The Crap We Missed – Friday 11.11.16

Welcome to Friday’s The Crap We Missed where Paris Hilton braves a trip to Rapeland to visit sick kids, Chris Hardwick appropriates wizard culture, Liam Neeson recruits Mooslim sleeper agents, and Barbara Corcoran’s callous microaggression triggers people with disabilities, because this is how we frame things on the internet now. Extreme rhetoric from both the right and the left are responsible for nuance and compromise taking a spray-tanned dick to the skull, so now we’ve now got violent anti-Trump protests on one side and kids getting into racial beefs at school like it’s goddamn 1963 all over again on the other. We’ve been the snake eating its own tail for so long, we’ve finally consumed our own brain. But hey, at least now “the forgotten” are finally having their voice heard, right? “Fuck you, fuck everything, I gots mines, you go gets yours if you want it bad enough.” We hear you, loud and clear.

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