1. Mandi


  2. She’s looks great for her age, until you catch a glimpse of her crypt-keeper hands, always gives it away.

  3. Monch Jose

    How is she relevant again? Wasn’t she popular back in the ’80s, like the 1880s?

  4. Batman called… he’s looking for his archnemesis.

  5. Douchey McDouchealot

    Who’s the fat broad?

  6. Satan's bitch

    Baby Jane?

  7. Ah yes, another reminiscence of my youthful masturbatory indiscretions.

  8. cc

    She’s got a whiff of Joker about her.

  9. Ponkur

    He’s escaped the asylum again!

  10. K Soze

    Would give new meaning to the word knock the dust off that…

  11. Maximus

    Each product only contains one component. The poison only works when they’re mixed. Hair spray won’t do it alone. But… hair spray and perfume and lipstick will be toxic and — Untraceable.

  12. Can you imagine the baggage that comes with dating this woman–the crazy ex-husband, kids, etc.? Dating her would be like moving to North Korea.

  13. Charmless Man

    I bet her face pops off like Yul Brenner’s in Westworld. She has a different mask for every occasion, and they were all molded from her original face back in 1985.

  14. Botox girl.
    She’s still living in her botox world.
    I bet she’s never let a year go by…
    without sucking fat out of her thighs.

  15. tlmck

    With that makeup job, she looks like a wax figure. Still doable though.

  16. doritto eating pervert

    She has nice hair.

  17. tkb

    Somewhere in her house a painting is aging.

  18. Deryn

    Amazing, I agree … but why *is* she everywhere all of a sudden?

  19. Buttercup

    if we’re down to snarking on C.B., we’re desperate. Might as well just come out and post our own gorey photos.

  20. friendlyfires

    $20 million dollars worth of plastic surgery, and she can’t afford to get matching hands?

  21. Lady Kumquat

    She looks amazing, I don’t care how much plastic she’s had. Most plastic looks obvious, she looks great!

  22. lili

    Oh, now I get it.
    ..Trying to turn every female reader into a lesbian, one obese guy/Christie Brinkley photo at a time. Nice try. *

    *It is working.

  23. There’s someone else behind her doing the arms, right?

  24. whiskeyafternoon

    I liked her first face better.

  25. Forget her face People ……Oh, is that a SCRIPT she’s carrying ???


  26. mordantmouth

    Seems like a deranged Disney character. Like she curls up next to Walt’s frozen corpse under the Magic Castle & sings Billy Joel tunes til morning…

  27. Senor Trout

    Billy Joel just saw this picture and went back down to the basement to add another loop to the noose…’yep, this oughtta do it…just gotta toss the rope over that beam there….knot it here…and jump.’

  28. DrunkRussian

    Reminds me of Daphne in Some like it Hot. Sugar!

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