1. More like they posed Bob Barker.

  2. What’s left out of this photo is that, seconds before it was taken the guy holding the dog took it off HIS neck.

  3. sparkymcgee

    Bob Barker is a straight playa!

    I heard he Viagra-fucked all the Barker’s Beauties on the Plinko board.

  4. Deacon Jones

    There’s so many things going on in this photo and I can’t think properly.

  5. Cock Dr

    Barker is damned old & looks like shit, but it’s a great message he’s trying to get out.
    Spay & neuter your pets please.

  6. ANJ

    Catherine Zeta Jones masturbates to this.

  7. stapes

    I guess Bradley’s bed is cold with Renee gone.

  8. The Pope of Cleveland

    From the looks of it, you might want to pick a thinner book Bob. Just sayin’.

  9. From the movie, Weekend at Barker’s.

  10. I see he bruised his knuckles on a barker beauty… keep that pimp hand strong bob!

  11. cc

    For once, I am just going to say nice things. I think Bob Barker is a great human being. So there.

  12. The Price is Wrong! Bitch!

  13. Jeremy Feist

    The weird thing is, Kim Kardashian made the exact same sign for Kris Humphries…

  14. Lita

    Are you sure he’s posing or is this Weekend at Bob’s?

  15. “And I ate them to harvest your precious canine youth.”

  16. Ismoss

    On this episode of Tales from the Crypt.

  17. wrynoceros

    wait, so Bob Barker is the old guy. Not the screen name for the acting Dachshund?

  18. youcandieNOW

    I think spray tanning could qualify as elder abuse.

  19. m3essential


  20. Buttercup

    Bob Barker would be a perfect name for the dog.

  21. friendlyfires

    Elvis Costello and Bob Barker … it’s a Drew Friedman illustration from Spy come to life!

  22. lili

    Weekend at Bernie’s is such a classic.

  23. Sangriatic

    Tales From the Crypt 14

  24. Dogs can sense the dead.

  25. Hey, it’s Bob Barker’s Twin –well, maybe not– but they are the same color !

  26. desx

    when 900 years old you are, look this…aww fuck, who am i kidding – you’ll look pretty much exactly like this

  27. Jill Ess

    L O V E

  28. turd ferguson

    What the hell is Elvis Costello doing holding a castrated dachshund and standing next to Bob Barker?

  29. Steelerchick

    Bob Barker is a legend!!!

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