The Black Guy’s Still The President

“Morning, White People!”

Joking/shocking the shit out of a lot of folks who didn’t realize how a midterm election actually works aside, sincere kudos to the Republican Party for motivating your base yesterday. While liberals sat around complaining that Obama wasn’t sending peace baskets full of legalized marijuana and gay marriage to the Middle Eastern wars he stopped with a click of his heels, you stayed on message and managed to take control of the House. Granted, the Senate races didn’t go as planned, but maybe that will teach you a lesson about letting crazy people split your ticket. (Though preferably after Palin runs in 2012 on a third party ticket. You should probably let that play out. — For Jesus.)

At any rate, congratulations, America, you’ve elected a group of people who believe government doesn’t work, yet will still take a nice cushy job in it doing absolutely nothing productive on your dime. I can’t possibly see how that wouldn’t work out.


Photo: Getty