1. oermens

    Lunch time.

  2. Weber

    I Hope They Serve Bacon in Hell.

    • Smallhandscabbage

      Haha-great pull. I would have gone with “I hope they serve Rogain in hell” though. That receding hairline is making him look more and more downs syndrome-y.

  3. sparkymcgee


    Have you been eating ear. I’m going to have to administer a fleshalyzer on you.

  4. viralan


  5. It had to be said

    Officer, drop the phone and pull the gun. NOW!

  6. tkb

    Fuck the ear. I’ll bite your entire face off!!

  7. The Critical Crassness

    Don’t go for your pepper spray or taser, it will only make him madder and he will bite your entire head off. Just give him your ear, nose or face and be glad you escaped with most of your body parts intact.

  8. somehow…you just know that is not gonna smell good.

  9. “It’ll get you drunk!”

  10. Cock Dr

    All day long the trailer for “Bridesmaids” has spooled all over the site.
    All day long I’ve been catching glimpses of Jon Hamm’s bare chest & flirtatious smile…….feeling woozy.
    Still not gonna see the movie until on Netflix.

  11. Method Roughing

    Wow! look at how popular Iron Mike is, now that he has mastered Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. Good for you mike!

  12. Hugh Jass

    Oh they brought back the scared straight program?

  13. cc

    Since his daughter’s death I’ve decided to lay off this guy. I have some semblance of pity left.

  14. TomFrank

    I think everyone who bitched about Photo Boy not consistently ending TCWM with a hot chick owes him an apology now.

  15. Instahater

    Is that Tucker Max in the background?

  16. MD observer

    This was actually in Bethesda MD, not LA. He showed up at an LA Boxing Club.

  17. vlad

    Eyes gonesta eats your WHOLE damn face!

  18. No, take a bit out of crime.

  19. vlad

    See, when a patrolman walks the beat, he doesn’t have the luxury of a dash cam, so he has to use his cell phone to grab footage for the upcoming episode of Cops

  20. Shorty80

    The bravest cop alive, or the craziest?


    God help the poor bastard that spills his Dunkin Donuts coffee on Big Mike!

  22. Ponkur

    Kiss me you fool!

  23. Numma numma guy’s getting aggro.

  24. Brennan Haley

    Someone else take Mike’s tiger?

  25. Jovy

    His hand takes up the dudes entire face. Either the cop’s a part time jockey or mike has sasquatch hands.

  26. You fuck my tiger? You fuck my tiger? You fuck my tiger? You fuck my tiger? You fuck my tiger? You fuck my tiger?

  27. Cop could feel it coming in the air tonight and that’s the last thing he ever felt. He was never seen again.

  28. Deacon Jones

    “What’s the matter? The CIA got you pushing too many pencils? Huh? Had enough?”

  29. Burrito Supreme

    Give me some sugar, Baby!

  30. Fletch

    “I can feel it coming in the air tonight” Sing it with me or I’ll bite your face off!!!!!!!!

  31. Steelerchick

    Drop the taser and nobody gets hurt!!!

  32. tmfvaughan

    The creepiest thing about this picture is Mike’s fingernails. There is something not right going on there.

  33. Robin Givens, this is what you’re missing.

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