The Black Guy’s Still The President

November 3rd, 2010 // 242 Comments
Barack Obama

“Morning, White People!”

Joking/shocking the shit out of a lot of folks who didn’t realize how a midterm election actually works aside, sincere kudos to the Republican Party for motivating your base yesterday. While liberals sat around complaining that Obama wasn’t sending peace baskets full of legalized marijuana and gay marriage to the Middle Eastern wars he stopped with a click of his heels, you stayed on message and managed to take control of the House. Granted, the Senate races didn’t go as planned, but maybe that will teach you a lesson about letting crazy people split your ticket. (Though preferably after Palin runs in 2012 on a third party ticket. You should probably let that play out. — For Jesus.)

At any rate, congratulations, America, you’ve elected a group of people who believe government doesn’t work, yet will still take a nice cushy job in it doing absolutely nothing productive on your dime. I can’t possibly see how that wouldn’t work out.


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  1. LouieMontero

    Let the backseat politician comments begin!

    • frist


    • duke chute

      “the Middle Eastern wars he stopped with a click of his heels”
      How is sending 30,000 MORE TROOPS TO AFGHANISTAN stopping a war? Hmm?? And how many have come home from Iraq again? From the Washington Post: “Of the roughly 50,000 American military personnel who remain in Iraq, the majority are still combat troops — they’re just named something else.”

      Talk out of your ass much, Fish? If you can’t come up with any *real* reasons to support the demagogue-in-chief, just stick with bad-mouthing W…it works for so many of your ilk…

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Totally agree. Sending 30,000 to Pakistan doesn’t stop the war and WHAT THE HELL WAS IT ALL ABOUT giving him a Noble Peace prize??? Hello?

      • Mike Walker

        Try reading it again, chuckles.

      • Gina

        If you knew anything about the war in Afghanistan then you would know that sending 30,000 more troops was mandatory. People who do not understand this conflict (read: most of the USA) should refrain from voting for a politician based on the premise that “war is bad”. Of course war is bad, but it is sometimes very necessary.

        The Republicans are fueled by white trash and corrupt CEOS. The Democrats (still) don’t know their ass from their elbow and refuse to defend themselves. United we stood (not since WWII) and divided (now) we fall.

        And to think that opinions on Abortion, Gays and Healthcare are the cause of our demise. Fucking sad.

      • shirleytemple

        Gina is a smartie

        If voting was an elitist institution based on individuals’ education levels, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        Yes- I’m looking at you, bible belt.

      • BJ

        You silly azzes! PRESIDENT Obama did NOT start these wars! Half of you complain because he is drawing down the troops in Iraq – half of you complain because he hasn’t drawn enough troops out of Iraq!

        Then you have the ______ to complain about Afghanistan; arguing that he shouldn’t set a timeline and the rest complain because he needs to get us out sooner!

        Afghanistan has been going on for TEN (10) frigging years! Where were your complaints about us starting two wars? Neither of these countries were responsible for 9-11! bin Laden is from Saudia Arabia!! Educate yourselves – your ignorance is showing!

  2. Uh Oh

    Here come the puffy-faced idiots… see below

  3. Pinko

    Still the Prez for the time being, but his days are numbered….him and his hoehag wife can toddle off back to ChiTown

    • Donovan

      I’d rather hang with Obama than you dipshit

    • Heyzeus Hosay

      LOL hoehag…sweet. Love the grammatical genius that it the almighty Tea Party. Hate cures all my Chi-town peeps! whoot whoot!

      oh shit, i mean “Yee Haw”! sorry…

    • Politically Correct

      First and foremost, THE PRES IS “NOT” A BLACKIE! Same damn suckers who rediculously voted for him have no brain to see it!!! Get this right, his dad is BLACK and his mom is WHITE.You paid as much attention as whether Lady Ga Ga is a lady/man… HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE AN OREO COOKIE!

      • close

        he cant be an oreo, that is a term used to describe a black person who acts white. Black on the outside white on the inside get it? Obama is more of a chocolate chip cookie

    • Burt

      His days are numbered? No shit Sherlock. It’s called a term. There’s a two term limit for the US president and he’s halfway through his first.

  4. Ruth

    Thank God I subscribe to this website. I had no idea there were elections yesterday.

  5. Jessesgirl

    Sorry demotards that your monkey messiah boy didn’t deliver.

    • Donovan

      it’s not Obama, it was Pelosi and a silly Congress…

    • WTF Report

      Thanks, Jessesgirl, for being such a prime example of your party’s vicious bigotry and ignorance. You really make the rest of the mouthbreathers proud, dontcha? Bush barely pulled a C average and got into Yale as a legacy and left us in the shit, but because he’s white he’s YOUR savior? I got news for ya, NOBODY could “deliver” in 2 years given the shithole the economy dug itself into during the past 2 admins with unlimited spending and no taxation $$ coming in to offset it. The only good news for you is that Palin or whoever you think could do so much better won’t be called a “monkey” when they lose. I got news for ya, evolution (which I’m sure you don’t believe in) is NOT your friend here since I’m praying for some natural selection to be applied your way. With a fucking stick.

      • Hooty Hoo

        Amen. Well said.
        Though I would’ve replaced ‘stick’ with ‘heavy blunt object’.
        Meh, either way.

      • Jessesgirl

        LOL, a pseudointellectual demoshat, I like those – “I’m soooo open-minded y’all, I’d always vote democrat no matter what. And I’ll listen to anything anyone says. Unless I don’t agree with it. Or unless they’re thin. I can’t stand them skinny bitches.”

      • Patrick

        Oh but of course you’re not an example of your party’s hypocrisy with your “shock” and blame Bush mentality. Obama is smart, Bush got a C. Obama couldn’t save everyone in two years because of Bush. Tools like you are laughable and nothing better than a pissed off, castrated liberal still whining about Bush some two years after he left office.

        The only monkey here is you, fool. A little dancing monkey performing like the good little tool that you are.

    • well obama is still our president haha and yes i do adore him and i think he is doing waaaay better then G.bush HE IS A SMART MAN AND HE IS TRYING HIS BEST FOR THIS UNAPRECIATED COUNTRY yall neeed to get mad at the retard for fucking everything up really i think he did that on purpose to make the next president look bad if u ask me i wont look past it for all u dumb ass people bringing obama down look at da retard first! its gonna take years to fix bush problems u know it i know it shit the whole world knows it they just tryna rush obama and sayin he aint doing shit cause they are racist yall know that shit gon take a long time so dnt give me that well he aint doing nun crap save it ITS GON TAKE A LONG FUCKING TIME TO FIX BUSH FUCK UPS SO DEAL WITH IT! >:O

    • BJ

      Hey Jessesgirl – it must really chap your hide to know that Obama’s gggggreat-grandfather (paternal) created your sorry azz! LOL!!!

  6. candiru

    Fuck you.

  7. Andy

    Continue posting stuff on celebrity news and gossip and leave the politics aside. I could care less what your political views are and don’t care to read your little quips about the Republican party. Obviously America thinks the Democrats haven’t done shit in office. “Yes We Can,” right Obama?

    • Ruth

      I like the quips. It’s like Jon Stewart in text.

    • I agree politics should stay off this site.


      Read the post again. He slammed both parties and you just bashed a guy for congratulating Republicans for a well earned win. If all you saw were the digs on Republicans, then..well, wow.

      Lastly, the pattern goes like this:

      Democrats are in office, they mess things up, the country swings Republican. GOP claims huge victory, spends remainder of Senate/Congress time trying to get current president impeached. Nothing gets accomplished.

      Things don’t go as planned for GOP, they mess more things up, Democrats get voted in. They pass crazy bills that cost a fortune, spend the time repealing the GOP laws. Nothing gets accomplished.


      • You forgot the long periods of time the Republicans will spend doing nothing but digging their heels in at every opportunity to stop anything coming through the House so that when election time rolls around they can point their fingers and proclaim “See! They didn’t do ANYTHING they said they would!”

      • MalGusto

        Willie, if you can’t see that anything complimentary the Fish wrote about the Republicans victory was pure sarcasms, then you just aren’t paying attention.
        FISH, Stick to what you know: celebrity shame walks and wookie wallets. Leave politics to the adults.

    • jkhjkh

      no one gives a fuck what you care less about, andy. lol. you know what republicans did in office? didnt protect us from 911 and fucked our economy in the ass. if you even true, “not doing anything” in office is pretty fuckin good compared to that.

    • kg

      Andy – go somewhere else you lazy-ass bastard. Don’t like the opinions of the editor? Go masturbate to another snap of Snooki. You slammed him for his political comments but turned right around and included your own. No, not partisan at all, just want more celebrity newsi and gossip. Right.

      Keep up the snark, Mr. Superficial. Eff ‘em all.

      • this girl

        It’s YOUR blog – write about whatever you want! If people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it; they can skip to the bikini posts.

    • Andy no speak good

      Hey Andy,

      If you could care less, then why don’t you? Because you’re a moron with little to no education and zero command of the English language. The expression is “I couldn’t care less…” I bet you use the word “irregardless” too when standing on your idiot soap box.
      I am thankful there are so many ‘tards like you in this country. You make me look that much smarter when I interview for the company that figures out how to build a robot to replace you in the workforce.

    • Donovan

      One political post in how long? Geez, relax.

  8. E

    Hey, I’ve really been enjoying the occasional post about stuff that’s important (ie, not supporting rapists and how the Tea Party is full of fuckheads). Thanks for them, and please keep up the good work.

  9. Duck

    Isn’t it refreshing to know the racists don’t only post to Fox News, but to the superficial as well. You’ve really diversified! Can we go back and tell Lincoln to just let the South go? I could do without them.

    • drew

      Hey Duck, do you realize how intellectually bankrupt you sound when you blanketly accuse millions of people of racism? Or even better, an entire geographic segment of the country?

      Is that really the best people like you have?

      • agree @Drew

        Your just as bad as the racists, Duck and not furthering your cause.

      • Duck

        Drew do you realize how ignorant you sound when you use terms like intellectually bankrupt as some feeble attempt to sound clever? Read the earlier posts, or better yet, watch a Tea Party rally and tell me how calling our president a monkey isn’t racist? I always considered myself a moderate, but after watching this disgusting display by these so called patriots, apparently yourself included, I’m firmly voting against every Republican I see on any ballot. If you associate with racists, and vote for them, then you are them.

      • Duck

        Maybe I should have said bigotry, not racism, as I forgot to include the consistent condemning of gays and lesbians. Citing a 2 thousand year old work of fiction, incorrectly I might add, doesn’t make it OK to deny people of basic human rights. God why did I bother to read a website even my wife considers to be juvenile.? I guess you get what you pay for.

    • j dixon

      even your wife considers juvenile? Why are you assuming your wife is more juvenile than you?

      • Donovan

        haha good call Duck. You know how you sound when you accuse millions of Americans racist? Yeah, smart, because it’s partially true.

        The upcoming generation of the majority (minority) voters are going to be crushing the GOP.

    • Heyzeus Hosay

      Word! (x2 since you can’t re-post shit like Word!).

      I myself am from the almighty South and y’all won’t miss a darn thang if we mosy on, other than jambalaya and Mardi Gras…i do luv them cowgurls tho…

      yee haw!

    • Mike Walker

      Duck, do the country a favor and don’t vote at all. You’re incapable of rational thought.

  10. HackSaw

    A step back for Socialism indeed.

    • HackSawedBrain

      You obviously have no fucking clue what true ‘socialism’ is. 50% of america is completely oblivious to reading and learning history.

    • Donovan

      The downfall of the US is it’s out of control spending in MILITARY. It’s like 60% of the budget. “Welfare” is about 10-15%…. Just cut it by 10% for a YEAR and you’ve got brand new schools, well paid teachers and R&D for generations.

      Military = Welfare spending for Southerners.

      • duke chute

        @Donovan Holy shit, where do you get your “information?” All Russian State Television? Well over 60% of our budget is social spending, and the military is 8 to 9 percent, depending on troop deployments, emergency aid, etc.
        We spend more per student than any other industrialized nation, yet we keep falling further behind. Throwing more money at the problem is all the politicians have done for decades.
        Teachers get shitloads of time off, killer benefits, a pension, and they keep doing WORSE AND WORSE. Yet, people still parrot this “those poor teachers” crapola.
        And a tip: people may not argue with you when you spew that bilge, but they’ll think you’re a blowhard and an idiot.

    • Lori

      Dear Fox-news watching zombie regurgitating Republipuke talking points:

      You have no idea what the word “Socialism” means. Why don’t you look it up and tell us exactly how much of a “Socialist” country we are. God I’m sick of you people. No wonder zombie movies are so popular. We are truly living amongst them in real life.

      • duke chute

        @Lori Yeah, government meddling in the auto industry, banking industry, healthcare industry, oil industry (the knee-jerk moratorium in the Gulf due to the spill, costing over 100k jobs!) increasing handouts (42 million food stamp recipients now, and unemployment is almost TWO YEARS)…what’s socialist about that???

    • Peanutty

      It cracks me up when people holla about socialism. Give back your social securtiy checks and your Jazzy Scooters you fucking old fart.

  11. Below Me

    Fuck this site. If I wanted to hear irrelevant liberal whining I’ll go to MSNBC or the Huffington Post. Politics is NOT what I came here for.

    Goodbye, libtard sheeple.

    • Tired of this crap.

      Same here I’m sick and tired of listening to this liberal garbage. I come here for humorous celebrity news not to be constantly bombarded by SW’s political views. I’ve had enough. That’s the great thing about America (which SW clearly hates) I can turn you off. Goodbye Superficial, I’ll get my celebrity gossip from somewhere else.

      • Are you the same guy that said this exact same thing last week? You sound just like him.

        Anyway, I like the commentary. And I love watching people flip out about it, especially when he was bashing both parties (and, in fact, giving credit to the Republican political machine)

      • Evil

        Good luck finding a celebrity gossip site not run by a liberal

      • hot smart chick not from the year 1890

        I happen to love it.

    • Sheena


    • I’m actually surprised more people haven’t caught on to Fish’s game here. If you check out this site on a fairly routine basis you’ll quickly discover the traffic here is exceedingly low. Same posters over and over again (GUILTY!). There is no way Fish isn’t going to take advantage of current events to spew his leftist crap so he can amp up the traffic here. He amps up the traffic pattern, he makes the advertisers here happy. Happy advertisers mean more $$$ in Fish’s pocket so he can pay for his Out Magazine subscription and pay for the occasional lunch with his “best friend” (At least that’s what he’s still telling his parents…).
      I actually don’t begrudge the guy his occasional nonsensical political rant because he and I both know that it is motivated by nothing more than sheer greed as he could give a flying crap what happens in this country on either side of the political spectrum – after all Fish: Democrat or Republican controlled House, there will always be Paris Hilton posts or Snookie posts.
      When it comes to politics Fish pretends he gives a shit like he pretends to be heterosexual whenever he hits upon a set of pix for Jessica Alba.

    • Donovan

      Nobody cares if you leave. All of us normal people who can take a joke from all different sides will be here.

  12. derp

    lots of herp derp here.

  13. Doom Douche

    Ha ha ha stupid right wing paupers will see how electing more Repugnicans will work for them. We put in the party of the rich when we are poor. We have a Central bank chairman (Federal Reserve is a private bank for the profit of it’s and our Masters) that cannot answer to congress as to the whereabouts of the $2 Trillion dollar stimulus, and yet, he get’s reinstated.
    More wars for resources on our dime, no jobs, jobs sent overseas, uneducated mexicans pouring across the border by the millions, those illegals here will be given citizenship, a government that is increasingly shedding our freedoms, etc. etc. etc.

    Nice job accellerating our demise! NOW we will get to work attacking Iran and then maybe China, Russia, the stinkin’ Krauts and frogs and all the rest of ‘em!


  14. Deacon Jones

    I think John Boehner was crying last night because he realized he’s have to do something now

  15. toomanyidoits

    It’s funny how people say if you don’t like Obama you are a racist. If a black person does not like Bush they must be a racist too. These are the idoits who voted from him simply b/c of race.

  16. jumpin_j

    Wish you wouldn’t get political, ‘Phish. But as long as you are, I think you summed it up well. Those who voted for Tea Party / Republican candidates are the “something for nothing crowd” and know nothing of Economics 101. Things like if you want social programs like creating or saving jobs, you have to increase spending which isn’t always a bad thing (see Detroit, Wall St., etc). If your not going to increase spending because you can’t afford it, then you need to cut programs. I wouldn’t like to be the one to propose cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. And even if I did, the savings are so low no one would notice. Americans want to live without sacrificing. And if they think these right-wing nutjobs can pull it off, then let’s give ‘em the Nobel Prize in economics now because they will have proven the impossible. These people are idiots, both the candidates and the supporters. And for God’s sake’s, Texas, please leave the union.

    • Dude of Dudes

      “Things like if you want social programs like creating or saving jobs, you have to increase spending which isn’t always a bad thing (see Detroit, Wall St., etc)”

      Detroit? Really? Have you been to that festering shithole recently? There are some good examples where spending helps. Detroit is THE poster child of where that is not the case.

      • Donovan

        It has less to do with social programs and spending and much more to do with the ability of those who are unemployed to gain new skills quickly and move when the job market moves. Detroit (and the US lately) hasn’t done that because blue collar workers aren’t very elastic with job markets. That’s why unemployment is so high still (construction industry – 25% other industries – 5%) – more money needs to be granted so blue collars can gain new skills at a local college/university.

  17. If you feel all that strongly...

    If Democrats wanted to retain control of the House then why the Hell didn’t they go to the polls and vote? Where were all of those fresh faces we saw two years ago, dewy with the glow of becoming involved with politics for the first time, and feeling all historic and grown up? They did it once and the act of voting has lost its allure? Its a drag, I know, getting up off of your pimply fat ass and dragging it’s saggy self to the voting booth, and learning about issues and all, and developing an informed opinion, but unless you do it yourself those whose opinions you oppose will vote their interests and not concern themselves with yours. I believe that just took place yesterday.

    • Republican voters hold the hand that holds them down, and they’re too stupid to realize it. Thanks, Americans, for proving to me that you are actually much dumber than I thought you were.

    • That just took place yesterday…except int he Senate. Which is a good thing as it restores balance. This is what happens when any one of our two party system dominates. Republicans had the whole country for the first 6 years of Bush’s presidency and, in our fears after 9/11, we lost much of our privacy and civil liberties for “safety” and we had two recessions…and then the Democrats took over and continued to give them away and made it worse.

      • lost much of our privacy and civil liberties

        Geez could you expound on that? I mean I’m still jerking off in the privacy of my own home right now unencumbered by any “government spies” but just in case there are any:

        Can you hand me that bottle of oil….?

    • Donovan

      Biggest Govt expansion ever – not Obama’s TEMPORARY spending. It’s The Department of Homeland Security (HUGE budget, HUGE number of workers and massive invasions of privacies and liberties). Repeal the Patriot Act and trim DOHS and Military spending.

      • Bill O'Really

        @ Donovan

        yea, then we can be like the pacifist, weak non-contributory nations you apparently idolize. The WORLD would fall apart if the threat/godsend of the US not defending/ rescuing other countries wasnt imminent.

        Quit your secret basement communist sewing circle and get around real educated, hardworking people and youd see that.

      • Anon

        the world would fall apart without the us…

        Sorry for a second I thought that was a serious comment.
        My bad.

      • Bill O'Really

        @ Anon…the full comment was:

        “The WORLD would fall apart if the threat/ godsend of the US not defending/ rescuing other countries wasnt imminent.”

        It couldnt have been more serious and if you think otherwise, you are a damned fool. Russia would take Latvia, Lithunia, Georgia, Bosnia etc without the threat of retaliation by the US.

        N. Korea would attack S. Korea in 30 seconds with nukes, China would attack Japan, Iran would start against any # of non-Persian countries nearby, Venezuela would take over Costa Rica, Nicaragua and any other handful of local countries if it werent for the threat of protection/retaliation by the US.

        Get some real life knowledge/ education kid. It’ll do you good in the long run, even if you stay a speed bump on the ass of our world protecting country.

      • Anon

        Ah Bill yes thank you for having these countries put bombs on planes meant for you find their way to countries not involved in the mess you started.

        As for the real life knowledge/education comment, well I remind you that you are a Yank and I don’t live in America so that automatically gives me more of both than a lifetime of travels or the US education system can ever give you.

  18. the man

    Superficial needs to do a political blog. Your political writing is funny if not funnier than anything else you do… and what you do is pretty damn funny!

  19. Cock Dr

    The black guy is still president……for at least a couple more years.
    I’m not sorry. Consider the alternative; President McCain. No thanks.
    The new speaker of the house is a funny looking feller; darker than Obama & more orange than a Snookie.
    Ok Dems, you can quit hounding me for election money now.

  20. Samualson

    Thank GOD that the house is red. If there is one thing that is BAD for us, it is having one party in control of all three branches. Kudos to those who voted for tea party candidates! Shame to those who voted along party lines just because they are Democrats or Republicans! They are the absolute worst and most ignorant of voters!

    • dont get it

      lol. how did those tea party candidates do again? oh yeah, not so well.
      ” i am not a witch!”

    • In a sane world I world I would agree…however what’s going to happen is that anything the Dems want to pass will get stuck in the House, and anything the Repubs want passed will get stuck in the Senate. And the rare bill that both want to pass probably won’t be all that useful.

      Thus, nothing of value is accomplished.

  21. doogleberg

    Funny how politics gets discussed on A FUCKING CELEBRITY GOSSIP WEBSITE. You make a living writing quips about boobies and Bret Michaels.

    Stick to posting upskirts/nipslips/bikini photos and shut the fuck up about politics and religion.

    • Politicians are celebrities too. If you don’t like it, don’t read the obvious political stuff. If you’re looking for boobs and Lindsey Lohan breaking parole, stick to reading that stuff, and the rest of us who like the political stuff will go ahead and read about it.

  22. Well… so were there any nipslips or upskirts of any sexy pundits or politicians? Anyone with massive boobs win anything? No? Then fuck it. The US political system is a farce. “Both” parties take their orders from the same special interst money, which is overwhelmingly from the rich, to protect the few. If our brave soldiers were really protecting our rights theyd be rolling their tanks into DC. Cos its not the limeys, krauts, or cameljockeys taking away our rights. Its the US govt. They all belong in hell. Top to bottom. Except maybe krazyeyes Kucinich.

    • Very astute, Dude. The Canadian government is doing the same thing – waging war against the very people that elected them to represent their interests. Money talks and bullshit runs a marathon. If you haven’t seen the movie Bulworth, there are a lot of quotes that are strangely applicable as of late….

  23. The Dude

    At least, if the GOP doesn’t do anything, they can’t fuck shit up.

    • dumbass

      the only power congress has is to spend money – all the money congress spends comes from taxpayers. So, if congress can do nothing because of gridlock, then they can’t find new ways to take and spend more of our money, so how is this bad? Why was General Motors bailed out? easy – to make sure all the union fuckwads got a big payoff out of your pockets so obumba could buy their votes with your money. all you political geniuses here blaming Bush for the economy, remember it was congress that passed the laws ensuring bus drivers and janitors got mortgages approved for half million dollar homes, guaranteed by the fed, and the potus has absolutely no power to pass laws, raise taxes, or spend tax money.
      fish – stfu on politics, you’re ill informed, and unfunny. now post some more pics of that Palin lookalike in a thong.

      • DS

        You are a dumbass. Do you know how many jobs they saved by helping the auto industry you stupid knob? And oh yeah, the loan has been paid back already and the companies are posting profits now.

      • Bob

        DN, you are a true idiot. They saved thousands, but do the math. They saved thousands for billions. I want to work for GM obviously. Instead of letting people learn a new trade, restructure, or anything that might do more than buy a few years we bailed them out.

        Buy yes you are correct, they paid the loan back. The bad part you glance over is they paid it back with another loan! Companies posting a profit? Do you even read financial reports? Why did they ask for another billion then?

  24. Your mom

    Stick to the celebratard news and commentary. Leave the politics out of it. I get enough of it at work and elsewhere. Now dance for us monkey!

  25. If you feel all that strongly...

    Americans have been sacrificed – on the supposed altar of capitalism and free markets called Wall Street, at which people worship feverishly and without questioning what actually goes on there. A handful of guys made billions, partied with abandon and are letting the rest of the nation pick up their trash. Had there been no mortgage meltdown, near depression, and lackluster recovery things would be quite different, I assure you. Wall Street and the financial markets were given billions to shore themselves up, under the guise that they would begin to lend again, thereby creating jobs, and all they have done is use taxpayer money to buy back their own stock in an effort to make it rise. You think Al-Qaida is the real enemy? Take a closer look at the activities of Goldman Sachs.

    • Debtor's Prison (remember?)

      EXACTLY! Of course you and I know who they are but dare not say. None shall call it conspiracy…
      The common dumbfuck is completely unaware, a fact that the Elites are completely aware of. Therefore they do whatever they want with our property.

      Our government serves the interests of the Elites, not the people. The right wingers think bullshit and swagger is the answer. They are clueless. So are the demorats. Both parties are comprised of thieves and their fan clubs.

      • Peanutty

        Exactly, Screaming for Partisanship and fucking the banking lobbyist like weasels behind the scenes. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain dumb shits, you might just want to puke. Ewww…. I am a repulican, Duhhh……I am a democrate! God, no wonder we are considered uneducated.

    • Oh right, and none of the people who actually signed up for those mortgages had any responsibility in defaulting on them? Come on, it’s not that hard to figure out how much you can spend a month. Just look at your bank account and pay stub, assuming you actually have a job! The problem is there’s no personal accountability in this country anymore. And at least capitalism creates jobs–nothing that can actually be said for the government! Oh yeah, unless you count more GOVERNMENT JOBS which just takes money away from taxpaying people with REAL JOBS! Obama wants to convince people that Wall Street was to blame for our recession–wake up, it’s Americans with a sense of entitlement that don’t know how to live within their means!!

  26. Wimmins

    Stop being butthurt about politics and get back to the penis jokes; before you find yourself feeling like a Fish out of water.

  27. Rough unites the "internets"

    There’s something condescending about the caption, I just cant put my finger on it…

  28. JD

    Why must you go political. I really enjoy this site and you have to ruin it with your liberal musings. WGAF what you think about the Country? Go back to what you do best…Penis and breast jokes.

  29. GrandDragon

    More celebrity titties please

  30. Filthy Hobbit

    Congrats America. You’ve restored our lack of faith in you.

  31. Elle

    I live in Canada

  32. misterfister

    No one gives a fuck about your political views.

    • Wrong. It’s: no one gives a fuck about YOUR political views. As of this post, 208 people – including you – cared enough about what the Fish wrote to comment on it. And since I don’t give a rat’s ass how you voted, it kinda sucks to be you right now, doesn’t it?

  33. dr man

    1. the superficial is not written by one person. so stop calling the writers “fish” and romanticizing them.
    2. the political commentary posted by this site has been annoying rather than insightful, insipid rather than important, and rather underwhelming when considered in any light other than as a rage spout for the author.

    that being said, i’m on the search for a new celebrity blog. any suggestions?

  34. GetOverIt

    Both sides suck. So can we move on to more important things like nip slips?

  35. Tracey

    You should probably stick to the snarky remarks directed towards famous people. You might fall into the same trap that those semi-retarted celebrities do: Actually thinking you know something about politics.

  36. guy rossi

    Dear racists.


    not fatties either

  37. James

    Your right Sup. Let him add to the already 20 trillion dollar deficit.

  38. mememe

    That may be the funniest thing I’ve seen you write. Funny as fuck.


  39. Russ

    The president is half black. I’m offended. Fuck you!

  40. **Sits here reading all the angry posts from my ‘socialist’ outpost in Canada where I have free Healthcare, no tolls on the highways, subsidized university education, and where I still have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the right to vote, the right to assemble, and where our water is clean and air is crisp. Where I don’t have to worry about being shot by a gun weilding militiaman, where smoking pot is not considered to be a major crime, where prostitution may be legalized, and where my rights as a citizen are guaranteed nto by the gun but by the pen. Where refugees and those in need can come and be given a home and clothes and food until they get on their own two feet.”

    Yes, it’s a HORRIBLE thing to give up some freedoms. TERRIBLE!!! Pay more taxes??? AWEFUL!!! NO WAY!!! FOR WHAT??? Universal health care??? GOD FORBID!!! Let people get their own insurance, who cares if they can afford it or not!!! Gun control??? What if those Communist Canadians try to come over the border to take us over? We need our militia!!!

    Please. Americans are going to have to realize that in order to fix the mess they have been given from the previous administrations, going back 40 years to present day, choices will have to be made for the good of the whole. Sometimes those choices are painful but must be done. If not, the country will become Morally, socially, and economically bankrupt.

    • Cock Dr

      You have gay marriage up there too.
      Is that tearing apart the fabric of traditional family values? Or are Canadians just more sensible about people’s private lives than they are down here?

      • dont get it

        yes. to all of this. bravo dante and cock dr

      • We are definately more sensible about the private lives of people up here than there. Cannot use traditional family values as a barometer because there are so many factors involved. Gay marriage has nothing to do with how children are raised to grow up functional or dysfunctional. Better to have two moms or two dads than have one mom raising 5 kids from 4 different dad’s.

        Know what’s ripping traditional family values more than anything? The single parent household, the use of the TV as babysitter, the lack of involvement between parent and child in the rearing and raising process, the passing of the buck as to who is responsible for teaching their children lessons, the over liberalization of raising kids, the lack of accountability parents hold over their kids, and a lack of proper and appropriate discipline in a growing childs life. It has nothing to do with gay parents.

      • Burt

        Nope, gay marriage is fine. We simply don’t give a damn about what others do as long as it doesn’t affect us personally. What you do in your home is your own business. Call it tolerance or indifference, the results are the same.

    • Bill O'Really

      Ignorant naive little canuck enjoying “Canada – Americas largest National Park & continental tophat”.

      Apparently your “subsidized lack of” education didnt teach the basics of economics or anything about personal responsibility…so by all means, please NEVER come to America. We have enough potheaded, scared of guns, freeloading, public assistance abusing, race baiting, whiney pieces of crap that dont know shit about personal responsibility as it is. The last thing we need is another beady eyed, stupid accented, socialist, non-working hockey-tard such as yourself, Dante.

      P.S. -Dont forget the thank you note to America for letting you exist.

      • Ignorant, Arrogant, elitist bigheaded American – Canada’s largest laughing stock.

        Want to talk economics? Whilst your nation needed billions upon billions of dollars to bail out a bankrupt banking system we sat up ehre and watched as we continued to create jobs and feel some minor effects of the ‘global’ downturn in the economy. Now YOUR BANKERS AND ECONOMISTS are coming HERE to learn what we DID TO AVOID SUCH CATASTROPHE.

        Want to talk about personal responsibility? Our system of government allows for proper representation and even when we have people who go so far as wanting to destroy our country from within (Quebec), we don’t send in our army, we send out a ballot and have a referendum. We LISTEN TO OUR PEOPLE and let the PEOPLE decide what’s best for our nation.

        Our ‘lack of education’ allows us to know world geography, politics, current events, science, medicine, and law. At least we know the capital of England and Argentina, we understand the relationship between domestic ideas vs. international relations, and we NEVER have to go into a nation with the military to change the way people think to the way WE think. We work WITH those people to find ways of solving problems without DICTATING to them what the solutions are.

        Personal responsibility is fine when you are an upper middle class person in America. If you are one of the millions who work in retail, services, factories, general labor, and cannot AFFORD to have health care or own a mortgage even though you are a responsible person, in your eyes those people can go fuck themselves right? Government is supposed to work for the people but it is also there to HELP those who need the help. Certain things should not have a price. Health Care is one of those things.

        We don’t abuse our public assistance. We have less people on Welfare here in Canada per capita than you have in the US so please don’t throw such garbage out there.

        So if it is all the same to you, WE don’t need another comb overed, bigoted, southern drawled, tobacco chewing, cross burning, baseball watching, war mongering, ignorant blowhard such as yourself O’Rielly.

        P.S. Don’t forget the thank you note to Canada for helping subsidize oil purchases from our tar sands that are keeping your military and economy going. Asshole.

      • Here’s a free word …

        idiot …

      • Burt

        Hey, Bill. How much is a US dollar worth now? 75 cents Canadian?

    • You stupid ass. The Canadian medical system is a total freaking wreck. You have folks that are literally piled up in the hallways of hospital corridors on gurneys waiting – PRAYING – for some form of relief.

      By the way – it is AWFUL as in: YOU ARE AWFULLY STUPID. (Another great victory for the Canadian educational system!)

      • Hetero, you are a bigger idiot than O”Reilly. Have you BEEN TO A CANADIAN Hospital? No. If you go to any Canadian hospital, you will be treated based on the severity of injury. Meaning, someone with the sniffles may have to wait while someone with a heart attack is wheeled in. Nothing wrong with that. If you have a serious issue that is an emergency you are treated. Please. Ignorance is bliss for you though.

      • Hickok

        The only thing you moose fackers have given the free word is Justin Bieber and I want to punch every last one of yous for that

      • Hickok, here’s a free word …

        Idiot …

      • Burt

        Piled up in gurneys? Praying for some form of relief? Maybe you should give them some of whatever you’re smoking. After all, you’re the only one who sees them.

    • Dante you stupid shit! Why in the ^#%#^ do you think I made the comment? YES! I have been to a Toronto hospital. It was like something out of a freaking horror movie. All it was missing was zombies shuffling up and down the hallways.

      Apparently I saw a lot of people with sniffles so I guess the people I saw lying on hospital gurneys like planes lined up at O Hare in a snowstorm just needed some Vicks Vapo Rub.

      Jesus Christ Dante – don’t try your bullshit on me – I’ve actually seen too much of the world to believe your stupid crap.

      • Don’t use Jesus’ name in vain, your people murdered him hehehehe.

        I wouldn’t try bullshit on you, you have enough bullshit for the entire western hemisphere. I LIVE here. I see things with my own eyes. I have NOT SEEN the lineups of gurney’s that you speak of.

        I guess service for you wasn’t as good as you might get at Cedar Sinai where the person with the best healthcare plan wins, so I can see why you are so upset. Had to wait your turn to get help can suck when you are used to VIP treatment I suppose.

      • Voice of Contempt

        I wonder what problem sent “Only Hetero” to the Canadian hospital.
        Erectile dysfunction?
        Probably something stuffed way up the ass. Yeah, the med staff will do triage and those problems won’t exactly get you to the front of the line.

    • Well Dante it certainly didn’ t take long for your natural NAZI tendencies to surface did it?

      Why don’t you go grab Lady Blah and spend the rest of the day mowing down women and children with the other members of the Einsatzgruppen…?

      …and speaking of the Tea Party – maybe you and Lady can wrap up your day by getting tea-bagged by Himmler.

      • P.S. – Since when did being a Jew have anything to do with healthcare? Oh yeah that’s right: The Jews own everything! Is that what your great Canadian educational system teaches you morons (It sure as shit ain’t spelling!)?

      • Anon

        But the Canuk has a point.

        The worst thing Canada has ever done to the world is show us how Yanks could be.

        Actually that’s pretty bad because we are always going to be left with the “could have been” and “what if” thoughts when we hear a Yank shouting thats he’s a US citizen when abroad and unable to adapt to the way things are done in other countries.

        Of course we know you’re a Yank. We can hear you.

      • Burt

        “The worst thing Canada has ever done to the world is show us how Yanks could be.”

        Brilliant line.

  41. Alex

    Superficial writers as political commentators? That’s like having Harry Caray play-by-play a fucking chess match. Stick to LiLo one-liners and Tom Cruise cutdowns.

  42. Dan

    The person who wrote this article should go to jail or pay a fine for being so disrespectful. To the other idiots, well thought, Obama should solve in 8 minutes the 8 years Bush messed up the country. What an ingorant nation, defending corruption and war ideology. You wont rest untill you see your country sold piece by piece to corporations.

    • Actually I won’t rest until the scourge of illiteracy is removed from Web comment boards. Let’s start with you.

      • The ONLY HETERO is a douche

        I honestly think you are a scumbag… didn’t you say a long time ago that you weren’t coming back to this site? Please do, you are the worst. Seriously dude, I don’t even know you but from your commenting I know I hate you. Your disgusting.

      • Barney Frank

        Yea dude like get your ass out of here and shit.

    • The ONLY HETERO is a douche

      Why don’t you grow a set and stop hiding behind the stupid anon posts? I’m a scumbag? Coming from a shit for brains like you that is high praise.

      Here you go:

      The ONLY HETERO is a douche is a douche.

      See? Now we’re both playing a level playing field. Brilliant.

    • The ONLY HETERO is a douche

      Hey you illiterate shit for brains: It is YOU’RE not YOUR – you simple stupid jackass.

    • So lemme get this straight, Dan – we’re an “ingorant” nation full of corruption and imperialist war leanings – but your idea of improving things would be to imprison, fine and censor people for free speech that you personally find disrespectful? Nice one, nimrod.

      Do me a favor – if you’re currently living in the US, please fucking leave before you make us look any worse than we already do.

  43. Bob



    Will Smith is president , WHO KNEW ?


    The Half Black Guy’s Still The President

  46. m

    “…maybe that will teach you a lesson about letting crazy people split your ticket. (Though preferably after Palin runs in 2012 on a third party ticket. You should probably let that play out. — For Jesus.)”

    yea, let’s keep that rollin for a couple more years then maybe we can hear the last of this crazy lady!

  47. hot smart chick not from the year 1890

    starting to look like craigslist’s rants and rave section in here you kooks

  48. David Dookie

    The Fish is an unwitting tool of the Learned Elders of Zion. He carries out that part of their plan for world domination called DISTRACTION. Keep the goyim distracted and confused and “let them discuss themselves silly!”

    • You left out the crucial part of the plan where alcohol is used to fuddle the wits of world leaders – OMFG, what a deadly plot! Who could withstand such diabolical planning?!

      100 years ago a great many people weren’t particularly educated or sophisticated enough to recognize a painfully obvious hoax. So if you don’t know – or refuse to believe – that the Okhrana was behind that little piece of propaganda today then you’re either abysmally pig ignorant or incredibly gullible. Neither of these are anything to be proud of. Either way, you’re a tool.

  49. Barney Frank

    Black plastic jesus lost his majority. I guess all you bitches can leave the USA of KKK now that it is in the hands of the white homophobes. Buy assholes!

  50. Buy Assholes? Not yet, I’m waiting for the big boxing week sales to go out and buy my assholes. Wait a minute, I live in Canada, I don’t need to buy my assholes, they are subsidized by teh government!!! hahahahahahaha

    • Barney Frank

      Canada? Where is that again?

      • Cock Dr

        It’s up north Barney. Be nice to them. After a few more decades of climate change much of the US west will be arid desert, and we’ll be relying on our northern neighbors to grow the crops.

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