1. marcus

    It’s Gullum.

  2. Noel

    wow…the class gene runs long and deep is this family.

  3. Richard McBeef

    Billy Ray has got bigger troubles than dirty cell phone pics and smoking salvia.

    • Lemmiwinks

      He actually makes Miley look good by comparison. At least we know Billy Ray is having sex with the right kid. Oh, he fucks all of them? Never mind.

  4. Don King

    Him in a ring with Weston Cage on Pay-per-view. Not for a knock out, but just to see who cries first.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Hair. Famous sister. Fancy watch. This fella’s got it made.

  6. Jon Hex

    The fuck am I looking at?

  7. Mandi

    The most offensive part of this whole picture is his bangs.

  8. Colin

    There’s no way Jesse James hasn’t fucked this.

  9. Trace is adopted, so that rules out genetics…leaving only shitty parenting to explain this.

  10. Being the GOOD Cyrus must be hard for him…

  11. Senor Trout

    Many states have laws prohibiting the mentally handicapped from getting a tattoo without parental permission. Sadly, those same people are allowed to get any haircut they want.

  12. Opsidolala

    Did they let him out of the cave or did he escape?

  13. Sadly, if you try, you can imagine him with a decent haircut, no tattoos, or piercings…and you”re left with a really ugly dude.

    so…I guess why not?

    • MrsWrong

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing….the tattoos distract from his face….I wondered why he didn’t just tattoo OVER it…but I’m pretty sure that amount of logic would not only cause his head to explode, but severely injure his entire family.

  14. Mark

    This is what you’d get if Justin Bieber had grown up as Justin Cyrus.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Here is a sad fact….Brenda Song is fucking that!

  16. UnholyKrep

    Trace Cyrus, starring in “Douchemento”.

  17. bethy

    This what you get for namin’ me Trace, dad.

  18. CharmlessMan

    He looks JUST LIKE this weird woman who used to do yogurt commercials in the late 80s.

    Anyone remember who that was?

  19. Tyler

    Are you fucking serious?

  20. MrsWrong

    Perhaps he could pull from Miley’s playbook and become Noah Oklahoma but instead of wigs wear masks???? Here’s hoping someone will convice him it would make him millions so I dont have to spoon my eyeballs out

  21. Nug

    Amy Winehouse

  22. cdub

    Kat Von D forgot to put make-up on.

  23. It’s hard to be that anti-establishment AND shop at Macy’s.

  24. tlmck

    So “this” is what they kept hidden in the basement.

  25. holymoly

    miley’s newest cd is in that bag

  26. This is the face of a man who’s turned it up to 11 a few too many times.

  27. vlad

    Holy fucking shit! hurry up and finish filling in the face with inks, whatever you are

  28. DKNY

    Holy shit, what is this thing?! Kill it. KILL IT!

  29. sexyman48

    How are we now just seeing this mess?

  30. KC

    Attention issues? Me? Of course not! Daddy loves me just as much as Miley. RIght?! Right? Daddy? daddy…

  31. Dr Ha-Ha

    these kind of pics always demand this entry -


  32. cc

    The poser defined:

    - Tons of tattoos, most of them featuring skulls
    - Lots of black leather attire
    - Piercings
    - A gold Movado watch

  33. cutthecrap

    I think his beaver teeth are starting to grow in

  34. One tat away from being an oriental rug

  35. Steelerchick

    That is one ugly Mo fu !!

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