1. JC

    In every picture, there’s an 8-year-old screaming “DESPAIR” with his eyes.

  2. chupacabra

    At the pound they put them down after three days.

  3. Hey kid, I feel the same way when I think about your situation.

  4. TomFrank

    So that’s why she had those six kids first. As nannies for the octuplets.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Don’t let them out of your sight, they said. City’s full of childsnatchers. Bullshit!

  6. “If only I could get to Florida…all my problems would go away”


    “Now remember kids…….here in NYC you have to throw yourself in front of a bus to get it to stop.”

  8. MrsWrong

    I hope that’s a panoramic camera, lady in the back

  9. MrsWrong

    Not Shown: Welcoming crowd of adoring fans

  10. “I saw Mom’s tits…”

  11. Liz

    “Oh, God, if she murders one of us, I hope it’s me,” said any of them.

  12. “Bringing the kids to the big city was a great idea. 7 down, only 7 more to go. Then I can party for 14 months before I have to report them missing.”

  13. It looks like she only bathes one of them per day.

  14. CharmlessMan

    She’s leading them straight into traffic.

  15. Brennan Haley

    Those kids really dug themselves out of a deep, dark, terrible hole to become the people they are today.

  16. UnholyKrep

    How very sad- children, in search of their cornfield.

  17. The Critical Crassness

    “I was really hoping to get some pointers from Casey Anthony but she isn’t scheduled to appear until after the 17th…Damn!”

  18. I bet she’d be good at Border Patrol.

  19. Squishy

    Someone throw a brush through that kids hair will yah!!

  20. Blech

    Still trying to figure out how a tranny manages to have fourteen kids…

  21. lemon

    It’s like she decided to save time so she dresses the youngest ones all the same. They probably all have the same name too… “Mommy’s Meal Ticket.”

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