The Canadian Christ Child Speaks

February 16th, 2011 // 269 Comments

“And Jesus went about all Galilee… healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. Until his moms told him to come in.”

Rolling Stone had the brilliant idea of asking 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber his thoughts on hot button political topics because there’s no way a Canadian kid privy to all of Hollywood and its excess, yet groomed to be the Messiah wouldn’t spew out some gems. And to his credit, he actually manages to offend everyone. I’m genuinely impressed.

On which political party he’d vote for:
“I’m not sure about the parties. But whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

On healthcare:
“You guys are evil. Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

On war:
“Canada doesn’t go around attacking people.”

On homosexuality:
“It’s everyone’s own decision to do that. It doesn’t affect me and it shouldn’t affect anyone else.”

On religion:
“I feel I have an obligation to plant little seeds with my fans. I’m not going to tell them, ‘You need Jesus,’ but I will say at the end of my show, ‘God loves you.’”

On abortion:
“I really don’t believe in abortion. I think [an embryo] is a human. It’s like killing a baby. [In the case of rape], I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

On abstinence:
“I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.”

I understand this kid is just learning the game, so here’s a friendly tip as my way of saying thanks for surprisingly not being the homophobe Christianity would prefer he’d be, and also all that socialized medicine talk: If you’re trying to have sex for the first time with your famous girlfriend, you’re gonna want to not broadcast it to Rolling Stone right after saying you’ll think she’s a murderer if she doesn’t keep the baby you accidentally put in her. I know, “girls are so weird,” but they’re holding all the vaginas. Now has someone talked to you about lying? I know you’re programmed not to, but it’s literally the only thing you can trust from here on out. A faithful sidearm, if you will. *pivots* I was at my brother’s!

See what I mean?

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  1. Troll Replies

    He’s right about one thing, the USA is evil.

    • Bastard

      awww…welfare check late getting to your residence or is your prayer rug facing the wrong direction? ignorant pussy

      • Troll Replies

        You’re so ignorant you think there’s only two reason I think the USA are a bunch of baby killing facist self preserving assholes?

      • Realist

        Bastard is right….but where’s my Captain Crunch at?

      • Bastard

        No, I dont care what you think. I was just making a sarcastic comment about you.

        But by all means, please elaborate on the complexities of Transgovernmental/ InterContinental Relations. Im sure, based on your Rhodes Scholar-ish comment, you can enlighten all of us to the truths of the world.

      • AMERICA

        Damn me to hell for being self preserving. Wanting to keep yourself alive at any cost is SO against the natural order of things.

      • Kisses4Katie

        WHOA asshat who the fuck do u think u are?? Obviously a republican pig who is fine letting OVER HALF THE COUNTRY remain in the poor house when it is so EASILY correctable. Actually, the US is evil. I’ll say it. The fucking republicans. Any one who puts money before human life and liberty is an inhuman piece of shit. or republican.

      • jean

        @ilikesake- how exactly do you have American politics shoved down your throat? Who is doing this? Does Obama come into your home and scream into your ears? No. More like the news in your own country will decide to cover it. As for having to stick a patch of a Canadian flag on your ass.. It is nice to basically be able to stay out of the mud and keep your hands clean in world affairs.
        I’m LOLing while reading these comments with the opinions and statements of what must be the cream of the crops of each country. Gossip blogs and politics don’t mix well. lolz

    • Inmate 12236969

      Hey Troll—FUCK YOU and your mama too!

    • LRW

      This is Amurica!

      Right or wrong, good or evil. We’re still the BEST!!!!


    • Randal

      Not ALL of the U.S. is evil. Texas and Arizona? Definitely. Oh, and now that Walker is governor, you can add Wisconsin to the list as well.

      • Bastard

        lol…You and troll replies should be roomates, Then you can wipe each others tears of pain away while simultaneously rubbing one out to your photoshopped Playgirl spread of Al Gore, The Beibs and Anthony Weiner.

        Texas and Az are the only states with balls enough to kick political correctness in its sand filled vagina.

      • Marisa

        Ouch. In Texas we do have our happy little oasis, just so you know. It’s called Austin…we try.

        …But stupid hollywood douchebags are well on their way to ruining our city. We don’t need your paparazzi crap, Sandra Bullock, get out. It’s embarrassing.

      • Lena

        Whoaaaa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
        There’s no need to be a dick. Texas could kick your ass in a heart beat, bitch. Why’s Texas bad? Because it’s a red state? You know what? Being red works better for the way Texas is laid out, and it’s economy. Bigger cities happen to be blue, and you still don’t see dumbshit dicks like you harping around every small town. Is it because we hate illegal immigrants? I reaaaaaaally don’t see you having to put up with them, now do I?
        People’s political beliefs stem from what works for their environment.
        But I fucking hate Canada, so Bieber can shove it. Talk smack about your own country.

    • Rancid

      “USA is evil”?

      Well then, I guess an evil country owns your sorry ass. So who’s the jerkoff again?

      • Roo

        LO feckin L!!!

      • s'up bitches

        What the fuck are you talking about, retard. Get your fat ass off the couch in that mobile home of yours and maybe take a trip to another country. They will laugh their asses off at you. The United States has become a joke!

      • ac

        why don’t all you people who think America is “evil” get the eff out. and if you aren’t from here, than try getting decent heathcare in your own country from cures, process, and equipment that DIDN’T come from America.

      • Feely Gropez

        “Is it because we hate illegal immigrants? I reaaaaaaally don’t see you having to put up with them, now do I?”
        ’cause there are no immigrants in big cities…

    • Anon

      How are Republicans even on the internet? I thought all the women were off having the hundreds of babies they never wanted and the men were too busy blowing each other in bathroom stalls with baby Jesus butt plugs up their asses. Who knew they can breathe and type at the same time? Oh, bless.

      • Anon devours cock

        Please move to Canada if you haven’t already. Preferably near some of Justin Bieber’s fans.

      • Kisses4Katie

        and how is it republican to want health care for all? Don’t forget they are the ones who have been senselessly stalling Obamacare just to line their buddies’ pockets. I don’t see why you have to be religious to do what’s right. I don’t believe in god jesus any of that SHIT but for fuck’s sake, I know its wrong to have money and not help those without, I know its wrong to kill anything alive (and yea, it’s alive once it’s fertilized. deal with it.) I didn’t learn this from the Bible!! It’s called being a decent human being. Idiots.

    • Evil

      Yes, american is the real evil empire, and yet canada does nothing about it.

      • suck it

        “Canada doesn’t go around attacking people.”
        Funny cause it is obvious they really don’t have much of a military presence anywhere. Good thing the good ol’ evil big U S of A can defend their asses in case of problems.
        And the USA is “evil”? I love Canadians and Canada don’t get me wrong. I lived there for a little bit over 5 years. But they still live in the shadow of the USA. Try going anywhere in Canada and you can see that it really is like hanging out with a jealous and/or ignorant younger sibling. Ask any Canadian about US politics and they will be able to answer you. Ask an American about Canadian politics and they really won’t give a shit because it isn’t important.
        And if you live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, I genuinely feel bad for you.

      • Johnny Cage

        Why would Canada do anything about it? A young slut married an old rich man once. Guess what, she never left him because she was living in a mansion, took all of his money, and could open her vagina to any young stud she wanted.

        She could always call that old man an old fart whenever she wanted. She often told him she was going to leave him one day. But she’s still staying around in his mansion to this day.

      • ilikesake

        @Suck it…try putting your own dick in your mouth for once instead of spouting nonsense and generalizing. Cause I can tell you this..the only reason Canadians know about your politics is because everytime one of your Presidents decides to do something stupid, Canadians have it shoved down their throats. For crissake, we gotta walk around Spain and other places around the world with a Canadian flag stitched to our ass to make sure other countries don’t mistake us for ‘American Gringo’s’.

      • blargh


        Doesn’t do anything about it!? What do you call Celine Dion and Justin Beiber then?!

    • United Nations

      You’re absolutely right! The USA is a evil!!! The worst kind of evil! The whole knows this apparently, except these patriotic rednecks who can’t make a decision for themselves because of all the brainwashing they’ve endured time and time again! I mean. look at who their president is! A man they who hoodwinked them into choosing him for a change that NEVER CAME! He’s going to crash your $ and continue to drive down your standard of living by destroying your Constitution. The sad part is that you will vote for him once more ( notice the well-timed MURDER of Usama BIn Laden). A man that never got a fair trial! But you all rejoiced at his death. I’m sure that you are all God-Fearing Christian People.

      You all are a bunch of ignorant morons and the WHOLE WORLD is laughing their asses off at your stupidity. “I’m an American!” Newsflash! That’s doesn’t mean SHIT in this day and age. No one cares about your country that goes to war over oil and steal from it’s taxpayers.

      So respond all you want, but BELIEVE that the hatred is mutual. You will all get what you deserve one day! Karma is a bitch!

  2. dv8

    Fuck him looooser

  3. Cock Dr

    There IS something to upset almost everyone in that interview.
    Keep those frank & revealing observations coming. That’s the way to promote a movie, by somehow inserting your maturing & fugglifying face into the American cultural firestorm.

  4. Guest1-7

    It’s so cute that he thinks people “decide” to be gay.

    • IntelligentAsFellasGet

      It is a choice, save that b.s.

      • BlubboTehClown

        So says idiot American breeder. Like you’d fucking know, right fundie? You’ve got ALL the answers in your 1000 year old book of stupid fairy tales.

      • Rancid

        Homosexuality is not a choice, and if you can’t find any universal truths in the Bible, you are a fucking moron.

        Now you kids shut the fuck up or I will stop the car.

      • JuJoo Guppy

        I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people are so up in arms about people being homosexual…? Did I miss something where someones own personal life needed to be dictated? Fuck, I don’t try to ban you from watching your sick twisted midget piss porn or w/e floats your boat. I think that shit is probably more disgusting than gay sex (No offense to anyone who is gay, I am not and thus do not find it attractive).. So, why are people prying into everyones own affairs?

        For the record, it is not a choice, there are a lot of biological and environmental dispositions that influence whether someone is homosexual or not. It’s normally completely out of their control.

        And again… who cares. I don’t ask you what positions you and your gf use and then get offended. If they want to get it on w/ a man and that is what gratifies them, good for them. Not my business. and certainly not my place to be an ignorant asshat and tell them they can’t marry or whatever else I want to say.

        It’s a miracle humanity has progressed as far as it has without destroying itself over petty bullshit, we are blatantly ignorant.. the internet being a prime example.


      • kimmykimkim

        And you must know this because you made the decision to be gay. Yer returded, dur….

      • JuJoo Guppy

        Kimmykimkim, I hope you are not talking to me, because I clearly stated I am not homosexual and have no attraction to the same sex, even in the slightest. I also stated it is not a decision by all means, its a genetic and environmental disposition which many scientiest have researched into.

        So, if you directed that towards me, well in the words of the great and wise Gregory House, “You’re an idiot.”

        If it wasn’t directed at me, my apologies.

      • Superduper123

        I see, so I woke up one morning after years of objectifying hotties everywhere I go, loving the idea of pussy to one day wanting to fuck a hairy dude’s ass?

        It ain’t a choice dipshit fundies. It’s been proven there is a missing gene that causes homosexuality. It’s not a crime and I could care less who they want to love or marry. In a culture that sees so many divorces, are the fundies scared gays may stay married longer? Many gay couples I know seem to have been together for decades. Weird how that works. Kindly fuck off and btw, I voted Ron Paul so don’t try your liberal bugaboos with me. I’d rather hang with a lib than with some moron who thinks patriotism is waving a flag yet whining about sacrifice.

    • JuJoo Guppy

      Pretty much what I had to say, superduper123.

      People are idiots, plain and simple. Blinded by religion, reinforced by years of ignorance.

      • JuJoo Guppy

        It’s kinda like this… when did YOU chose to be STRAIGHT?

        If you need a hint, you didn’t chose to be straight, you were born genetically dispositioned to be as such, and your environment further encouraged it.

        It’s no different for gay people. Open your eyes or forever live in the dark.

      • Rather Dashing

        I think Lewis Black says it best, “If you care [about another person's sexual preference], you’re an asshole.”

  5. kc

    if not for us evil guys and our consumerist culture, you wouldn’t exist. stay in canada, or shut up and enjoy the ride.

    • First of all, don’t attack Canada or put Canada down because of what some 16 year old tool has to say. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being PROUD of the country you live in or were born in. Patriotism is wonderful. Ignorance is the problem here. Rolling Stone shouldn’t have interviewed this guy about these sorts of things.

      • Dan

        His handlers shouldn’t have been dumb enough to let him answer these questions.

      • Cock Dr

        Rolling Stone played this kid like a trout. That’s their job to kick up some controversy & B-Girl fell for it.
        Well done; please continue giving celebrities ample chances to make dumb statements.

      • kc

        wasn’t attacking canada- i’m from buffalo and know quite well that the grass is greener on your side. i just think he shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, is all.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Dante FTW.

  6. Jimbo

    When is his 15 minutes going to be up???

  7. Gigi

    And rape happens for a reason????? His mamma needs to slap him. Idiot. If she did, it’ll be OK because the hospital would take care of him.

    • chupacabra

      good! he can go back to canada for his soon-to-be debilitating drug addiction for free treatment… wait for it…

      • Joe Canadian

        Not gonna happen – Canadian celebrities tend not to fall into those issues.

      • Johnny Cage

        You’re right, they just fall into total obscurity and irrelevance later on.

      • Reece

        Canadian Celebs dont fall into obscurity. Once they begin their decent from their 15 min of fame they go back to living normal lives with occasional spots on MTV Canada Cribs. They walk among the rest of society like normal ppl and dont continually try to keep themselves in the headlines at all cost. They still work in their industry but know when its time to step back from the cameras…Sorry to say but only in America would ppl take a 16 year olds opinion as the Gospel…. I mean theres a high school down the street and some kids in the smoking section were sayin some messed up shit if you all are interested

    • Reece

      I really don’t think that he meant that rape happens for a reason. I think he was trying to say that abortion shouldn’t be your only option if you get pregnant from it. He also said that hes never been in that situation and cant judge.

      • Thats exactly what he was saying. That if you get pregnant from rape it’s for a reason and abortion should not be an option. He says he’s never been in that situation, and yet he IS judging. The little fucker.

    • Johnny Cage

      Like I said; obscurity and irrelevance. Don’t try to keep themselves in the headlines at all costs and know when to step back from the cameras? Yeah and Pam Anderson naturally enhanced herself because she wanted a more rounded chest..unlike those pesky Americans who don’t know how to keep an ample bosom. Hate to break it to you but Justin Bieber might as well run for office in Canada. Because not only is this 16 year old’s words “gospel” up in Canada, but the naiveness and unwarranted self importance of the place would make Justin Bieber a god.

      “Canada doesn’t attack people”

      Really? You must be way superior to those warmongering Americans who always kill Al queda and Taliban troops. Don’t you just hate that protective umbrella around your nation? It looks so cowboyish and Yankee. Thank God Canada doesn’t have such an ugly umbrella. Oh yeah, they don’t have an umbrella at all.

      Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stay in the country that tosses bottles at Justin Bieber every time he’s on stage.

      • ilikesake

        You’re a fucking idiot. You Americans are who’re FUNDING this little bastard. All your little teens that go and buy his albums and other paraphernalia. Your production companies and American channels (MTV, Paramount) are making him richer and more popular then any Canadian could.
        Then you wanna start talking shit because ONE Canadian shows the world how stupid he is? Look how many “geniuses” you guys shit out every year (Britney, Jessica..etc)

      • Johnny Cage

        And you’re a fucking Canadian, that’s even worse! I’ve never purchased a single Justin Bieber album. I don’t have any children who’ve done the same. Maybe I had a friend at work who offloaded on a picture of Justin Bieber because he thought Justin was a cute lesbian bitch. (And looking at Bieber I can understand the mistake)

        Also if you think all the stuff we have is shit, then the fuck are you eating it up like it was coated in swiss chocolate? Most of the movies you watch are from guess where…or do you prefer to only watch Strange Brew on tv for the rest of your life? Having socialist health care doesn’t count as entertainment unless you watch the ER room’s security cam.

        I want you to remember something else dickwad, America created Rock with Elvis, Rap, Jazz, Blues, and even the fucking funk with Africa Bombata! Even pop music got popularized by Michael Jackson and the 80s wave. Don’t forget about Prince too.

        At least Jessica Simpson has big tits and Britney a nice ass. You however can enjoy being a future member of n@mbl@ by looking at Justin.

      • Burt

        You’re a stupid as he is.

      • Jeez, you’re the lamest troll ever Johnny…

      • Johnny Cage

        Really? I seemed to got you twats crying hard. :D

      • budbaby

        Just for your information Johnny Cage, we’re not too fond of him either. You think we regard his words as the gospel, but you throw bottles at him? Or that we actually take anything he has to say seriously at all? The only people who like him in Canada are the teen girls. Same as America. We’re just hoping that he likes it there so much that he doesn’t come back.

  8. fooey

    *Squeee* twitter is hoppin with child ex-pats and “Korea” haterz! LONG LIVE THE BIEBS

  9. ThatBitchFromTheGym

    Oh, Bieber. New rule: just keep your mouth shut and look fucking adorable. Goooood boy. *petpetpet*

  10. chupacabra

    I want to shove him back up his mother vagina just so I can abort it.

  11. Duke

    Actually, a lot of the stuff he shots from his piehole make sense. For example, healthcare in the States is one of the most ludicrous things in the world, you gotta agree with him on that.

    • Bastard

      Really? Im trying to find a governmental edict that states someone is ENTITLED to healthcare. Can you point that out to me please?

      • Duke

        I never said there was such thing. But the fact in some parts of the world you can run an efficient and successful state while making healthcare accessible to most, makes me wonder, why can’t we do the same? It’s called progress, buddy.

      • Joe Canadian

        The U.S. is the only Western country in the world without some form of socialized health care. THE. ONLY. ONE.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Bastard: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Just don’t expect us to give a shit once they get here. Healthcare is a simple RIGHT that all citizens are entitled to….at least in Canada.

      • bitingontinfoil

        “Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Just don’t expect us to give a shit when they get here. Healthcare is a fundamental right of all citizens. At least in Canada.

      • Superduper123

        Promote the general welfare idiot. Look it up. The founding fathers were smarter than you people who claim to love the constitution yet keep saying things that go against it.

      • WallaWalla

        It’s called “basic human decency” but that’s cool if you’re a psychopath.

    • Bastard

      “an efficient and successful state while making healthcare accessible to most”

      Ok, which country are you speaking of because I cant think of one. Almost guaranteed whoever you are speaking of gets $$$ from other countries to cover whatever it is they have neglected as to cover healthcare.

      Progress shmogress.

      • Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and the United Kingdom

    • Bob

      There are tons of countries with universal medicine. Too bad they are all growing broke likes us in the UK. Ours is about to have a major change.

      So there is no form of socialized medicine in the US? They have medicaid and medicare. When did the US get rid of them?

      I showed up without insurance my last trip and they treated me. Did get refused treatment, when were you?

      And folks, the French gave you the statue of liberty a long time after forming the US. The founding fathers didnt write that. Why do people in the US have no knowledge of history? It is a plaque, not a decree.

  12. MarkM

    I just don’t get it…why does Lindsay Lohan keep going back to her?

  13. Icu

    He’s a twatwaffle to his core.

  14. RoboZombie

    “What they have in Korea…”??? Does he mean NORTH Korea?
    Fucking Christian asswipe…I wonder if he gets mashed in the face with a shovel if that “happened for a reason”??

  15. miranda

    This kid is 16. We really can’t judge him for his immaturity. Ask other 16 year olds and I bet you will get the same kind of responses. It’s almost like rolling stone asked those questions to make him look like an idiot.

    • kasxyz

      You are totally right!

    • Marco

      I think that he handled himself pretty well, except for the rape and abortion thing.
      But the kid is 16 and doesn’t attend school so give him a break.

      I can’t believe I said these things.

    • Superduper123

      I will say this, tard or not, he is pretty spot on how many young people feel about gays, medicine and helping one another. He might be sanctimonious like so many other christians but I have to give him credit, the young breed of Xtian kids at least seems to grasp sacrifice and the ideals Jesus taught (helping your neighbor) a lot more than their elders have.

  16. Master

    I’m listening to the Inception soundtrack right now so I’m not really paying attention.

  17. Inmate 12236969

    I know he’s just a kid but RS should have asked him then why do all those rich Canadians come to evil America for healthcare? Also if you have heart condition you don’t have to wait a fucking year to get treated like the do in the white north.

    • unknown

      if you’re rich enough to afford health care, sure.

    • Drew

      They go to America because we have a healthcare crisis in a lot of Canada. It’s so “available” that it’s starting to limit the amount of beds/hospitals/doctors/etc we have to treat people. I know it’s especially bad in Calgary, where I live.

      And you are very true about the next part. Wait lists for serious conditions are absurd.

      Our Healthcare systems is far and beyond NOT the best, but we are constantly claiming we have the best because our best comparison is the American system, which isn’t bad unless you’re very poor. Sure, we don’t have to have a big bank account to get good treatment, but we pay for it in other ways with multiple hour long emergency room waits, 1-3 year wait lists for replacements/transplants, etc etc. Our healthcare plans also aren’t cheap, nor do they cover a whole lot.

      • Dude of Dudes

        Oh man. The liberals on this site are going to go apeshit over that comment.

      • Joe Canadian

        Wow, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Think Calgary’s boom economy and out-of-control growth in the past 10-15 years may have something to do with hospital bed shortages and long wait lines?

        Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if not for the U.S. capitalist approach to health care and the resulting brain drain. Since health care is for-profit, doctors make a lot more south of the border. And pay less taxes. So we have a hard time holding on to talent here.

        Not anti-capitalism – but it’s a fact that money talks!

      • Flatulus

        “Our Healthcare systems is far and beyond NOT the best, but we are constantly claiming we have the best because our best comparison is the American system, which isn’t bad unless you’re very poor.”

        Actually, if you are very poor, the good, ole USofA is the BEST place to be. You walk into your local County Hospital, tell them what’s wrong with you, and they treat you, money or not. Taxpayers pick up the bill. I did it, others do it, it works.
        Yeah, there’s a wait (an hour or so for non-emergencies, unlike a YEAR or so for non-emergencies in “Socialized Medicine” countries), but Golly, Gee, Mr. Wilson, maybe getting free, life-saving medicine should make you willing to put up with the inconvenience of an hour of your life for free health care.
        We already have socialized medicine; we just don’t call it that. And it works, unless you’re too stubborn, stupid, or ignorant to know to call 911 when there’s an emergency (yup, you call 911 and they come pick you up, whether you can pay or NOT).
        It’s all free if you can’t pay. It’s a hell of a lot faster, too. Sounds horrible doesn’t it?

      • The Last Word

        You’re joking, right?

        First, I concur that there exist some bed and equipment shortages/limitations in rural areas in Canada, including Alberta. The rest of your post, however, is nonsense. I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and my parents lived just outside Vancouver until 2 years ago. I now practice law stateside, including healthcare law. I can unequivoically state that your allegations concerning the relative merits of the Canadian and American healthcare systems are false.

        First, wait lists for serious conditions are NOT absurd, and you’re simply making that “fact” up. My father was diagnosed with a very serious stomach ailment three years ago, and my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer five years ago. Both conditions were treated almost immediately. My parents have since moved stateside, but delayed moving until they were eligible for Medicare.

        Second, your conclusion that the American system “isn’t bad unless you’re very poor” is plain silly. in fact, the very poor have Medicaid which, while not perfect, at least provides some protection against the debilitating costs of healthcare. The truth of the matter, instead, is that the American system does not serve anyone very well, except for: (i) the most secure, especially those in white collar finance/service industry employment; (ii) the elderly, who enjoy Medicare; and (iii) the poor, who would otherwise have virtually no access to healthcare.

        The reason for this circumstance is obvious — American insurance companies are permitted to derive a profit for the administration of their insurance policies, while the same arrangement in countries like France, Germany, Canada, etc., where healthcare administration is performed the government, is illegal. In short, there’s no profit for adminsitrators in a government-administered system, just like there’s no profit for police departments, fire departments, etc.

        The question thus arises as to whether profits are good or bad. While political opinions vary, there’s no denying that the model for for-profit insurers in this country is predicated on (i) increasing premiums and (ii) driving down costs by denying/limiting coverage, even when denying or limiting coverage threatens the health of the insurered or the decision to deny or limit coverage results from a technicality, e.g., the insured paid $400.24 instead of $400.25 in response to a premium invoice. Government-administered programs don’t deny coverage except in exceptional circumstances (where, almost certainly, a for-profit insurer would likewise deny coverage), so there’s no issue with being denied. At least from the patient’s point of view, a government-administered system is far more secure.

        Are there costs? Sure. Canadian healthcare is not free, and residents pay for care in the form of taxes. That being said, I’d rather pay my “premiums” in the form of taxes to the government than to an insurer. The government won’t look for ways to deny coverage, and my “premiums” are limited according to what the body politic decides is an appropriate limit, not some executive deciding he needs to increase profit margins so as to reward shareholders. As to multiple hour emergency room waits, you’re ignoring the obvious — the wait times in emergency rooms in the United States can be exceedingly long, and often run into multiple hours.

    • Luke

      You are a fucking idiot. Stop believing everything on Fox news and open your eyes man, Bill O’reily is not the Messiah.

    • Inmate 12236969

      Well I say what happened at the Holy City of Fort Hood the ER was always packed with mothers and their little kids every time the kid farted; off the ER because it was free—as soon as the military said well you’re going to have pay a co-pay only $5 to $10 bucks all those moms stayed home; now there is little waiting time in the ER.

    • John

      This is fricken funny. I know of a half dozen Americans who married Canadian’s when they got sick and move up here. I have to buy extra health care insurance when I visit my American friends. I can see a doctor anyday of the week even on my lunch hour. If I am poor guess what, I get my prescriptions for free instead of having to go out and get a second job.

    • Superduper123

      That’s a myth. Many rich folks go to Europe for health care. Please, let’s not use Fox talking points to make a point.

      • Bob

        So where is the best medicine developed? Havent heard of new revolutionary medicine coming from Canada recently. We practice medicine in the UK, but 90% of the world’s medical advanced comes from the US.

      • butterbun

        @Bob: Every diabetic on earth has Canada to thank for keeping them alive with the discovery of insulin treatment, and the continued advancements in islet research. When a cure happens, it WILL come from Canada.

  18. freaky

    a) As a South Korean, I’m offended.
    b) Canada CAN’T go around attacking anyone
    c) One thing Can’tada doesn’t have is enough record buyers to keep this twat in skinny jeans, that’s why he has to hawk his wares south of the border.

    • unknown


    • Marco

      Justin Beiber has twice the talent as the Wonder Girls.

    • Kyosu

      a) Why? Have you been paying attention to Korean pop stars? They are equally obtuse as this kid. Deny it all you want, I actually live in South Korea and speak Korean, have been for nearly 20 years.

      b) Canada can’t attack anyone? What about the Korean War? Canada participated in that. More recently, Canada participated in the Afghan War.

      c) You’re right on that one. The sad part is that nobody in Canada would know or care to know who this kid is if he wasn’t popular in the US.

    • WallaWalla

      Canada’s currently fighting in Afghanistan, unlike South Korea. Remember the 1950s? Your country wouldn’t exist without Canada.

  19. Quinn

    I know the world is coming to an end because i agree with Justin Bieber. That’s it, I’m moving to canada, maybe they won’t fall off the face of the earth.

  20. Luke

    I fucking hate this kid, everything about him. But he was right about a couple of the points he made.

  21. Drew

    As a Canadian… oh my god am I ashamed.

  22. unknown

    Anyone who actually gets offended by what a 16yr old says is a fuck up. Most of what any 16yr old kid says is going to be at least 75% retarded, the rest is just a mash up of what they’ve learned in school and from their parents.

    • Drew

      His age is meaningless. It’s the fact that he is so popular that his voice is powerful. Not only that, it puts the wrong ideas/impression into the already impressionable and extremely ignorant youth of today. All it does is perpetuate the stereotypical bullshit from both sides of the border. His voice is significant, as sad as it is to admit.

      When I was 16, I had a much, much, much better understanding of the “real world” than this. Then again, I wasn’t coddled by a rich black rapper from California during the most impressionable time of my life.

      • Joe Canadian

        Yet you don’t say what you don’t like about what he said. Are you concerned that he doesn’t hate gays and lesbians? Maybe you are pissed that he believes in free health care? I don’t know.

        completely useless post.

      • Superduper123

        Drew, you and me both had much better ideas of how the world works because our parents didn’t fill our heads with nonsense about magical beings in the sky.

        I grew up in an America that was tolerant at one point. Today I see nothing but hate for anybody with a differing opinion. We can disagree but to call somebody an asshole for disagreeing is ridiculous.

        Fact: Ronald Reagan worked with dems and met them in the middle. Today, the GOP won’t do shit to find common ground on anything. Right wing zealots walk around disparaging anybody who disagrees as automatically liberal (as if that is a bad thing? America was founded by the liberals of their time!).

      • Superduper123

        Drew, one more point – Usher is from Georgia and is not a rapper. He doesn’t get arrested for stupid shit nor does he act like an ass like so many do. I hate his music but I can give props to a guy who worked hard from a young age to be a top talent in music. What he sees in this Bieber kid is beyond me but whatever.

        Live and let live.

      • unknown

        I thought some ridiculous things when I was that age, too. Then I gre up and learned things along the way. That’s what will happen to Beiber, that’s what will probably happen to anyone else who listens to what he says. He’s not a messiah, people will grow up and he won’t be cool anymore.

        stop worrying so much.

      • middle

        Super, Reagan met the dems in the middle. Why can’t the dems meet the reps in the middle? Both sides arent giving. Crossing the isle doesnt go only one way. Since the last election I have seen more giving on the dems, but out of trying to stay in it though.

  23. KumaTenshi

    “I know he’s just a kid but RS should have asked him then why do all those rich Canadians come to evil America for healthcare?”

    Yeah, sure we do. More like masses of people from the US come up here because they can get the health care they need for FREE by having “friends” up here.

    Also, the rich people up here don’t have to wait, we have private insurance/doctors/hospitals for them. The hell would they need to come down there for??

    • Superduper123

      They ain’t coming to America that’s for sure. I saw a list and our health care system was something like #14 worldwide. Rich people I know go to Switzerland for care.

  24. Lady Blah Blah

    See, it’s not so much that Emma Watson looks like a boy, it’s that boys like JB look like girls.

  25. nauseating little bitch

  26. God loves rough more than you

    I am going have a wait and see attitude on this one, since I did put all my faith on the lead singer of the Hanson Bros previously…

  27. Selena Gomez, you go to your room and think about this. Eventually you will have to TALK to this guy. Find a bad boy. Pronto.

  28. Star Droppings

    A good reporter would have asked the questions Rolling Stone readers really want answered, like: What’s your take on pedophiles?, Do you have a favorite type of candy? and, Have you ever gotten into a windowless van?

  29. jojo

    I hope we don’t have to wait until he is 33 to crucify him (starts nailing cross together). Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

  30. It takes the naivete of being 16 years old to be that uninformed about the real world.

    Hey Justin, your bodyguards baby was premature and he has big bills now…why don’t YOU pay them for him? That’s the foundation of your wonderful health care system…so own it. Pay his bills for him. Oh and forget about coming to the US when you need a specialist, or an MRI, or a transplant, or any one of the other things Canadians stream across the boarder to get done because they’d die waiting for them in Canada.

    • I would have to politely disagree with this assessment. Canadians are not STREAMING over the boarder to get these things done. Wait times for certain things are longer because they are not critical to life. A person with a stroke, cancer, heart attack or any other life threatening or critical injury or disease gets helped IMMEDIATELY upon arriving at a hospital.

      Yes, for certain procedures such as knee surgeries etc, there are waiting lists. Cannot deny that, and some people have the money to be able to go over the border and get the help they need right away.

      • You should try living in a border area. I’m a 3 hour drive from Vancouver BC, and our hospitals are full of Canadians coming here for treatments. Is that headache a brain tumor, or not…hope you have 6 months to wait for an MRI in canada. We have clinics in goddamn strip malls here that cater to just MRI scans for Canadians who come by the bus loads…literally, buses.

      • butterbun

        If a Dr in Canada actually suspects that that headache is a brain tumor, you will be in an MRI machine by the end of the day. If he thinks you are a dumbass with too much money who is so self important that you couldn’t possibly have just a normal headache , he’ll tell you to go home and take a tylenol and if you still can’t believe that you aren’t special enough to have the world’s rarest mystery disease, then by all means go across the border and buy an american Dr another Bentley to tell you that in fact you should have gone home and taken a tylenol like that first Ford Focus driving Canadian Dr told you to do…wait times in Canada only seem long if you can’t think of anyone but yourself. If you are poor in the US what recourse do you have?….it’s very sad when you have to choose between putting food on your table or providing adequate medical care for you family, or when a “preexisting medical condition” like dwarfism prevents you from getting health insurance at all!…The Canadian system is by no means perfect, but I don’t think the US has ANY reason to brag.

      • The Last Word

        Bingo. That’s exactly right. If you have to get a hip replacement, or knee surgery, you can expect to wait a couple of months rather than a couple of weeks. If you have cancer, or some other life threatening malady, you get treated right away.

        Unfortunately, a lot of people in this country have no clue of how the real world works, other than what they hear on Fox. They actually believe that what Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly, et al. tell them is the truth. And then they extrapolate, making up stories about caravans of Canadians traveling south for healthcare when the truth is actually the opposite.

        Consider Shona Holmes, the Canadian woman who appeared on Fox and in TV ads paid for by the U.S. insurance industry, in which she claimed she couldn’t get treated for a brain tumor in Canada and had to get treatement in the United States. The facts were far different — Holmes never actually had a life-threatening brain tumor. Instead, according to the Mayo Clinic, the facility at which she received treatement, she had a Rathke’s Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland and “Rathke’s Cleft Cysts are not true tumors or neoplasms; instead they are benign cysts.” She was on a waiting list for treatment in Canada for her non-life-threatening cyst, but she didn’t want to wait and opted to pay for her own treatment stateside. Yet she falsely claimed she was on the verge of dying. Go look it up – here, I’ll help you.

        In short, she made it all up, because she was a neurotic who wanted attention.

    • No health care system is perfect.

      Socialized medical care aims to take care of as many of its citizens as possible and make it accessible.
      Though in return for a mainly free system, we sacrifice some quality.
      Its a good idea in theory but is flawed.

      The same applies to the U.S.’s health care. You can receive outstanding care, if you can afford it. It is perhaps more efficient and and faster then a socialized medical care system, but what happens when you get cancer or a loved one is suffering from a terminal illness? You can help them, and perhaps with superior treatments, but what will you do once you’re healthy and broke from your hospital bills?

      So really, they’re both beneficial and flawed. Nothing is as perfect in practical as it is in theory.

      • Superduper123

        That’s such crap. Can we stop making up the 6 month wait lie. I know many in Canada, I have business partners up there and they do not wait. PERIOD.

        Stop with the b.s. Wanna convince me otherwise? Try telling me a fact instead of cribbing from fiction.

    • McFeely – I’m Canadian and I went to the hospital with an asthma attack. I was treated immediately and spent 5 hours in the ER while they made sure the medicine took hold. I was then sent to a specialist who has been monitoring me for 3 years. Amount I paid from my pocket? $0.Or consider my grandmother who lives on a small fixed income who was admitted to the hospital with severe septic infection that had begun to affect her liver. Our family was very concerned that we may lose her and travelled en masse to her side. She spent 2 months recovering in the hospital and if she were American, she would have died. There is no way that she or our family could have afforded to pay for her treatment. We may have wait times for non-life threatening conditions, but I know several people who are still alive and still living the same quality of life that they had prior to their illness because of socialized medicare. I have no misconceptions that I deserve to live more than any other person because of my money.

  31. testington

    I always forget he is actually 16 and not like 13 because he is a damn midget. Next Frankie Munez

  32. grobpilot

    Asking kids (who don’t know shit about shit) is pretty entertaining. Problem is, an awful lot of other kids buy into the bullshit and take it as gospel. Then they grow up with those beliefs and some of them become politicians. See how that works?

    • Marco

      Yes, preemptive attacks on other countries is a GOOD thing.

      • grobpilot

        Sometimes, pre-emptive is the right thing to do. If another country constantly makes serious threats about nuking the United States, should we wait for it to happen, potentially losing millions of Americans, and then respond? Or, should we believe that the bad guy is serious and take out the threat before he launches? I like the first option.

      • grobpilot

        Correction: Second option.

      • Bastard

        God Damn Right they are.

      • WallaWalla

        So what you’re saying is that we should’ve pre-emptively attacked the Soviet Union? That would’ve worked out well. And Iraq didn’t have shit for weapons and everyone knew it.

  33. pj

    Blame Canada.

    • We might have contributed Bieber, and for that I apologize.

      However, you guys had Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Frankie Muinez and much, much more.

      So, America still holds the record for the richest, most famous fuck ups.

      Also, sorry about Nickelback…

      • babooda

        Pamela Anderson and Avril Lavigne trump all of those people for douchery and then there comes along this mealy mouthed , little presumption of humanity with outrageous answers that offend just about everyone…, set and match to Canada in the Douchery World Championships.

      • Hmmm true that…
        But in our defense, the Hep C should have killed Pam years ago. Who knew she’d last so long?

        America seems to just attract the worst from around the world though (Sasquatch Kardashian)…I’m not hatin, there are some amazing contributions from America, BUT you’re home to all of our worst.

        Haha so really, we just kind of just pass them off to you and get rid of the problem, wouldn’t you say?

        Canada goes for the quiet victory.

      • Johnny Cage

        Well mcneil the reason you don’t have more is because Canada hardly churns out any celebs worth mentioning in the beginning. And the few you do muster up are basically like this cunt-nugget Justin Bieber. So basically almost everyone you’ve churned out has been a fuck up.

      • I’d have to disagree there…

        Some Canadian musicians or actors may not be as well known, or involved in mainstream media as much as others, but that there isn’t any notable talent.

        Unfortunately, the only ones that seem to fit in with the American celebrity ideal are the douchier ones. That seems to suggest not that we don’t have talent worth mentioning, but rather, you just love our leftovers. there’s no shame in that, just own it.

        However, I agree with you on the abhorrence that is Bieber and I see your “cunt-nugget” and raise you a “stupid thunder-cunt”

      • Johnny Cage

        I’m sorry Mcneil but I’m at a loss as you guys seem to have the Cunt-nugget, stupid thunder cunt, and tremendous twat waffle cards all to yourself. All we have are the Actual talent, and notable musicians decks.

        As for the douchier Canadians celebs who fit in with America, which ones are you referring to? Jim Carrey? Norm Mcdonald? Leslie Nielson? Yeah I guess those guys are stupid thunder cunts when compared with such prominent Canadian celebs such as Justin Bieber and Rick mercer. (Rick mercer who? My point exactly.) Even though it’s obvious your “douchier” jab was just a childlike slur that only crappy Canadians can fit with America. But when you compare them to the celebs you have still in Canada, they shine like gold.

        Good thing you have enough maple syrup to go with that Tremendous Twat Waffle breakfast. Bon Appetit.

      • Man, I’m obviously just kidding.
        Perhaps the concept of a sense of humor hasn’t reached your parts of the trailer park yet, but I gotta say I wasn’t serious.

        I’m very aware that Canada isn’t bringin home the bacon with our stellar talent. Except the difference is that me and my ” Tremendous Twat Waffle” can make fun of that and not take it so seriously.

        You and your massive menstruating vagina can calm down and yes I enjoy my maple syrup (hate to break it to you too, but we didn’t make the cornerstone on that one, Vermont has quite the conglomerate too)

        You’re just coming off as an angry individual.

      • Johnny Cage

        You’re so right Mcneil I got so enraged that my country is nothing but a frozen waste land with no credibility or relevance. So I had to hit back by bragging about the only things I’ve got going for me like my socialist health care system and how Justin Bieber is a great person. Oh no wait….That was you guys.

        Mcneil I get you were grinding your molars in frustration and crying about it. But you don’t need to act like every other typical great Canadian “debater” who pretends that he was trolling and planned it all. That leads to what I call “Canadianinteritis”. It’s like athletes foot but more irritating. This occurs when grown Canadians like yourself debate a point, lose the argument, become furious, start to sling pointless insults, and then repeat that step until 500 posts later of childish antics, you get the last word. You then cheer from your mother’s basement that you either “enlightened”, “proved a point”, or “won” a particular debate.

        You can still hold credibility at game spot where you can argue with other 12 year old world of warcraft players. Now if you would like to have your last word were talk about how much of a stupid doodie head I am, or go for “I know you are but what am I” approach. Go have fun.

      • I wasn’t aware this was a debate…
        I mean I thought I was just making a joke about the fact that a great deal of shit (such as Bieber) has come out of our “frozen wasteland”, a point that you too seemed to be trying to make, but seeing as travel times in Canada to schools from my igloo is so long, I never really learned the difference between a joking comment and an attack upon your culture and it’s celebrities.

        Man, I can’t even say I know what I’ve said that you’re so irked by…If you read my original comment it was clearly apologizing for the existence of Bieber and other Canadian gems such as Nickelback so I don’t know where the idea of me having a huge girl-boner for Bieber came from.

        I wasn’t trying to debate with you haha seriously, if I offended you or your country, my bad I suppose and I wasn’t adding a “whoops jk! my insults are actually a joke” to what I said. I suppose sarcasm doesn’t translate as well as I thought, but I assure you it was far from serious.

        Here, I’ll help you; read everything I previously wrote that was deemed as an insult, but this time take it as me making fun of my country’s fine wealth of talent. so, get it now?

        So, I mean you can go back to your fascinating profile of me if you’d like, but I wasn’t insulting you, or your country or it’s talents in any legitimate way and as for needing the last word, I was just replying to you. By all means though, you can have it if it’s that important to you because I didn’t think this was a pissing match and if this is a “mines bigger” issue, you win by default haha

        All in all, you’re country is ballin in my books, I just happen to like mine too. So see, we all win.

    • Lena

      Thank youuuu, Johnny. I’m so glad I don’t have to write that

  34. Justin Bieber
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Parents, nothing to worry about with this teenaged pop sensation. No penis here, just pretty hair, lushly lashed eyes & soft skin. Buy those movie tickets.

    His celebrity in the female tween demographics ensures another big crop of lesbians entering high school & then heading off to college.

  35. That Guy

    lol the comment section turned into a USA VS Canada debacle.


  36. Yeezy's Son

    Silly comments, but he’s just 16. When I was 16 I didn’t care about any of these issues, let alone have an intelligent answers for them. And it’s really not necessary to attack either Canada or the US for the comments of a 16 kid. His views do NOT reflect the ideas of most Canadians. He sounds like an idealist. As he gets older and starts to understand the world he lives in his views will change.

    • babooda

      He sounds like a brain washed “Messiah in Training”…..irrelevant and out of touch with reality just like his mother! Yes, his views will change as he gets older and starts to understand……they will be even more ridiculous and offensive!

      • Yeezy's Son

        But that’s my point. They’re his views. Kids a shelter rich boy, who has never been sick, never been pregnant, never lost a loved one in a terriorist attack. He has no concept of these things. I’m a proud Canadian. But i have nothing against America. A lot of the movies/TV shows I watch and music I listen too comes from the States.
        What Americans do with your healthcare system is your business. How you fight your wars is your business. Your laws on abortion/guns etc. is your business. I happen to like Canada’s healthcare but then again i also pay 30% of my income in taxes. But i’m not saying its better. We’re different countries that are more a like than different. Sh*t now i sound like a eff-ing hippy!!

      • Johnny Cage

        Very well said Yeezy. National uniqueness is what makes em beautiful. This is why people go to France, Germany, Ireland, etc, because deep down inside we all like the difference of cultures.

        Personally I despise of abortion completely, but having celebs like Justin speak for the cause do more to help deprecate it than promote it.

  37. I can see a sign at the next pro-choice rally reading “Keep your Bieber out of my Beaver”. Actually , that’s just good advice.

  38. Let’s see how he feels about abortion when he’s paying $5 million a year in child support to the 4 chicks hes going to knock up in the next year…but only after falling in love with them for the night.

    • Superduper123

      Not quite. If he winds up like Gary Coleman, it will be us taxpayers who pay for his kids.

      I don’t get why people can’t accept that abortion is a tough issue for a woman to decide upon. It’s between her, her family and her magical sky being.

  39. Mashara

    “Canada doesn’t go around attacking people.”
    But Canada goes around releasing their “singers” on the rest of the world, that’s just plain old mean.

  40. Samjo

    Ok, everybody STOP! Are we seriously discussing “world health care issues” on the Superficial?

    • unknown

      no doubt.

    • Superduper123

      Apparently some are making shit up about the quality of American health care and want to pretend that Canada’s sucks. Sorry, I know for a fact Canada has a world class health system with no fucking waits.

      • bob

        Some are claiming the wait, some can be there on non-life threatening. In the UK I had to wait 14 months for a knee replacement because it was life-threatening. I at one point thought about cutting my own leg off from the pain so it would be. So some non-life threatening can be life crippling though.

        You have three options. Pay the government for health care, pay the doctors/hospitals, or pay the insurance premium. After being in the government and knowing how inefficient it can be (ALL governments are the most in-efficient things in the world) I would prefer to pay the insurance premium myself.

      • WallaWalla

        Actually, the American health care system spends the most on administration and other inefficiencies, by a large margin. Single-payer system are inherently more cost-effective. America actually spends around 3 times as much per capita as Canada does on health care. It’s insurance companies that cause the biggest inefficiencies, not government.

    • bob

      Yeah, the DMV and DOT bring me thoughts of efficiency.

  41. yum

    So close. If only he comes around on abortion as a good thing and Jesus being a hack.

  42. KWDragon

    Do you think he’s scared to stay in the closet because Joe Jonas is hogging all the rack space and shoe shelves? Joe would do a brother like that…just sayin’.

  43. On war: “Canada doesn’t go around attacking people.”

    Haha “I don’t wish to harm you, so I won’t.”

    Ah yes, that’s how we roll.
    We ride in on our beavers and loons spreading joy, maple syrup and notions of socialized health care to the masses.

    Perhaps the best thing that will EVER come out of that kids mouth.

    • bob

      Canada is one of the US’s best ally. Every war the US is in, Canada is in. They are in Afghanistan, they were (may still be) in Iraqi both times… They go attacking too.

      • Oh I’m aware, that’s why I find his comment so hilarious.
        Except that our efforts are more so classified as “peacekeeping” I guess, so I don’t know how I would really classify that in relation to “going around and attacking people”

      • @Bob – except for oh, you know Vietnam and we didn’t go to war with Iraq, that was Afghanastan.

      • Johnny Cage


        Whoa, whoa VIETNAM? Got news for you, Canada WAS in Vietnam. As well as Australia and New Zealand. Don’t Canadians know their own history? You didn’t have a lot of troops there, but you still did deploy some soldiers there regardless.

  44. Flatulus

    “Canada doesn’t go around attacking people.”

    No shit, twatwaddle. It has the USA right next door to do it’s dirty work. That, and it’s a pussy country, full of pussies.

    • what would canada attack anyone WITH? It’s like living in a house with a police station on either side…you don’t even need to lock your doors.

    • WallaWalla

      Canada was all like “Fuck Iraq” and the Americans were all like “Nah, they’re not so bad” and Canada was like “No, seriously, fuck Iraq” and so America invaded. True story.

  45. babooda

    This kid is priceless. He has accomplished in one interview what few politician have managed in an entire career, except “W” and “The Obamination”, he has insulted or pissed off just about every single group, ideology or person possible.
    Hell, he even managed to bash his staunchest supporter, Perez Hilton, squarely in his gay face with the idea that people choose to be gay! Highlarious!!
    Wonder if Selena still thinks of him as a “little brother”? Hopefully this interview will be enough to convince her to kick his sorry little ass to the curb and move on to a more mature individual with whom there is a greater chance of a leaked sextape !

  46. The Original Shawn

    “We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him.”

    This overgrown Cabbage Patch Kid either thinks doctors in Canada just work for free, or he has a very limited grasp of the word “we.”

  47. 2 sense

    Flatulus…(how appropriate) Are you trying to say that Canada doesn’t contribute to world peace??…you’re a fuckin’ idiot and a typical American…you think the whole world revolves around the dump you call home.

    • Johnny Cage

      Please jump off a bridge and land on your face.

      • Superduper123

        Wow, that’s the best you can do? Lesson to all….when a poster says something as fact and then can’t articulately respond to somebody’s question of their b.s.? They are full of it.

      • Johnny Cage

        Brevity is the soul of wit. I’ve seen Canadian speech for years and it’s usually someone going ecstatic with rage whenever someone challenges their moral superiority. Let’s face it, a lot of canadians don’t like to be wrong. And if they’re called out on it, they start acting their shoe size instead of their age. Thus I don’t even bother because it’ll eventually turn into “I know you are but what am I I know you are but what am I”. Congratulations, you have socialized health care. And what else? You also have an impressive defense system, but that comes from another country. But then again that country is a dump right?

      • WallaWalla

        And fatter, don’t forget America’s way fatter than Canada

      • Johnny Cage

        Nah, Canadians are just as fat. Americans mainly have a deeper voice and no comic collection at home.

  48. slappy magoo

    He sounds smarter than most 16 year olds I know.
    Doesn’t mean he’s smart. Just means I like dumb 16 year olds. They believe your threats and will keep your secrets.

  49. CaliBaby

    seriously, he’s 16. i hardly know the girl i use to be at 16. get over it.
    he said really idiot things, true, but thats what he was suppose to do.

    on the ‘homosexuality’ answer: i wasnt offended, having sex GAY or HETERO is a choice. we all do choose to have sex and with whom. i didnt think his answer was remotely addressing my inate sexuality.

  50. Barb

    Considering that most of his fans are from the U.S., calling Americans “evil” might not be the smartest career move. Then again, maybe his fans don’t (can’t?) read.

    • Superduper123

      Seeing how his fans post threats to the girlfriend as well as the jazz chick who beat him for best new artist, I’d say he might be right there. Evil people say things like “die bitch”.

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