The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

And here’s everybody else at last night’s Academy Awards so we can move the hell on with our lives. That said, I think my favorite part of the Oscars each year is watching the industry pundits feign shock over the show being the boring mound of bland, vanilla jokes it’s always been. As if it’s suddenly going to become a crisp 90 minutes where the entire film industry doesn’t blow itself retarded. I mean, Christ, James Franco was nominated for Best Actor and he couldn’t even pretend to be interested with Anne Hathaway’s breasts dancing right next to him. It’s like he agreed to be the Best Man for a friend he can’t stand. “So, uh, yeah Chuck and Cindy look just.. great. I remember that time we all did something at that place. Cheers to them. (Do I have to stay through the whole reception?)”

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