1. Hugh Gentry

    get outta the way, I’m starving!!

  2. My Left Nut


  3. Theproofisintheroughing

    Very funny! And i dont care if you have her birth certificate on hand, thats not Nicole Eggert

    • Drew

      Not sure if you’re trying to be witty or what, but she was recently on the show “Celebrity Fit Club” for a reason. And you could see this starting in her photoshoot for FHM in 2001.

      No really, just Google her and you’ll see the “large” timeline.

      • Drew

        That said, just doesn’t actually look *this* bad, this is just a really, really horrible shot and/or outfit. She’s still a shadow of what she used to be though.

      • Laura

        It’s just a bad shirt and a weird angle right?

  4. MarkM

    The time is SO right for a new Baywatch reunion show!

  5. Senor Trout

    SyFy channel execs saw this image and immediately started planning their new movie GuardZilla.

  6. Jan Brady's Brother

    I used to think she was the most.

    Now, not so much

  7. Cinderella

    “Avast! We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” Go ahead and try to take her down Japanese whalers! I dare ya!

  8. I stink

    holy fucking hell!! man she used to be fine as fuck too

  9. Jon

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. chev70

    Wow! And to think I had so many wank’s over her in the 90′s.

  11. Opsidolala

    I don’t remember seeing her in Baywatch. Who did she play, the buoy?

  12. maeby

    Is there at least a baby somewhere in there?

  13. In her left hand is a giant goblet, one she plans on using to trap Peter Dinklage for a mid afternoon snack.

  14. wow they finally took pics of a female bigfoot.

  15. Anon


  16. TomFrank

    I must have missed the episode of Baywatch with the beached whale.

  17. Colt

    “I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!”

  18. cc

    No fucking way.

  19. cc

    You know why marriage is scary? I will show you why marriage is scary.

  20. adolf hitler

    damn. thats fucked up, god.

  21. Someone

    She’s pregnant and already has two children (as far as I’m aware). Of course she’s going to look bigger than her Baywatch days.

    • Jovy

      “she’s going to look bigger than her Baywatch days”

      No, she’s going to look bigger than ALL of the Baywatch days combined, along with whatever sea creatures were lurking in the water during the time that show was filmed…

    • Chip

      She’s going to look bigger than her Charles in Charge days…and her nights.

  22. Soupofdefish

    nice like me a piece of that

  23. Siloporcen7


  24. wow…she used to be so hot. What was that movie she was in with Corey Haim? Something “Getaway”….she was smoking in that. So sad…but nice nips! :)

  25. Jack

    Baywatch? More like SASQUATCH!

  26. Wha? She looks like the monster that ate the television. :S

  27. CptCreep

    My spank bank from the 80′s just had it’s own 9/11…..

  28. V

    She’s pregnant, tards.

  29. Stucco

    Has Kevin Federline been working out?

  30. Still hotter than Khloe.

  31. She looks like she’s on the Kirstie Alley diet…she looks like she ate Kirstie Alley.

  32. dontlooknow

    Eating for two, or eating for TLC’s Duggars? – 25 & Counting ( or something like that )…..


  33. Deacon Jones


    One of the fantasies of my youth!! Gone, GONE!

    (immediately gets out Cobra Terror Dome and starts playing with Storm Shadow)

  34. DKNY

    Obviously Charles was not in charge of her diet.

  35. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    I got AOL back in, like, ’92 or ’93.
    One of the first things I ever got from the “pics” or “celebs” room was a screen cap of her from “Blown Away”.
    That one picture took almost ten minutes to download.
    It taught me all I needed to know about the internet.
    Today, I learn that lesson again.
    Ignorance is bliss.

  36. AA

    Rosie O’Donnell put on a few pounds. Those nipples are like thumbs.

  37. youcandieNOW

    I blame The Hoff and his delicious floor burgers.


    She would eat you whole.

  39. Eddie

    Look! Down in the street! It ate a bird! It ate a plane! It’s Super Fat-Woman!

    Madonna mia!

  40. Raoul

    Dr. Peter Venkman: “What did you do, Ray?!”

  41. I so want them to re-film the running sequence from the opening of Baywatch, with one of those super high-speed cameras they use on Mythbusters. I will die laughing.

  42. She actually is planning to do a Baywatch Reunion show, with one small revision, they are just changing her character’s name from Summer to Sumo.

  43. DiddyK

    It’s probly the baby fat.. she should stop eating them. No matter how good Fat Bastard says they are.

  44. Helmsy

    Wow, did this chick EAT Nicole Eggert? Baywatch babe, nom nom nom!

  45. Great White Pygmy

    So that’s what Kirstie Alley did with all her extra weight!

  46. tlmck

    Nicole Eggert. Trailer park edition.

  47. That’s the creature that ate Nicole Eggert.

  48. Jovy

    “That’s a HUGE bitch”

  49. Lita

    She’s pregnant…right?? Like, really, really, REALLY pregnant?

  50. I don’t think it’s weird angles so much as she’s smuggling a Snuffalufagus under her shirt.

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