1. JS4L


  2. josh

    I do think he is fat, But he always seemed fatter on the TV show

  3. The Winchester


  4. He probably thinks D&G means “donuts & gravy”.

  5. Someone hasn’t gone swimming since the late 80′s – early 90′s.

  6. More like “Lotsa Pot Lucks”. Amirite?

  7. He’s just a victim of angles and weird shirts…….oh wait.

  8. Cock Dr

    Now I know why the blogger buttered us: because THIS was waiting in the gallery.

  9. sparkymcgee

    Oh….from a show called “Pawn Stars”

    When I first looked at the pic, I thought maybe it was some neurosurgeon or possibly British royalty.

  10. Just threw up a little in my mouth

    How did Kim Basinger ever give this up? Wait, what? That’s not Alec Baldwin?

  11. Deacon Jones

    NASA can’t keep tiles glued to the space shuttle, but a clothing company can make swim trunks that don’t split off of this greased pig?

  12. Gah! At first glance, I thought it was Preston Lacy, then Kirstie Alley, and now I’m confused, ’cause I don’t know who this is.

  13. He was funnier with the midget on Jackass.

  14. You said he’s on TV…must be one of those widescreen deals.

  15. slappy magoo

    Kudos to all of you for not going with a “keep the beached whale’s skin wet until we can drag him back to sea” reference. I’d hoped you all were better than that, and you did not disappoint.

    I, on the other hand, suck.

  16. The Pope of Cleveland

    This is why tattoos aren’t cool anymore.

  17. Jacqueline Hyde

    When did Kesha get the tatt work done?

  18. It was the best of time, the rough of time

    What happened to Aqua man?

  19. Matty

    His tummy tat says “Lotsa Luck” as a courtesy to any woman foolish enough to get underneath him.

    So far it’s just for show.

  20. Alixia

    Weird that my first though was “why was he wearing sunglasses in the sea?”. My brain has developed so well that it now blocks out things like this, err, body.

  21. Looks like Big Boy has their new mascot and the franchise reboot is go!

  22. Michelle


  23. Krang

    Board shorts shouldn’t fit like biking spandex

  24. Charmless Man


  25. John Belushi wore the sunglasses in The Blue Brothers, the swimming trunks belonged to Taylor Lautner while he was working on the Twilight films, Ronald Reagan wore the watch when he initiated the START treaty and the tattoos were pawned by an elderly Chinese man named Egg Shen who insisted, even after seeing Corey, that everything begins very small.

  26. youcandieNOW

    Still not as fat as KFed, but nice try.

  27. Ismoss

    With all that radiation from Japan I thought for sure it was going to be Godzilla coming out of the ocean.

  28. Smivey

    Looks like his stomach ate his ass.

  29. … And manatee advertising was born.

  30. Buttercup

    A coincidence that the advertisement located next to his photo is for a McDonald’s BIG MAC?

  31. friendlyfires

    Ladies and gentleman … Liquid Barrel!

  32. lili

    Dear “The Superficial” writer,
    You really hate pageviews, don’t you?

  33. He needs SO MANY more tattoos to make that view bearable.

  34. whiskeyafternoon

    the real humor is in the detail…the tattoo on his stomach says “Lotsa Luck”…he’s mocking himself so well that I’ll sit out this round.

  35. desx

    I think I saw this guy…living in a van..DOWN BY THE RIVER!

  36. Scarlet

    If you squint, he REALLY does have the face of Porky Pig.

  37. lk

    bet he still gets laid, on account of being on the tv, and I’m sure that’s the only way

  38. Steelerchick

    I thought it was Brandon Gummi bear Davis

  39. Lotsa luck .. ever seeing your penis again?

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