The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

February 28th, 2011 // 104 Comments

And here’s everybody else at last night’s Academy Awards so we can move the hell on with our lives. That said, I think my favorite part of the Oscars each year is watching the industry pundits feign shock over the show being the boring mound of bland, vanilla jokes it’s always been. As if it’s suddenly going to become a crisp 90 minutes where the entire film industry doesn’t blow itself retarded. I mean, Christ, James Franco was nominated for Best Actor and he couldn’t even pretend to be interested with Anne Hathaway‘s breasts dancing right next to him. It’s like he agreed to be the Best Man for a friend he can’t stand. “So, uh, yeah Chuck and Cindy look just.. great. I remember that time we all did something at that place. Cheers to them. (Do I have to stay through the whole reception?)”

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  1. DogBoy

    She rocks. Franco sucked.

  2. DogBoy

    power is knowing you can say F*RST, and don’t

  3. Oscars
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  4. Deacon Jones

    Looks like Ann Hathaway needs some meat in her mout—, er, diet.

  5. Michelle

    Penélope cruz is one seriously lactating spaniard.

  6. Oscars
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    Every woman in my office thinks she looked great. Every man thinks she looked wtf? This is the discrepancy between what women thinks is sexy and what a man thinks is sexy.

    • Paul

      Um, I have news for you. If you have men in your office who watched the Academy Awards, they aren’t heterosexual men. So of course they are wtf?

  7. Diet @Deacon Jones? Yeah I get the joke but she’s perfect. Not tanned like Carrot Top,no collagen Duck Lips just perfect sensual red lips that match the dress hiding a very tight, normal but very fuckable body and natural tits. Fuck all your bleached blond bimbos with more plastic than leggo bricks and air bags from a Lexus for tits!

  8. jumpin_j

    Hey Anne, why so serious?

  9. Sugar

    Am I the only one who hates Anne’s nose?

    • who’s lookin at her nose lol

    • sara

      her nose, her eyes, her face, her lack of talent. …i pretty much hate everything about her. she seriously needs to leave hollywood. Her and jessica alba both. just please do everyone a favor and get out. its honestly just a disappointment when i go see a movie and find out they are making a minor appearance. jessical alba might be cute at least but seriously anne hathawasd looks like throw up.

      • K Soze

        awww, poor baby…she’s a decent actor, is hot, and seems like alot of fun… and Alba is beyond hot….guess you just need to quit being such a jealous, vapid, cunt, and next time youre going to try to insult someone, think it through….you can come up w something better than ‘looks like throw up’…if not, google it. for now? Shut the fuck up.

      • As IF

        she’s an annoying kiss ass. But I like her acting. And I do think she’s pretty. But the folksy awh shucks thing grates.

      • As IF

        And K Soze, go clean out your smelly vag.

  10. Oscars
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    how pretty she is!

  11. Oscars
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    Her breasts look like she is taking a hard left hand turn on a roller coaster.

  12. What the fuck was up with that children’s choir at the end? It’s a goddamn black tie event, and they drag in a bunch of kids in shorts and tshirts to lip sync Somewhere Over the Rainbow? That was low class…redneck wedding low class.

  13. pete

    I saw Anne Hathaway standing next to Cameron Diaz and all I needed to win $1000 was one more joker face.

  14. MarkM

    Anne is a LOT less interesting when her clothes are on!

  15. Oscars
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    I hate a dress that smashes the breasts. Looks as if there was a lot of that last night.

  16. Oscars
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    Nice ginger.

  17. Oscars
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    The milkwagon has arrived.

  18. Oscars
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    Sweet, sparkly & sadly demure.

  19. Oscars
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    The dress is at least appropriate for her age…but who let her out of the house in those heels??

  20. Oscars
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    Love her.

  21. Oscars
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    What breasts??

    I wasn’t impressed by this look.

  22. Oscars
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    More punished mammaries.
    Isn’t the idea to push ‘em up & out, not DOWN????

  23. Oscars
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    We must all speak out about breast oppression. It’s a terrible thing.

  24. mel

    i’d like to paint the town brown with her.

  25. Oscars
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    There’s more to being hot than just staying skinny & being blonde.

  26. Crabby Old Guy

    They need to ramp this efing funeral dirge of a show up. Human sacrifices are always a party pleaser. Maybe throw some little people into the crowd armed with chain saws…and all the hot actresses have to appear topless whenever on camera. Oh, and an open bar – no limit – throughout the show.

    Damn – I think I just described a party at Charlie Sheen’s place.

  27. Oscars
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    The back will always be her best side.

  28. Oscars
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    It still bewilders me.
    Here’s a man who was the biggest player in town. Apparently he fucked anything female Hollywood. Then he finally marries & completely settles down. Is it BS? Does she keep his balls in a magic fidelity charm box?

  29. Oscars
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    heil halle

  30. isitin

    You guys have bad taste in woman if you like Anne Hathaway. She would make a great Joker if they allowed a woman Joker on Batman. Her & Heath Ledger look almost identical from his last movie.

    • sara

      I agree! IF you actually like Anne HAsdf sdf what is WRONG WITH YOU???? i do not see anything attractive about her. please let her play the joker not catwoman.

  31. Mila Kunis

    She’s super hot but I thought she had big boobs. Where did they go?

  32. Gordo

    Haven’t you heard? If you get caught pulling a fire alarm at Yale, you get sent to work with the A/V club.

  33. Oscars
    Honest Abe
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    She gives me an IRON MAN!

  34. Oscars
    Honest Abe
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    Hey Anne, I know what your boobies look ike!!

  35. Oscars
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    She looks like Bride of the Joker. Too soon?

  36. Oscars
    Honest Abe
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    Another amazing woman we’ve seen naked in film. Bless you for being in Monster’s Ball!!

  37. Oscars
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  38. Oscars
    Honest Abe
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    She’s OK, but I wonder if she still smells like whiskey & tattoos…

  39. Oscars
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    “Why so serious?”

  40. Oscars
    Honest Abe
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    Is she a Cullen??

  41. freebie

    I think Anne is lovely and a fine example of how a young actress should act and look. (Take a lesson LiLo, Miley, et al). She did a great job hosting – James Franco, however, was very stiff and unfunny. Loved her.

  42. duplicitous comment

    Damn, check out the set on Hailee Steinfeld. They look so different when they are young and nubile like that. You can tell they haven’t been professionally done. Nice and symmetrical.

    I am talking about her eyebrows

    • isitin

      She’s 14 years old you pervert, just turned 14.

      • man from canadia

        Well, she was sporting the hell out of those puppies, so how can you blame anyone for noticing? Just by looking, you’d think she was late teens. Girls are such fucking skanks anymore!

  43. Oscars
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    squeeze them titties

  44. Oscars
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    Momma Black Swan.

  45. tronny

    Uh, this is the movie that should have won lol:

  46. Oscars
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    Where’s your saddle girl?

  47. Oscars
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    Am I the only one who thinks she is strange looking?

  48. Oscars
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  49. Oscars
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    Oh, this Helena, so put together on the outside always , and then BAM! Surprise! Crazy underneath…

  50. Oscars
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    I didn’t know Portia and Ellen were there too.

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