The Black Guy’s Still The President

November 3rd, 2010 // 242 Comments
Barack Obama

“Morning, White People!”

Joking/shocking the shit out of a lot of folks who didn’t realize how a midterm election actually works aside, sincere kudos to the Republican Party for motivating your base yesterday. While liberals sat around complaining that Obama wasn’t sending peace baskets full of legalized marijuana and gay marriage to the Middle Eastern wars he stopped with a click of his heels, you stayed on message and managed to take control of the House. Granted, the Senate races didn’t go as planned, but maybe that will teach you a lesson about letting crazy people split your ticket. (Though preferably after Palin runs in 2012 on a third party ticket. You should probably let that play out. — For Jesus.)

At any rate, congratulations, America, you’ve elected a group of people who believe government doesn’t work, yet will still take a nice cushy job in it doing absolutely nothing productive on your dime. I can’t possibly see how that wouldn’t work out.


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  1. AM

    Bottom line..all of you are idiots..I can care less who is Republcian or Democrat..let’s dig this country out of the hole that we are in…but obviously racism is not only in house but everywhere as in selfishness and greed. We are all entitled to equal it’s written in the GOOD book. And at the end of the day we live in this world but I am not one in this world…There is someone who has higher power against us all and you people better get your minds right because judgement day will come…and you better ask yourself..did I treat ppl how I wanted to be treated, did I give as much to someone as much as I took for myself..was I honest, compassionate..IDK ppl have really lsot their way and I suggest you start looking at the ten commandments and look at the one commandment that overrules all LOVE….we are so quick to point fingers but we never take a look in the mirror and check ourselves..I feel sorry for you all and your children…this country is a disgrace and so are the ppl in it and the ppl who fought long and hard for us…

  2. Bill O'Really

    I lost my vibrator up my a-hole. Can someone help me get it out?

  3. Scubafeet

    way to fuck up a good website by blasting your jacked up opinions on it!

    • AM

      God forbid we talk about something that matters..then worry about who screwed who who spent what who got what plastic surgery….

      • Barney Frank

        fucking-a-right man. We need to talk about what matters like Michelle Obama’s arms and how good they look, or perhaps how Obama gives us tingles up and down our legs. Maybe Hillary’s new look might be a good topic or how about Christien O’Donnell’s unshaven snatch. Yep lots of important topics of discussions here. How about so and so is a teabag, tea bagger, or is tea bagging that is usually good fodder. Neocons suck! There. Real earth shattering stuff for sure. Sarah Palin can see Russia from her back poarch! Ha ha ha ha!! Oh god is that Dick Cheney reading my posts. Aaahhhhh Rush Limbaugh is a fat tea bagging tea bagger! Obama where is my government cheese goddammit!

        Fucktards one and all!

  4. AM

    We make the most simple thiNGS complciated…my 8 year old can make more common sense decisions then the ppl in the House of Senate..its not rocket science..its what’s best for us all..not the rich..not the poor..not the gays..not the teachers..not the rich housewives that waste millions on clothes and spa visits, not the ones who waste their checks on using drugs, nto the ones who is bending over backwards tryign to take care of their sick loved ones not the soldiers who risk their lives for our country..ITS ABOUT US ALL!!!!! The reason its complicated is ppl want to make sure they still have their yachts and their thousand of dollars in bonuses..You see the difference is the poor is use to being poor so they know how to adjust but the rich God forbid they have to budget they are the ones you see committing suicide and killign their families bcuz they cant do the luxurious things they are use to doing..please ppl come down off your high horses and get a sense of whats right and real….

  5. Lori

    Well put. But you can’t teach the willfully stupid. They only brace themselves further against someone who points out their idiocy whether it’s clever (you) or not. But thanks for giving me, a fellow liberal with an IQ over 70, a good laugh! :-)

  6. cc

    Yes, please let Palin the gun-totin’, English manglin’, Bobo the clown smilin’ idiot run on a third ticket.

    • Barney Frank

      Yea CC! Right on baby. Way to break it down. Sarah Palin that cunt. How about that retard child!! Yea fucking set all those fascist republican pigs straight with that comment. You must be a goddamn political genius with that comment. Fucking-A I wish all americans were as politically, socially, and morally astute as you we would be the socialist utopia of only dreamed about in the wettest of Shelia Jackson Lees wet labiaed dreams. Man I am glad that I am a liberalsocalistfascistrightwing wacko!

      • cc

        Barney Frank, you know, you really need to lighten up. If I was going to make serious comments about politics I’d head over to the Free Republic or Huffington Post or whatever. This is predominantly a humor site…relax.

      • Barney Frank

        Lighten up? Why I am as light as a feather floating on the methane gas
        spewed forth from the puckered sphincter of the politically astute like yourself. Why I am jovial at the prospect of all my fellow lecherous, envious, unaccountable American brethren voting their way into the pocket of those who work. Fuck the teabaggers. Palin sucks, Limbaugh, Rove blah blah blah… Oh look there is Britney Spear’s pussy again.

  7. Sillyliberals

    Seriously, dont quit your day job. No one wants to hear the political opinion of some guy who calls himself “fish” and types out semi-funny blog posts about famous people in his underwear.

  8. jkhjkh

    lol, why would this site stop talking politics when doing so gets so much attention? people whine about how theyre leaving the site, meanwhile, the article in question garners several times the hits other non political ones do. hahaha. good job.

  9. I'm Obama and I approve

    2 more years of this schwoogie, and we can move on, and get back to “White and Right.”

  10. Heyzeus Hosay

    Oh, this is just too sweet…i love the ‘serious’ commentators here makin’ their opinions on socialism and capitalism and blah blah blah known. i mean, you could be doin’ something to change the world, like starting your own political blog, or slangin’ your ass for poverty or african babies, or somethang, but no. you’ve chosen this esteemed blog to voice your substantial and decisive thoughts on racism and our economy and the state of the state. oh, thank you great american peoples…

    more please, i haven’t laughed this long since, oh, I don’t know, the last post.

  11. Nathan

    Wow, it’s amazing what a bunch of ignorant whiny bitches Democrats become when their guys get their asses handed to them. Guess what, when you force through legislation that even Democrats around the country oppose, you get your ass handed to you on a silver platter. Suck it up bitches, more to come in 2 years. You had your chance and blew it. Suck it motherfuckers.

    • Biff Dickslap

      Bend over, punk.

    • Burt

      I read somewhere that the last 3 presidents who lost the House halfway through their first term were elected for a 3rd. Yup, the Republicans have essentially lost whatever little edge they may have had now that they will share part of the blame for your stagnant economy in the eyes of electors who are sitting on the fence.

  12. Glenn Beck

    porch monkeys and moon crickets and jiggaboos, oh my!

    • Peanutty

      LOL, it’s getting scary around here. I think there are monkeys flying outta my ass. I can’t wait to get my free health insurance to get it checked out. You old folks wait your turn while I go to the front of the line because I am young, attractive and have a viable uterus. Socialism Baby!

  13. itsme.

    Brilliance in the writing about Kendra, and stupidity in exposing his sub moronic liberal views here.
    I guess if this fucktard actually understood the issues involved, he’d understand why Obama is a horrible president, but all he sees is dark skin and it appeals to his liberal guilt. Cleanse yourself of the guilt of slavery, ass munch. You had nothing to do with it, and people are responsible for their lot in life, not the bad old evil white man.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Given that you consider Obama a “horrible president,” what adjective do you have left to describe the kind of president Bush was? He’s the one who allowed neo-con psychos to drag this country into trillions of dollars of debt to support an unjustified, unethical, illegal war – never mind the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who lost their lives or homes and who were left permanently maimed and injured. Just ignore them while we all go Christmas shopping.

      • Ваша Сука Папы

        Hey rusky…no one gives a shit what you think. You have been indoctrinated at the school of stupid k9 webcam whores, so zip it. Your education level rivals that of a god damn cricket with downs syndrome…and youre obviously confused about American politics. On top of that, NO ONE gives a shit about 10,000 dune monkeys that got killed. Had they had the balls, they could have overthrown saddam themselves…and maybe set an example for you and your commie brethren worldwide.

        так закрываются, ваша киска заполнила влагалище Вы жирная собака гребаная сука

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Ваша Сука Папы, Fistfuck Франк Барни в мае вы к смерти.

      • Lucas McCain

        Lady Blah Blah

        Fish should file ALL your posts away under “L” for “Long-winded diatribes from drunken whores we couldn’t care less about”. You sound like the average run of the mill cum-guzzling russian who commands about as much respect as your average child porn collector and Ill bet watching you parade around the bedroom in a thong is a little like watching sea lions mate.

  14. Things go political and everyone on here starts busting out the thesauruses. Don’t you people realize Bret Michaels might have sabotaged his career…… and debate…..

  15. Miklos

    Hahaha – thank your idiotic two party system.

    Real democracy requires more than 2 parties to get things done.

    Try again newb (in age) country.

  16. Joe Blow

    No problem…. they usually have plenty of rope.

  17. whycan'tweallgetalong?

    I have worked on Capitol Hill now for a moderate Dem on the House side for awhile and I can tell you that this is exactly why we haven’t gotten anything done. We are fighting way to much, pointing way too many fingers, and not caring about the task at hand, getting the U.S. and its people back on their feet! We need to start making compromises and reaching across the aisle. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a tea-party candidate, a Republican from the South, or an intensely leftist Dem from the NE, we need to get together and solve the problems that our people face every single day. I know it isn’t that easy but it needs to be done no matter who is in power! Bickering and heel dragging will get us nowhere and fast, as we have already seen.

    • Ah, the government machine. Where pointing out the failings of your opponent is far more important than achieving anything yourself.

  18. Gina

    Republicans are white trash and corrupt CEOs. Democrats don’t know their ass from their elbow and are still too pussy to put the peasants in place.

    If the Democrats played as dirty and the Republicans, we might actually get somewhere.

  19. Lucas McCain


    Disgruntled much? Sounds like it. Whats the problem? Your welfare check skip a beat and come a few days late because you lost some bleeding heart liberals seats in the house, senate and mayoral races?

    Ive said for years that (R) need to play as dirty and lowhanded as the (D) and wed have no problem putting you guys where you belong…flipping burgers, in race baiting organizations with your friends Al, Jesse & Louis, protesting wars & policies you dont understand and washing & waxing my cars. You fiberals serve no other worthy purpose and are only good enough for the aforementioned positions because Id hate to have you employed by me, bringing my business down with your lack of morals, ethics and hygiene.

  20. Big fishing rod

    Thanks everyone reading political bickering is the only way I can cum anymore

  21. Wow..

    You are one bitter loser…

  22. Burungi

    LOVE you, Fish. Your post was spot-on. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  23. Yautja

    (Reads main article)

    Translated: BAWWWW!!! People didn’t vote the way I think they should!

  24. Robert Acquafresca

    Stop giving free stuff to people who are not working or who are not citizens or both and you will solve most of this countries problems. These entitlement programs are killing us.

    It says a lot when California elects the leaders they do.

    Most of us are just tired of working to pay for lazy people’s stuff.

    • cc

      Actually, if you look at the budget figures your generalization about ‘working to pay for lazy people’s stuff’ is not accurate. Defense spending is the biggest chunk. That being said, yes, there are a lot of people who abuse social welfare programs. Hard to know what to do with those people in a way. I mean, I think they should get cut off. However, given the inclinations of many of these people, they’d probably commit more crime to raise money. So, it is kind of lose-lose.

  25. HEY!

    Yo, SW – enough of the political posts please – people come here for up-skirts and nipple slips, not political commentary – thanks

  26. Fio

    I understand this is America and it’s (supposed) to be a free country, but I agree with those who think the Superficial Writer needs to stick to perverted comments about celebrity bums and keep his political views to himself. As a matter of fact, I wish people who had any semblance of celebrity would keep their political views to themselves. I personally don’t need men and women who spend their lives pretending to be cooler (or worse) than they actually are trying to help me decide my political leanings. Or gossip writers for that matter.

  27. Ray Sist

    Obama is the best thing for this country. He makes us realize how good we had it.

    Alls he be needs ta do

    Secure the border.
    Stop teaching Spanish or allowing it to live beside English.
    Send them all back. (The illegal Mexicans that is. Only the ones under 5′-4″, which is most of them anyway)
    Kill Dora the explorer. Little football-headed cunt teaching our kids that fucked up language.
    Nuke Mecca the next time the US or ally is attacked or threatened by the Religion of Peace.

    He do all dat, I be shtrongly in his coner.

    And these are my sensible views. :)

  28. Averre

    God I love politics, it’s such a treat to watch so many who know so little ready to embarass themselves on whatever soapbox they can climb onto.

    Thank you for showing the rest of us that actually have a clue how you knuckle-draggers will whip out anything to prove some sort of point (race,war,religion,sexual prefrence) and have it spiral into nothing more than a schoolyard shouting match in which you only excell on how much you can fail.

  29. V.Drizzle

    It’s to exhausting to these racist and idiotic comments.

    Superficial Writer: YOU NAILED IT. Awesome. Too bad my fellow Dems couldn’t get out and vote.

  30. Willy Wonka

    Obama is a fraud and a failure.

  31. Jo S Wynn

    Super, you did nail it. And made the crazy a little funny. Tx.

  32. DT

    A group of people who believe government doesn’t work?

    That would be anyone who has lived in the past 100 years and who has an IQ above 75.

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