1. cc

    Did he write those westerns?

  2. well…SOMEONE’s newborn.

    It’s probably disappointing to park your station wagon next to someone’s Mercedes and be poignantly reminded that you’re Billy Zane.

  3. Hey Billy, that thing you did at the end of titanic…not cool.

  4. Nooken

    Mickey Rourke Caught Trying To Steal Baby From Car

  5. fake fonk

    after carrying his balls in a carseat all day he decided they needed a shave

  6. Josephus

    So David Arquette and Billy Zane are running some sort of misdirection play…but why??!?

  7. The Critical Crassness

    Why is Billy Zane carrying someone’s head in a receiving blanket and putting it in his car?

  8. TomFrank

    “I have a child!” (boards the lifeboat)

  9. DonDopey

    “This just like stealing candy from a baby. Yes, JUST like it.”

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