1. It had to be said

    Is she getting the Spears thighs? Not good.

  2. bethy

    She said I could have these…..

  3. Cock Dr

    Yes, they are going home to watch TV, play video games, and tickle fight.
    Isn’t that how most Hollywood marriages work?

  4. 3-some… I ready!

  5. brennan haley

    He’s eight pizza’s away from a Federline and she’s one “Bay’s Hitler” comment away from a career. It’s the “Boy Did We Pooch It” show!!


    She used to be hot. What the deuce happened other than marrying a loser?

    • tlmck

      She married a guy named BAG.

    • Dr Ha-Ha

      Here’s how it works – she plastic surgeried her way into being hot, but her matching inner non-hotness doesn’t disappear because of that action, and it’s that which found (& married) its counterpart.

  7. Asoto

    Look, I have this chick in my house and I won’t even care to look at her ’till I finish these! What are you losers doing today?

  8. Brian is looking well stocked for a long weekend of Megan shutting the fuck up.

  9. Are you sure they’re not going into the store? To try and return games they shoplifted from WalMart, because they need the money?

  10. She thinks they’re movies.

  11. So wait, that whiny asshole on XBox Live who keeps telling people he could be banging Megan Fox but he just doesn’t feel like it wasn’t lying?

  12. “I’m pretty sure I distracted them with my ass, just keep walking and don’t look back!”

  13. chupacabra

    Hey hon, we just earned $30 from HALO for flashing this! Wippie!

  14. Throjo

    Video games for him. An application for her.

  15. kulit

    She’s really starting to look like Shannen Doherty. weird.

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