1. It had to be said

    Wait. If she’s only 5 feet tall was the photog in a pit or something?

  2. M

    Now you just know she’s not signing the check there…

  3. baron of all media

    Fact: The only way a rock that size gets out of a war torn country is in an ass that size.

  4. Dave Mustaine

    How does this ugly pig get any airtime?

  5. a true famewhore NEVER puts down her cell phone.

  6. I’m not saying this is posed or anything, but usually when someone signs an autograph, they’re actually holding a pen.

  7. Toxic Buddy

    Check list
    1. Have sex with black guy, make video. Check
    2.Sell Tape and complain. Check
    3.Get Famous for doing Number 1. Check
    4.Get fake reality show. Check
    5.Make a ton of money. Check
    6.Marry some sports guy. Check
    7.Lose ring and complain it got stolen.

  8. Who is the loser asking for her Kim Suckscock?

  9. RHawk

    With all due respect to JT, she’s bringing skanky back.

  10. K…I…why did they give me such a hard name to spell.

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