1. Cock Dr

    Is she picking up bits of MTV provided road kill now? Was that in the script?

  2. “That blister you have is HOW big?”

  3. “My vibrator. It was green and about this long. Ugh. My stomach feels funny.”

  4. TomFrank

    “Cross over, children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.”

    • TomFrank

      Now clear your minds. It knows what scares you. It has from the very beginning. Don’t give it any help; it knows too much already.

  5. neo

    My vag is this wide!

  6. baron of all media

    “Stab myself with a knife this long? But my vagina would swallow it whole!”

  7. Step 3

    “the cock was this big”

  8. “He looka like a man.”

  9. ad nasuem

    This thing was skinny for all of two seconds.

  10. “I am disappointed that I was only able to get this much in my ass”

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    There’s always a dead bird in the foreground saying it all with his broken wing.

  12. MrsWrong


  13. CharmlessMan

    She ate the pickle which is a penis.

    Seriously, every picture of her is it’s own joke. Trying to caption them is like pouring corn syrup on sugar.

  14. Two Snookie pics? Everybody out, they exceeded the weight limit for this post.

  15. Nooken

    ugh… clapping is hard!

  16. phreshone

    oh, about this wide??? Why do you ask?

  17. SSHGuru

    She measured her fingers and her penis is this big.

  18. Raoul

    “Is this how you’re supposed to fist?”

  19. vlad

    Have you seen my pickle? It was about this big

  20. She looks like an old Filipino whore.

    My sincere apologies to old Filipino whores everywhere.

  21. Kabe

    For a second there, I thought it was really a bad picture of Maria Conchita Alonso

  22. Safety man

    It has to be this big or bigger to go in my ass and be able to feel it.

  23. Brennan Haley

    “Honest, I can’t push my hands any closer, but if I flip them over, they’re magnetically drawn together. Fucking freaky, huh? I know, I know.”

  24. UnholyKrep

    Shift change, Oompah Loompah Industries, LLC.

  25. justuhbill

    Too easy. Not the joke about “how big it is,” just Snooki. She’s too easy.

  26. SIN.

    If your cock isn’t this wide, it will not be able to touch the sides of my pussy.

  27. nooooooooooo

    “They say I’m only this far away from ever having dignity again”

  28. Weaselmouse

    “That’s about all I can get in me, and that’s why I like ‘em small.. That explains my fondness for the ole pickle, jus’ so y’all know. Yep.”

  29. vitobonespur

    I’m sorry, but she is really harsh looking!

  30. wildfungus

    I already knew I never wanted to here a ‘fish that got away story’ that started in a dockside bar. Thanks for confirming this.

  31. sasha

    I thought it was a 50 year old woman.

  32. Siloporcen7

    Animal cruelty? PETA better fucking handle this shit

  33. dr pepper

    her nose is starting to look like janet jacksons

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