1. dookieshoo

    i love you too, phillip morris

  2. Fletch

    There’s no need to fear. Underdog! is here!

  3. It had to be said

    It’s Fruit Girl’s partner, Fruity Man!

  4. cc

    Guys, white pants are okay if you are a naval officer. Otherwise, no.

  5. UnholyKrep

    I am… El Douche!

  6. Hugh Jass

    Spanish George Clooney to the rescue!

  7. ginkle

    I have escaped the evil clutches of my wife, Skeletor, and now must be off to molest some young girls. El Douche-O away!

  8. MrsWrong

    saddest. superhero. ever.

  9. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    At least it distracts from his hairpiece, right?

  10. Cock Dr

    White pants are usually worn by:
    Gay men
    Straight men who have gay men for stylists
    The blind

  11. MisterSuccint

    Look! No cojones!

  12. It’s Handi Man!

  13. Zombie Kitty

    Him and Sheen are playing dress-up

  14. Siloporcen7

    I’m sure there’s no cocaine involved here whatsoever

  15. Say hello to his little friend.


    Hide ja wives! Hide ja kids! Hide ja wives! Hide ja kids!

  17. dontlooknow

    Mr. Bean does Cannes!

  18. tlmck

    Low budget, gay, Superman.

  19. Marie

    Too sexy….But I must!

  20. Who smells a Latin pop cross-over?

  21. The Village People are calling him up as we speak.

  22. Carson

    ¿Puedes ver mis testículos?

  23. 8bitjeff

    They have short buses in France?

  24. So it’s true. They’re finally doing the El Asso Wipo flick.

  25. The Critical Crassness

    Another of Charlie Sheen’s Tiger’s Blood Ninja Army has been exposed!

  26. Daaamn

    “Travolta, Cruise, and now this? Is there anyone in Hollywood that isn’t gay?????”

    *insert Ryan Reynold’s pic wearing that scarf*


  27. “Look at his wee little boots!”

  28. Being in close proximity to someone else’s fugliness has started to rub off on ole Antonio.

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