The Academy of Country Music Awards Looked Like A Fancy NASCAR Party

Last night in Vegas a bunch of rich white people and Darius Rucker from Hootie and The Blowfish got together to celebrate how shitty country music is these days. Instead of talking about who won, let’s just bring up the fact that country music lost.

Of course, you might have missed this commercial for Christianity (brought to you by T-Mobile) if you are…

A) Someone who recognizes mainstream country music as a bastardization of the genre.
B) A naughty Republican.
C) A Rick and Morty fan.
D) Constantly cleaning your guns so loud that you can’t afford a TV.

If an on-stage medley of the song “God, Your Momma, and Me” by Florida Georgia Line and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the actual Backstreet Boys doesn’t make you want to jump in the shower with a pissed off Tasmanian devil… This will: It’s a really good performance… Seriously, they have some extremely difficult and tight harmonies going on here and I WANT TO HATE IT, but I just can’t. (I would post the video- but I don’t want to give you even more ads or a shitty cell phone video.) What I can hate on is that most of the people in this red carpet gallery above look like they were dressed by a drunk Guy Fieri, so at least we have that…