1. Hugh Jass

    That poor piano :(

  2. Total dick move, Fish.

  3. diego

    She should go back to starving herself

  4. something tells me there’s 4 more pictures of this abortion coming

  5. bassackwards

    OH MY FUCKING GOD…..when will this thing be killed already?? This thing is just a blight on society…. who the fuck would want their daughters seeing this?

  6. IbePiglet

    Is there NO ONE willing to tell her that she forgot her dress in the dressing room?

  7. PoorMaryKelly

    It’s not looking pretty but at least she’s done with the “aqua merkin” stage.

  8. dontlooknow

    She’d probably warm up a little faster with some clothes on…..

  9. AnnaDraconida


  10. lori

    Why is this woman famous?!

  11. Well. it looks like today’s TCWM ends on picture # 29. You really are a sadistic bastard sometimes Fish. Here I was thinking we would get a nice payoff in the last 5 pictures after all the other shit you put us through, and now this. Bad form!

  12. JPC

    Looks like she gave up on the he anorexia for this week. (Just hoping she reads this, and rededicates herself to starving her way into oblivion)

  13. Misana

    Looks like the wardrobe got lost. Show must go on.

  14. m

    dead eyes

  15. SimoneDeB

    And here we see signs of the recession reaching the music industry. Artists having to forego on costumes to make ends meet. Sad times we live in when a pair of tights and some underwear is the new version of a giant egg.

  16. chupacabra

    It would be nice if she just fucking stopped dressing up in mommy’s closet already.

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