1. Whatever

    Hmm… IQ of both combined?? 1? 2?

  2. Cock Dr

    Take the test. One is pregnant. Can you guess which it is?

  3. If you look close, you can see Jessica Simpson’s wearing a disguise, and it looks like a Mr. Potato Head nose.

  4. doogleberg

    Has-been and passed-by.

  5. Well look who turned up. Fat has-been and fatter has-been.

  6. It had to be said

    The year: 2004, and no combination of Jessicas was providing more masturbatory material than Simpson and Alba. Now let’s hear the number tune in June of 2004 . . .

  7. Yale:
    Student body size: 11,500
    Average IQ of student body: 133
    Average IQ of student body, plus those pictured: 132

  8. tlmck

    Students of Yale, we present to you today a cautionary tale of Hollywood. We have here two formerly hot women named Jessica…

  9. WilmaMankiller

    The joke ‘ll be on the two Jessicas when they discover Yale’s not a community college.

  10. CharmlessMan

    Bimbo and the Butch

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Neither of them could ever spell YALE on their own, maybe not even if we spot them a letter or two.

  12. seals

    I never thought I’d see Jessica Alba looking fatter than Jessica Simpson…

    • Esoteric

      Yeah crazy what a little thing like being heavily pregnant will do to a body.

      See what I did there?

      No? Figures.

  13. Manthou Artdust

    Either: “So people like, come here and learn stuff. So weird”
    Other: “Yah. Makes me…hurty.”

  14. The two girls stood confused like that for almost two hours after someone introduced them… “Jessica, I’d like you to meet Jessica.”

  15. kingofbeer

    nice cameltoe there Jess :)

  16. KC

    10 years ago this would have been he hottest picture.

  17. I present to you “A Yale of Two Jessicas”.

    “It was the best of Jessicas, it was the worst of Jessicas. Actually, they were both kinda ‘meh’.”

  18. So did Khloe start selling Wookiee Wallets to the public, or was it just a special for Ms. Simpson?

  19. DeucePickle

    That’s not a still pic, it’s a 3 minute video

  20. MILF

    Alba misunderstood her Latino manager ‘s thick accent & thought he was sending them to visit “jail”, and Simpson heard something about a lasagna with a file in it.

  21. GuyLeDouche

    A week late and in the wrong place, It’s the Blind Bimbos of Alabama…

  22. whiskeyafternoon

    just goes to show you kiddies–the expiration date on vaginas go by so quickly.

  23. UnholyKrep

    Jennifer Beals laughed. A lot.

  24. vlad

    Since the Two Coreys show ended with the death of one, what’s the odds we would lose a Jessica if they teamed up for a reality show?

  25. dontlooknow

    Ok, Jessica Alba I can believe, but who let Jessica Simpson on that campus? Campus Police!!

  26. Shorty80

    Who would let these two idiots near this school? The IQ of everyone in a 5 mile radius must have plummeted.

  27. MrsWrong

    Same name, same weight…too bad one has a kid in her

  28. Brennan Haley

    Twins 2. Only their mother could tell them apart.

  29. 10 years ago I would have driven my penis through my monitor.

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