbacca and an ewok shoppin for bandoliers.

  46. keijo

    whatta fuck is that??

  47. The Critical Crassness

    On the set of their latest TV series “The Kardashians: Adventures in Genetic Engineering Failures”

  48. the docta

    lamar odom is a fucking retard. hes a professional baller and for some reason he felt the need to settle down with this slobberino?? he is a disgrace to mankind.

  49. RivernEygpt

    Who the hell did Kris Jenner screw 27 years ago?

  50. vlad

    so THAT’S where all of Kirstie’s fat went…

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